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Encuentra más sabiduría y ejercicios para elevarte, elevar tu vida y la de aquellos que te rodean. Desde artículos y videos semanales a clases trasmitidas en vivo, clases presenciales y eventos. Hay un plan de membresía para cada persona.

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Profundiza aún más en la sabiduría de la Kabbalah con una guía personalizada y lectura de carta astral.
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Lectura astrológica kabbalística

Aprender acerca de nuestra alma a través de una carta astral ayuda a dar más significado y un mayor entendimiento a las experiencias que enfrentamos, las personas que conocemos, el trabajo que hacemos y las bifurcaciones en el camino.

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Sesiones personalizadas individuales con un instructor para profundizar en el área que te interesa o apoyarte donde más lo necesitas. Las reuniones abarcan temas desde las relaciones hasta el tikún o un estudio profundo del Zóhar, todas personalizadas especialmente para ti.

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Spiritual Work
Camino de estudio

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Spiritual Work

Semanas 1–2

Change is the only constant in life, and it is essential to our spiritual growth. Change can be uncomfortable, but if we understand that change is inevitable, we can embrace it and look for the solutions, purpose, and meaning in anything. In this lesson, you will receive guidance and inspiration on how to chase change.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What is your relationship to change? What in this relationship needs to change in order to allow for more spiritual growth?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, focus on one area of your life where you are resisting change. Maybe you find yourself wishing a situation or relationship would go back to the way it used to be. Maybe you’re avoiding taking a next step you know is necessary for your growth because you fear the unknown. Start each day by asking the Light to support you in embracing change, and set the intention to let go of your resistance; remind yourself that change is your pathway to fulfillment. Notice how starting your day intentionally focused on change shifts your relationship to change.

Semanas 3–4

We learn in Kabbalah that restriction is a powerful tool for transformation, but what does it actually mean to restrict? How do we actually do it, and how do we know we’re doing it right? Join us as we delve into the teachings of master kabbalist Rav Berg on the implications and benefits of restriction and how to practically apply it within the different areas of our lives.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Where in your life have you (or do you) confused being nice as a form of restriction? What is the internal lack that is masked by this desire to be nice? What is the true desire to receive for the self alone beneath this desire to be nice, and how can you transform this desire?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, focus on elevating your restriction game. When you are triggered, pause and ask the Light to help you re-connect to your soul instead of falling into the automatic reactivity. When you find yourself starting to get angry, judgmental, complaining, or blaming, pause again. It’s ok if you start to become reactive, you can still catch yourself, shift the energy, and re-write the script for how any situation will play out. In the moments when you feel yourself already starting to get reactive, remind yourself the ego is starting to steal your Light and commit to re-centering yourself. Observe the shifts that take place in your mind and body when you consciously remind yourself of the ego’s game.

Semanas 5–6

At the end of chapter 7 of Gate of Reincarnations, Rav Isaac Luria emphasizes that feeling content with what we have limits the evolution of the Soul. The purpose of life is seeking our next level of growth and evolution. In this lesson, you will explore the concept of desire as essential to our spiritual work.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Where in your life right now have you settled? Where are you comfortable with what already is? Dig deeper. Why have you settled? What is the limiting belief system driving your complacency in this area; how does this belief system affect your thoughts and emotions? For example, many people have limiting beliefs around age and what is possible or not possible at a given age, so when they reach a certain age, they have fears around pursuing certain desires.

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, commit to trying something new that expands your mind, body, heart, or soul. Commit to trying this new thing for the sake of expanding who you are, what you’ve already learned or experienced, and showing the Light you are open for more. For instance, if you are someone who is satisfied with your current health regimen, add something new in and or shift your focus. Maybe this means changing the specific workout you usually do or giving more energy to an area of your health you’ve deemed “good enough,” such as your sleep quality. Pay attention to the shifts that take place when you commit to this new thing.

Semanas 7–8

In this lesson, we learn how each individual soul has a unique role to play in society, and in order for each soul to receive what belongs to them, all souls must play their part.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: In what area of your life do you currently feel you are lacking (sustenance, health, love, purpose, etc.)? How are you contributing (or not) to the collective good in this area? How could you improve your contribution?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, observe your relationship with receiving. Is it easy or difficult for you to receive from others? Try to expand your openness to receiving. Remind yourself that every human being has something unique to share, so long as you recognize it and are open to receiving it. Observe what happens when you open yourself up to the possibility of receiving different things from different people.

Semanas 9–10

Explore how growing your self-awareness feeds your soul and fills your life with joy and purpose. Listen to the myriad benefits of injecting consciousness into everything you do, thereby developing the traits you want while letting go of those that don’t serve you.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What is your personal mission statement? Write it out in as much detail as possible.

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, pay attention to where you are practicing “reactive doing” and “impulse doing.” Notice how much of your day is spent acting in response to stimuli as opposed to consciously experiencing your reality and creating in response to this consciousness. Focus on one thing you can do every day to align yourself with “impulse doing” as opposed to “reactive doing.”

Semanas 11–12

In this lesson, Rav Ashlag explains that nothing can erase the thought of creation, so every pain we experience indicates an area of our life that needs to be transformed and corrected. Learn how to rethink your perceived mistakes and any pain you experience to get the most out of your spiritual work.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What mistake are you still judging yourself for and having trouble accepting? What would it take for you to accept this mistake as part of your spiritual growth and simultaneously take responsibility from a place of love rather than self-judgment?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week or two, focus on changing your relationship to pain. Anytime something challenging, scary, or uncomfortable comes up, remind yourself this is an opportunity to uncover something within you that your soul is asking you to transform. Allow yourself to feel your natural reaction to the pain, but don't stay in the pain and start resenting or fighting it. Push yourself to look for the growth opportunity. Remember, the more you embrace pain when it comes, the less you will need pain to awaken change within you - the more it will be awakened with mercy in the future.

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