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Encuentra más sabiduría y ejercicios para elevarte, elevar tu vida y la de aquellos que te rodean. Desde artículos y videos semanales a clases trasmitidas en vivo, clases presenciales y eventos. Hay un plan de membresía para cada persona.

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Love & Relationships
Camino de estudio

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Love & Relationships

Semanas 1–2

Kick off your journey with an intimate class with the co-directors of the Kabbalah Centre, Michael and Monica Berg. Michael and Monica will introduce key Kabbalistic concepts for building and maintaining love in our lives, specifically with our significant other. Specific relationship topics to look forward to, include: growing excitement, the role of spiritual work, appreciation, the power of friendship & fun, active listening, safe environments, vulnerability and the power of choice!

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What does it mean for you to inject more excitement into your relationship, be it with your significant other or another person you are in a close relationship with (i.e change up an aspect of your routine, try something new, commit to working on a something together…etc)?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, find a creative way to express your appreciation for the person you focused on above (i.e – write a sincere card, buy a gift for no reason, surprise them…etc).

Semanas 3–4

Now that you’ve received some insight into what it takes to create a spiritual relationship, we are taking you back to the basics! The Kabbalists teach that everything in life starts with us; our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for all relationships we form. Time to focus on awakening compassion for yourself, taking responsibility, and examining the ways in which your ego tricks you out of love.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Where are you currently experiencing conflict in your relationship with yourself (i.e financial status, relationship status, body image, etc)? What negative thoughts or belief systems does your opponent tell you about yourself in this area?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, in the area of your life that you chose above, write down three positive affirmations about yourself and review these affirmations daily for a week (example- financial status – “I am capable of creating the success I desire” … “There is enough abundance for all” … “I give myself permission to grow and prosper” … etc.)

Semanas 5–6

Let’s delve deeper in your understanding of emotionally intelligent relationships. Explore the difference between unconditional & romantic love, then learn how to fight with intention! By the end of this class you will have a greater understanding of the power of listening, your unique fighting style, and go to reactive habit as it relates to conflict.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Of the four horsemen Monica mentioned (criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stone walling), which one do you find yourself falling into the most in your relationship with your significant other or any another close relationship in your life. What are the negative, ego-based thoughts going through your head when you fall into this habit?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, focus on the habit you chose above and every time it shows up, choose one soul-based thought to actively meditate on in your consciousness. For example, if your habit is defensiveness, you can meditate on or say aloud the affirmation: “I am not under attack and I do not need to attack, when I communicate my feelings peacefully everyone wins.”

Semanas 7–8

In this class you will explore teachings on love and relationships from master Kabbalist and founder of the Kabbalah Centre, Rav Ashlag. David will hone in on the concept of being a builder vs. destroyer in our relationships, as well as the ways our ego verses our soul responds to challenges and disappointment. Get ready to be empowered to take full responsibility for your own happiness!

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: In your relationship with your significant other, or another close relationship, when, how, and why do you act like a destroyer? What is the belief system behind your destroyer consciousness? For example, when your partner disappoints you, you throw all the good things they’ve done out the window, hyper focus on their negativity and criticize them heavily for it. The belief system behind this could be – “My partner only listens to me and changes when I get angry.”

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, in the relationship area you focused on above, practice implementing a new soul-based belief system every time your limited belief system surfaces this week. For example, “Anger feels good for my ego, but my soul and my partner respond only to love.”

Semanas 9–10

Let’s be honest, intimacy is a tough topic to tackle but it’s something we all crave. In this class you will be given the Kabbalistic perspective on what true intimacy looks like; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Yael’s straight-forward, yet light-hearted approach will give you a new perspective on chemistry, loyalty, and sex!

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: How has your definition of closeness shifted as a result of this class?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, with your significant other or another person you have a close relationship with, practice your new definition of closeness. For instance, maybe you learned that closeness involves a new level of honesty. Practice expressing your true feelings especially in the moments you are afraid.

Semanas 11–12

In this class you will be reminded that your essence is pure love and Eitan will illuminate what pure love looks like in action. Some highlights include: loving without seeking rewards, celebrating others success, removing pride and attachments, and engaging in acts of service with joy. This class is the perfect ending to your Love & Relationships class as it focuses on the bigger picture of love, rather than love that is specific to any one person or relationship.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: When do you find it hard to celebrate the successes of your significant other, or anyone else you are close to? For instance, when things aren’t going well for you, when you think it’s undeserved, when you’re in a bad mood, etc…

Del pensamiento a la acción: Thought Into Action: For the next week, every time something good happens to your significant other or another individual you are close to, practice separating their life from yours. Practice observing, embracing, and relishing in the joy of their good fortune, without relating it back to yourself or your life.

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