Tap Into the True Secrets of Healing Your Life

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Tap Into the True Secrets of Healing Your Life

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True healing can be accomplished – by you. It is through the work of the Rav and Karen Berg that we are able to draw the energy of healing by connecting to the Zohar portion of Pinchas. Rav Berg teaches that the only way to eliminate and eradicate disease and illness from the world is to transform the evil or negative energy (inclination) into one of sharing and positive energy.

This week’s portion provides us with the energy that allows us to transmute and eradicate the ‘evil inclination’.

If you look at the scriptures, the Hebrew letter ‘Vav’ in the word Shalom (Peace) shows a hairline crack (split) in the letter. This signifies that there is a defect in our worldly consciousness. The crack in the letter depicts that there is empty space, a void. This empty space is reflected in everyone’s lives.

The cosmic energy available this week is there for us to remove that empty space from our lives. For each of us to create peace, we must look within ourselves. There is no chance to create peace globally without working internally on ourselves. Our actions, thoughts and words have the power to create space in our lives and space with others. This happens when we are critical and judgmental of others, since we are not internally at peace with ourselves. We must take responsibility to reduce the space, the fragmentation, we have between ourselves and others. We need to begin to love and accept who we are – all of our human frailties included.

The space that we have internally causes fragmentation. This fragmentation opens the door for negative energy to enter our lives. The effect is that chaos enters our life through our health, relationships and/or business. Once the chaos enters we begin to redirect our energy towards removing the chaos instead of working on removing the internal space we have created by our actions, thoughts and words. If we can correct the seed level we will eradicate all forms of chaos that could affect our lives. It is critical that we have an awareness to assist us to begin removing this empty space from our lives and continue on a path of bringing peace to the world.

To assist us in this process, Rav Ashlag discusses three levels of spiritual reality:

Level I: No Concealment – At this level, you do not have any spiritual veils clouding you from seeing the truth. You live in a consciousness of always recognizing and feeling the divine purpose behind everything. With this spiritual consciousness you can connect to the bigger picture and realize every experience in life comes directly from the Light, which makes you experience positivity in life, even at times that challenges arise. There is no space between this person and the Light. This elevated person is known as a Tzadik.

Level II: Single Concealment – At this level, you recognize that even though you are going through a challenging time, the Light is present and there is a bigger picture. However, you still experience discomfort and pain but use the spiritual tools to assist in working through this challenging time. By not purely connecting to the Light, a fragmentation of space has occurred. This fragmentation opens the door to allow negative energy to enter into your life.

Level III: Double Concealment – The Light is totally concealed and you are unable to see the connection. In this state, you maintain constant victim consciousness and experience suffering. There is no realization that the Light is even present. You are unable to see the bigger picture and do not take any responsibility for the chaotic situation. You blame everyone else for the misfortune you are experiencing.

The majority of us experience life though Levels II and III. We constantly go back and forth with each new experience. The challenge is for us to determine if we are following the right path. How do we even know if we are moving in the right direction based on our actions? Many times we continuously engage in positive actions and see no results. We see absolutely no rewards for the positive energy being expended and begin to become frustrated. We do not recognize the karma we have brought with us from prior lifetimes. We cannot see the miracles that occur in our lives each day. Therefore, action must be taken to remove these veils from our lives.

By tapping into the energy of Pinchas, our destiny can change. It is important to recognize the empty spaces in our lives. Awareness is the first step, then action to create unity. This can be done by respect and unconditional love towards others. You do not need to agree with someone else’s point of view, but you must be tolerant and understanding. By having tolerance of others, you begin to stop judging and remove space. We must also remember to unconditionally love and respect ourselves. This can be accomplished by accepting who we are and loving ourselves with all our human qualities. These actions have the power to prevent and block negativity from entering our lives.

Simply ask yourself: What is the space I need to close in my life? What is the space I must close with another person? How can I accept someone simply based on who they are and be tolerant of different opinions and views? By asking these questions, you will draw down the cosmic energy of Pinchas. This energy will assist you in doing your work and helping remove chaos, pain and suffering from your life and the world. Simply allow unconditional love to enter your heart and share it with everyone.