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Tapping into our Master Plan

Yehuda Ashkenazi
December 17, 2014
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Rav Berg teaches that knowledge is power. A person who lives his life without knowing why he is here, or what his purpose is, lives without connecting to his spiritual destiny.

This week’s portion shows us to how to live our life and connect to our master plan; mainly, that we need to alter our consciousness and go beyond our own intellect. The Zohar explains that whatever we experience at any given moment is necessary for us to achieve our true purpose. Every person in our lives, positive or negative, influences our true destiny. The challenge we have is to go beyond our human reactions and realize what purpose they are serving in our lives.

By connecting to the story of Joseph, found in the Bible, one begins to understand how you can go beyond your personal limitations and connect to your bigger purpose. Joseph recognized that everything he experienced in his life, good or bad, was in his path for him to achieve a higher purpose. Joseph was aware that being sold into slavery, and then imprisoned, was part of his plan to allow him to ultimately become the Chief Minister in command to the Pharaoh. He realized his process was illusory, and necessary for him to achieve his potential.

Our challenge is to connect to the consciousness that Joseph maintained in his lifetime. By connecting to our bigger picture, we can take the first step in realizing that all our positive and negative experiences are there to help us achieve our greater destiny.

To connect to your master plan and achieve this level of spiritual consciousness, there are three spiritual steps for you to take:

Spiritual Step 1:

Recognize that everything you experience in your day is connected to a bigger picture. For instance, if there is a negative person in your life, recognize that that person serves a purpose for you to learn a lesson about yourself. Instead of becoming distracted and focusing on the messenger, you need to focus on the message being delivered to you. Understand that the negative person was sent to you by the Creator. If it was not that person who was delivering the message, it would be someone else. Therefore, it is best to focus on the message and not the messenger.

Spiritual Step 2:

Do not take things personally. All of the discomfort that you are experiencing in your life is part of your cleansing process. You need to recognize that all negative interactions you experience are not personal; these interactions are merely messages in your life to help you remove any aspect of your negativity. By helping remove this negative part of your nature, you are creating an opening to achieve your true destiny.

Spiritual Step 3:

Elevate your consciousness and tap into a higher level of certainty. It is important to raise your level of awareness and reflect upon your day. Realize that throughout your day you might not have acted with human dignity towards your messengers. Take a moment, reflect, and allow forgiveness to enter your heart. Begin to forgive your messengers and acknowledge everything comes from the Creator. The action of forgiveness awakens and elevates your consciousness.

Begin your journey by implementing these three spiritual steps. Tap into your master plan, and connect to your true destiny.