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Encuentra más sabiduría y ejercicios para elevarte, elevar tu vida y la de aquellos que te rodean. Desde artículos y videos semanales a clases trasmitidas en vivo, clases presenciales y eventos. Hay un plan de membresía para cada persona.

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Well Being
Camino de estudio

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Well Being

Semanas 1–2

In this episode of Spiritually Hungry Podcast, join Monica Berg and Michael Berg as they unravel the mysteries of stress and its capacity for pushing us to transform our self and our reality. Tune in to discover the positive aspects of stress, how we can choose to view it in a new light, and how we can lessen its negative influence on our lives.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What in your life do you tend to get stressed out about that may not necessarily be worthy of stress? How can you reframe this situation, person, etc. as a challenge you are more than capable of facing calmly and gracefully rather than a disruptive stressor?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, every time you feel yourself getting stressed, pause and ask yourself: how is the Creator asking me to expand my vessel right now and grow? For instance, maybe your expansion will come from organizing a concrete morning routine to make your day more efficient, or maybe your expansion involves asking a person or people for help.

Semanas 3–4

While traditional health paradigms focus on treating the physical symptoms of a disease, the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals that healing starts on a spiritual level. The Zohar and a variety of other kabbalistic writings illuminate the connection between consciousness and the physical body. In this first course, you will be introduced to the Kabbalistic approach to healing – specifically, the three energetic sources of our physical and spiritual makeup.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: How has your perspective on health and wellness shifted as a result of what you learned in the class? Did anything surprise you?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, pay attention to any challenges you have with your physical body – minor or major. Try to find a pattern. For instance, are most of your challenges manifesting on a specific side of the body and, therefore, pointing to a blockage with receiving vs. giving or vice-versa? Just observe without judgment and start to reflect on how either your receiving or giving can be elevated to improve your health.

Semanas 5–6

In this lesson, you will learn about the role of the three-column system of energy in your body – specifically, how your connection to the Light of the Creator directly influences your body. You will be introduced to the unique ways in which the four elements (fire, air, earth, and water) create balance or imbalance within the body and how different imbalances are connected to different diseases.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What element (fire, air, water, or earth) do you feel is out of balance in your body right now? If you are facing a specific physical challenge right now or have recently, do you see the connection between the challenge and the imbalanced element you’ve identified?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, focus on balancing whatever imbalance you identified above. For instance, if you’ve identified the element of air as out of balance, make it a point to consciously speak kindly to others, to refrain from gossip, and be simple in your thoughts. As you create more balance spiritually and emotionally, take note of any physical shifts that take place.

Semanas 7–8

Kabbalah teaches that food has both physical and spiritual aspects. Food is an essential part of life; we eat to satiate hunger, to nourish the body, and replenish our energy. Moreover, food also feeds the soul. In this class, find out how to harness the true power of food through the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. Learn how to connect with the internal energy in your food to elevate sparks of Light, enriching your body, mind, and soul.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What form of spiritual restriction with food do you find most challenging or foreign? How has this class made you rethink this restriction?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, choose one spiritual tool for eating you learned from the class (conscious chewing, connecting to angels, saying a blessing, etc.) and put this tool into practice as often as possible. Pay attention to how you feel when you eat and after you eat. Is there a difference in your energy, fulfillment, or level of satisfaction?

Semanas 9–10

In this illuminating lesson, you'll learn how to recognize signs that you are in a relationship that simply doesn't suit you, whether it be romantic in nature, or a friendship, or a business acquaintance. Discover what you can do to prevent getting caught up in a toxic relationship of any kind and how to get out if you are already caught up in one. Explore how to draw spiritual protection into your life.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: We've all fallen prey to a predator or “boundary violator” at one point or another in our lives. Think about a time when this happened to you. What were the signs you missed, and how can you practice more spiritual self-defense moving forward?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, focus on strengthening your boundaries as an act of self-love and self-protection. First, start by getting clear with yourself on what your boundaries are – write down a list of your top boundaries for any relationship. Next, reflect on which one of your boundaries you find the most challenging to uphold. This is your gem. Behind every boundary that we want to uphold but find difficult to is a negative limiting belief system. As you focus on this specific boundary, pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that come up for you when the boundary is challenged. Try to uncover the limiting belief system and replace it with a positive affirmation. For instance, you have a boundary around how late you want to socialize with people at night, yet saying “no” to social plans is very difficult for you – every time you are in a position where you want to say no, you feel anxious. The limited belief system here could be – “saying no is unkind” or “I am a disappointment to people” and positive affirmations to replace them with could be - “saying no is honest and kind” or “I am proud of myself” “I validate myself.”

Semanas 11–12

Kabbalists teach that our words have the power to illuminate our reality with Light and positivity. Conversely, our words can also feed or strengthen the negative force that influences chaos and suffering in the world. Saving our words when it is not necessary to speak helps us preserve our energy for when we actually need to create miracles by the power of our words. In this class, you will learn how to elevate your speech to upgrade your overall well-being.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Where in your life do you use your speech to build? Where in your life do you use your speech to destroy? Each of us falls into both categories – building and destroying with our words. Try to recognize your unique patterns, the unique ways in which your words typically build or destroy.

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, practice being mindful of the intentions behind your words. Observe without judgment. Before you’re about to speak, practice pausing and ask yourself the questions: Why do I want to say what I want to say? What is my intention here? Notice how this simple awareness creates changes in what you say, when you say it, and how you say it.

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