Realigning Your Soul: Removing Negativity

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Realigning Your Soul: Removing Negativity

Yehuda Ashkenazi
April 12, 2016
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Cleansing the toxins embedded in our soul creates a new level of abundance which can flow into our lives. Our soul must go through a detox process to remove all aspects of negativity and become closer to the Lightforce.

This week, the energy of the portion of Metzora connects us to the plague of leprosy. The kabbalists believe leprosy stems from the negativity we create from our evil speech. We often speak without any consciousness of the effect of our words. The words we speak have power and can negatively impact us. We speak freely without allowing our spiritual consciousness to guide and protect us.

We can tap into this week’s energy and detox our soul by removing the negativity that we create through our negative actions, speech and thoughts. It is important to awaken our consciousness and begin to realize that every word we speak, every action we take, and every thought we have can bring positive or negative energy into our lives. Collectively, this has a global impact which affects the overall consciousness of mankind.

There are three levels of our soul we can detox. These levels are Nefesh, Ruach and Neshamah. Each level of the soul needs to be constantly sustained with positive energy to fulfill our life’s purpose.

The first level of our soul, Nefesh, is sustained by our actions. Which actions we create – that connect us to positivity or negativity – are up to us; it is our choice. When we ignite actions of kindness, sharing and generosity, we are filling our vessel with positive sustenance. The moment our actions become centered towards greed, selfishness, and lack of sensitivity, we have opened the door to negativity. This closes the spiritual channels in our lives. These actions create toxins in our lives and drain our energy.

The kabbalists explain that our actions affect our sustenance, the prosperity we receive, not only physically, but spiritually. It is our ultimate desire to create prosperity with blessings. The key is to realize that the positive actions we engage in, such as going out of our comfort zone in helping others, detoxes the negativity.

The second level of our soul is Ruach, which is sustained by our speech. The positive words we choose help uplift others and provide hope and compassion. When we gossip, we disregard the words we speak and create negativity.

The kabbalists explains that the Ruach is responsible for our relationships. Speaking positively continuously draws Light into our lives. This Light brings energy which creates and sustains positive relationships in our lives.

To cleanse the toxins caused by negative speech, we simply need to shift our consciousness and speak positively. We must refrain from engaging in gossip. It is simple: speak positively about others and watch how the relationships in your life flourish.

The third level of the soul is Neshamah, which is sustained by our thoughts. The kabbalists explain that our positive and negative thoughts affect relationships with our parents and children. We must be careful of the kinds of thoughts we allow in our mind. Thoughts can come from other people, our surroundings and consciousness. We need to be mindful and dismiss negative thoughts, push them away and not allow them to dominate us. The more negative thoughts we give energy to, the greater the toxins we have created in our system.

To cleanse the toxins in our mind, we must act with restriction and quash the negative thoughts. Recognize that these thoughts give you an opportunity to eliminate negativity and reveal a spark of Light. Transform your negative thoughts of anger, greed, and selfishness to love, compassion, and dignity. Allow that new energy to manifest and flourish in your relationships with your parents and children.

By realigning your soul through the removal of negativity, you open the door for blessings of abundance and prosperity. Be mindful that our thoughts, speech, and actions effect the blessings that we attract into our lives. Transmute your negative actions to love, compassion, empathy, and human dignity. This allows your soul to connect to the true essence of the Lightforce.

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