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Encuentra más sabiduría y ejercicios para elevarte, elevar tu vida y la de aquellos que te rodean. Desde artículos y videos semanales a clases trasmitidas en vivo, clases presenciales y eventos. Hay un plan de membresía para cada persona.

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Profundiza aún más en la sabiduría de la Kabbalah con una guía personalizada y lectura de carta astral.
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Nuestros instructores comprometidos están aquí para ayudarte a transitar tu viaje espiritual.

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Lectura astrológica kabbalística

Aprender acerca de nuestra alma a través de una carta astral ayuda a dar más significado y un mayor entendimiento a las experiencias que enfrentamos, las personas que conocemos, el trabajo que hacemos y las bifurcaciones en el camino.

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Guía personal - Servicios del Centro de Kabbalah

Sesiones personalizadas individuales con un instructor para profundizar en el área que te interesa o apoyarte donde más lo necesitas. Las reuniones abarcan temas desde las relaciones hasta el tikún o un estudio profundo del Zóhar, todas personalizadas especialmente para ti.

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Deeper Kabbalah
Camino de estudio

This study path contains six classes, as well as optional follow-up work for each class; reflection questions to help you internalize the wisdom, and 'thought into action' prompts to help you apply what you're learning to create real, meaningful change in your life.

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Deeper Kabbalah

Semanas 1–2

Start your mystical journey off with this special lesson on reincarnation. In this class you will rethink the purpose of pain and challenges, finding inspiration to move out of your current comfort zone. You will be reminded that human beings are on this planet to learn love and forgiveness, as well as to become more connected with each present moment.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What is one thing in your life that you felt was “taken away” in the moment, yet later came to discover was never meant for you in the first place?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, every time you catch yourself envying that which does not belong to you, consciously use the affirmation “I am grateful for the blessings that belong to me.” Shift your focus to the blessings you already have, and thank the Creator, Universe, divine force for these blessings.

Semanas 3–4

We’ve all heard of angels. In popular culture they are depicted as ethereal winged beings, seemingly out of reach from us mortals. The Kabbalists however, have an entirely different explanation for angels and their role in our lives. In this lesson you will learn the energetic purpose of angels, and how they can assist us in our spiritual work.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: How did your understanding of angels shift as a result of this class? What is one area of your life you can start to invite angels in to assist you?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, practice communicating your thoughts to angels. Whether you do this by imagining them visually, or simply setting the intention to send information to them via your thoughts, just practice and see what it feels like.

Semanas 5–6

Reincarnation from the kabbalistic perspective, describes the soul's journey through many different lifetimes. In this class you will delve deeper into this lofty topic, starting with a simple tool: the power of asking “why?”

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: When was the last time something happened in your life and you just kept asking yourself “why” or “why me?” Knowing that your soul has been here before, what soul lesson may that situation have come to teach you?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, any time something feels unfair, unjust, or random, practice asking yourself “why?” Practice looking for the soul lessons the Universe is trying to help you learn.

Semanas 7–8

The kabbalists teach that we receive messages from the universe throughout our life for assistance and guidance on our soul's journey. Join Mordechay as he shares the many channels in which these messages can come to us, and how we can learn to connect the dots for receiving more of our messages.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Which source do you receive messages from most easily or frequently (inanimate objects, plants, animals, humans, angels or dreams)? How do these messages usually come to you – feeling, seeing, hearing, or knowing? Identify your core intuitive sense.

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, practice tuning in to a source you don’t usually receive messages from, and ask the Light for guidance in connecting with it. For instance, if you don’t usually connect with plants, take time to stop, look at them, feel them and while doing so ask the Light to help you be open to receiving a message.

Semanas 9–10

Like it or not, who we are, our unique personality - good and bad - can be traced back to who we were in the past. To change for the better and take control of our destiny we must figure out what occurred in our past. Join Yael Yardeni for this advanced reincarnation seminar designed to help you make the connections between your past lives and present issues.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: Do you find that you learn your lessons mainly through pain/chaos or through joy?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, practice using the guided mediation Yael gave in class, and write down every insight into your past life that you glean from these meditations. Write down everything you experience in the meditation – visual, sensory, cognitive – the more details the better. You are gathering clues to your past lives!

Semanas 11–12

Dreams are magical and maddening all at the same time! When we dream it is as if we enter another world and when we awake, we don’t know how to make sense of this world. In this class, you will learn ancient kabbalistic tools for easing our soul’s ascension when we sleep and learn how every dream can be a gift for assisting us in our spiritual transformation and growth.

Trabajo de Luz opcional  

Pregunta: What type of dreams (nightmares, neutral, guidance, or prophetic) do you have most frequently? Do you usually remember your dreams?

Del pensamiento a la acción: For the next week, practice using the guided meditation Mordechay mentioned in class and observe whether you dream differently throughout the week. Journal your dreams.

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