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Spiritual Reset

Chaim Solomon
October 14, 2014
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Have you ever made a mistake in your life and created a lot of chaos? Then, while you are making an effort to fix the chaos, it just seems to get worse? Now you find yourself feeling really frustrated, sad, angry, resentful or ashamed. Don’t you wish that you could press a reset button that would allow you to go back to the beginning of the situation where everything was orderly again? At that point you would be able to handle the original situation with more Light, love, and sharing.

If that sounds like you, well then, I’ve got great news for you. The universe gives us an opportunity, on a collective level for all humanity, to push a spiritual reset button once a year. This reset button allows us to return to a time when the world was pure, the environment clean, and we knew we were filled with the Light of God and that we came into the physical world just to share our Light with each other, unconditionally and, in so doing, experience boundless fulfillment and joy.

Unfortunately, along the way, we somehow forgot this SIMPLE concept and we have really created a mess of the world and of humanity.

Fortunately, the universe is giving us a tremendous opportunity to reset ourselves to the “factory default” setting of being pure, loving, sharing and God-like. It is called the Torah portion of Beresheet, the first portion of the book of Genesis.

As we read this portion on Shabbat (Saturday) in the original Hebrew language (because the Hebrew letters are conduits of the Light of the Endless world and DNA of our souls), we have the ability to go back to our Creation in the “image and likeness of God” (“tzelem elokim”) and awaken all that power, all that Light, all that perfection. It is so important to remember that we are already perfect; we have a soul that is a “piece” of the Creator, and filled with 100% Light. What The Kabbalah Centre teaches is how to remove the veils (“klipot”) of negativity, which were created by our reactive, self-centered behavior, that hide the Light of our souls. We don’t have to create perfection, just remove the veils and allow the Light to shine and manifest in our lives and in the world.

As we listen to the reading of Beresheet and keep the focus of our consciousness on awakening more of the tzelem elokim “image of God” in us and in all humanity, we are “resetting” our spiritual programming. The world needs this reset because we have been caught up in the illusion of the Opponent. We have allowed ourselves to be swayed by egotistical desires for ourselves alone. We have given in to the false belief that perfection doesn’t exist, and people aren’t good. Because of this, we have allowed ourselves to just focus on having a good life, good job, good family, nice things, and doing a little bit of sharing to help others.

This reading of Beresheet activates the powerful Light of God that fills our souls, and strengthens our consciousness and ability to act with love and sharing. The reading resets us and the world to its original perfection. The Light shining through this reading reawakens our true certainty that God can and did create only perfection; a perfect world and perfect human beings. Since God is perfection, and created us out of Itself, what else could we be? Everything other than perfection and Light is not real, and not eternal. The Light of God in our souls and in the world is eternal and real. It is our work to reveal and manifest that perfection through sharing acts, and enjoy the absolute fulfillment of the manifest Light. We are on the heels of one of, if not the most powerful, Rosh Hashanah experiences in San Diego with Karen, Michael and about 3000 Kabbalah Centre students from around the world. The essence of what Karen and Michael shared with us (you can watch all the messages on Kabbalah University) is that this year of 5775 (by kabbalistic counting) is a huge cosmic opening with an abundance of cosmic support, for peace on earth.

As we use Beresheet to reactivate our God-like perfection, to see the Light in everyone else, and remind ourselves that the more Light we share unconditionally by actions of love, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, humility, and band together with each other, we can make 5775 the year that peace comes to the world with mercy.

Let us each commit to connect to this tremendous Light of Beresheet (either in a Kabbalah Centre, or streaming on Kabbalah University) and to “live into” our perfection daily.

Wishing you all Love, Light and Peace.