Day 21: The circuitry of abundance

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30 Days of Virgo Life Audit

Day 21: The circuitry of abundance

Published: August 1, 2023
Originally recorded: September 3, 2022

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Lesson Highlights

By this point you have hopefully identified your feelings around money, what you think it can offer you and how you want it to provide for you. The next important ingredient is desire.

Often we want things, but we have shame in asking for them. Today I want you to get really clear about what it is that you want. If you’re asking for money, success, a relationship, etc. why do you want these things? Be clear about why you want them, and then ask for them with all of your heart and with all of your being.

We should feel no shame in wanting things, and we should have no shame in asking for what we want. It is the basic human condition, to want, to desire, to dream. We owe it to ourselves to simply ask. Today I will share another kabbalistic parable with you that illustrates this important idea.

Lesson Description

So far, we’ve talked about the spiritual essence of money as well as our attitudes and beliefs around abundance. Once we understand that money is energy, we also understand that our fulfillment does not come from money itself but rather the energy we exchange when we give to and receive from others.

One final tool I’d like to share to help you shift your relationship with money is the idea of attachment. Think about the people you spend the most time with. Are they positive, successful, and proactive people? Do they tend to attract abundance? Do things seem to flow for them as if they have a magic touch? Or are they negative, angry, and spiteful, stewing in perpetual lack?

Ancient kabbalists and modern-day behavioral scientists alike believe we should be meticulous about the people we surround ourselves with. The kabbalists teach about the profound impact that others have on our connection to the Light of the Creator, while a plethora of studies conducted over the last decade have social scientists linking greater self-control with those who have strong-willed friends and findings that people who pick friends that make poor choices get dragged down right along with them. Conversely, people whose friends inspire and challenge them have an increased likelihood of reaching self-described goals.

When you notice that things are going really well for someone, the Talmud teaches us that we should “attach” ourselves to them. Now I know how this might sound initially, so I must clarify what this means exactly. (I’m not saying go out and find wealthy or affluent people to glom onto.) The Talmud offers an example of how this works.

If Abraham (of Biblical fame) gave you one penny, you would become a wealthy person because you would be “attaching” to the Light of the Creator through Abraham. His wealth is a manifestation of his connection to the Creator. Even though he only gave you a penny, it would make you beyond wealthy. How? Because it would serve as a bridge of sorts, connecting you to the source of all blessings.

The first important point is that all our blessings come from the Light of the Creator. Yes, we influence how and when we receive abundance. Still, all gifts come from only one source, and we all can connect to the Creator directly without any need of an intermediary. Now, back to that penny, the penny isn’t a connection to Abraham. It is a connection to the Light of the Creator that manifests in the physical world through Abraham, who is a powerful conduit. Think of it like a bridge. Abraham isn’t personally ferrying us anywhere; we are just driving over his bridge.

The Talmud teaches that we should come close to that person, not to be closer to them, their possessions, or their success, but to be closer to the Light flowing through them and manifesting in their life. In doing so, one can ignite their own connection to the Light of the Creator. Just like Abraham, some people are channels of abundance.

To further clarify, true friendship develops over time. Attaching to people who are connected with abundance isn’t about making a ploy for false companionship. It is about becoming part of their circuitry to observe and model how they maintain their connection to abundance.

Today, go back through your goals for increasing abundance in your life. You’ve already identified many of your emotions and thoughts around money, and hopefully, you also pinpointed the sources for many of those beliefs. Now, make a list of positive examples in your life. Who do you know who is tapped into abundance? What can you learn from how they give and receive? How can you “attach” yourself to channels of abundance in your life?

As we wrap our focus on financial goals for the new year, recommit to a new way of thinking about money, and take the steps you listed toward inviting in more flow, starting now.

About This Course

One of the great gifts in studying Kabbalah is that we become more aware of the energies around us. Each day, week, and month has its own unique energy with differing powers that inform us. This month of Virgo is one of the most consequential months of the year, full of the energy of deep transformation. Over the next 30 days, we will assess, evaluate, and rethink 10 of the most important areas of your life. First, we will look at what is working and what isn’t working. I will help you identify your desire – the thing that you really want for that area of your life–not the thing you only think you want, or think you should want, or what others think you should want. From there, you will make your plan. You’ll make it actionable, doable, and motivating. I’m so excited and grateful that you are all joining me on this journey to rethink, reframe, recalibrate, and re-energize your life.

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