Shemot: Retrieving Sparks of Light

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Zohar Class With Eitan Yardeni

Shemot: Retrieving Sparks of Light

Published: December 12, 2013
Originally recorded: December 20, 2010

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Lesson Highlights

  • The three negative months:  Capricorn, Cancer and Leo and the weeks of Shovavim
  • When the Shechinah is concealed
  • Correcting the collective sin of Adam during a time of repentance 
  • Retrieving sparks of Light
  • Feeding the Opponent through our negative actions
  • Replacing a portion of our soul with klipot (negative shells) through anger
  • The klipot’s power over our thoughts
  • Elevating sparks from the klipot and the final redemption
  • Opening the door for Mashiach to come to remove all suffering and pain
  • Living in a seemingly dark world and tipping the scales towards Light
  • Going into the klipot; entering conflict and difficult issues
  • Reincarnation and opportunities to elevate sparks from past lives
  • Changing our future by changing our past
  • The klipot is our internal Egypt
  • Recharging our battery through transformation
  • Proactively going into exile, a difficult time, to bring restoration
  • The story of the Rav and his students in Mexico 
  • The story of Jacob going back to retrieve the small can of oil he had left behind
  • Appreciating our abundance 
  • Wasting sparks of Light
  • Rav Ashlag’s definition of time: a basket of energy that needs to be filled with positive energy
  • Wasting words
  • The power of Divine Names
  • The Yud, Kaf, Shin is there to help us elevate sparks 

Lesson Description

Eitan explains that during the negative month of Capricorn we are blessed with the period of Shovavim.  It is a period of time when the soul can truly restore itself by proactively facing the difficulties we try to keep buried and out of sight. This is our time to courageously go back and deal with the darkness of our past and retrieve the sparks of Light we mistakenly left behind by our desire to receive.  Now is the time to take stock to ensure we take conscious action, we are mindful of our words, and we appreciate our blessings to ensure that we reveal the most Light possible. 

About This Course

Written 2,000 years ago by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, the Zohar explains all of the secrets of the Bible, the Universe and every aspect of life. The Zohar class is a weekly journey to understand the energy and challenges that will confront us during the week and how we can elevate our consciousness to prevent chaos from occurring in our lives.

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