Daily Astrology Forecast for August 25-31, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for August 25-31, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
August 25, 2019
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August 25

The Skilled Communicator

What do Gemini and Virgo have in common? Both signs are ruled by the planet Mercury which gives them strong communication skills. Today, with the sun in Virgo and the Moon in Gemini, can potentially help all of us empower our communication skills. This combination allows us to think more clearly, understand better, and pass along information to others in a clearer and more concise way. If you need a good day to deliver a message, have a conversation, write a letter, or engage in any type of communication, today, the universe supports us with emboldened communication skills. Mercury is our channel for linking two worlds together. It allows opposites to unite and energy to easily flow. It is the planet of language, speed, and connection. With the sun and moon both offering the influence of Mercury, you can be sure any connection you seek will be obtained. 

August 26

For Love and Freedom

With the beautiful aspect between Uranus and Venus today, we have the potential to radiate love, warmth, and positivity all around us. Love is an emotion that we can often struggle to feel and express. With today’s cosmic support, we are given a window of opportunity to surround ourselves, inside and out, with love. We also are supported to share and express it freely. This support can benefit us in the creative field, awaken our imaginations, and help things around us to come to life. It is an ideal time to be open to our partners so we may learn all we can from them. The cosmos is freeing us from limitations and expectations. When there is love, there is no fear. Where there is love, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. The power of love truly sets us free.

August 27

Take a Moment to Notice Those Around You

With five planets in earth signs today, we can surely benefit from the soft and sensitive effect of the moon being in Cancer. Earth signs are known for their ability to take care of business. They do what has to be done and move forward without allowing any distracting forces from people or situations to divert them from their path. Sometimes, however, we need to stop and pay attention. Sometimes, it is critical to be sensitive to what others might try to tell us or what they are feeling. With the moon being in Cancer, we have the ability to open our eyes and hearts so that we may be sensitive to our environment while still moving on our path to success and achievements. Be proactive and use this cosmic support. Today, remember to pause and actively pay attention to others. What are their feelings and opinions? In this way, you can become a better friend and help support their needs. Great success is not only about business and finances, but it is about how we relate and treat the people in our lives.  

August 28

It’s O.K. to Be Different

This week is full of excitement! The planet Uranus, that allows us to live freely, had a few positive meetings this week. Today is the once a year trine (a positive aspect) of Uranus with planet Mars. Mars embodies our desires and influences how we choose to act. Since Uranus is pushing us always to be different and unique, today will be ideal to fly your “freak flag” as high as you want! On the other hand, since Mars and Uranus energies push us sometimes to take extreme risks, we should be aware of this potential and avoid taking unnecessary and extreme risks. The Creator designed each one of us perfectly. To judge ourselves is to judge the Creator. Love yourself and let yourself be exactly how you were made. It is O.K. to be who you are. 

August 29

In Favor of Details and Facts

Today, Mercury is entering its home sign of Virgo. Whenever a planet is entering its home sign, its effect on us is stronger. Mercury is affecting the way we think and the way we communicate. The benefit of this transit is most beneficial in the areas of our lives where we struggle being overly emotional or overly dramatic in our communication. This can easily happen to all of us, especially after this last dramatic month of Leo and the month prior of emotional Cancer. Communication is now shifting to be more practical and simple, being concerned with what is concrete and factual. This transit can also help us to solve problems and find the right solution to issues that we could not figure out before. The ability to pay attention to the details and find the core of an issue is one of the best qualities of Mercury and Virgo. We live in the physical world and those able to think in physical ways often are able to achieve great success compared to those of us who may have are heads in the clouds. But fortunately, the Creator gifts us with the influence of all the signs, each year, to help us all on our path. 

August 30

Good News

Today, we have the earthy new moon and Uranus forming a nice aspect. Uranus is potentially here to deliver to us some good news. Because this new moon is in Virgo, the good news can be associated with our career or our health. The next three days are a positive time to plant new seeds. It is a good time to make adjustments, plan, and organize. Kabbalistically, we learn that this upcoming new moon of Virgo is significantly important as it ends the kabbalistic year. The end of the kabbalistic calendar serves as a window in time when we can look back at our past year, see our mistakes, and learn valuable lessons. We do not only get the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, but we can actually correct them! The cosmic opening of Virgo permits us to reconfigure the future that originated from our negative deeds. This is one of the most powerful months to renew, restart, repair, and change our lives. We truly have the power to begin again with a new, fresh start. In the month of Virgo, we wipe the slate clean and are freed from what we may have done and even who we use to be. 

August 31 - Shabbat Re'eh

The Time to See

With five planets in Virgo and the energy of the new moon also in Virgo, it is the time for a true awakening. Virgo is providing us the ability to see what we normally cannot see, to identify the unpleasant, and have clarity on exactly what needs to change so we may reach closer to perfection and unification with the Creator. Today will be ideal to start the process of teshuvah, which the kabbalists discovered thousands of years ago. Teshuvah means repentance. It is unique, powerful, and only available this time of year. The process of teshuvah is a cosmic opening that allows us to look at our past mistakes, identify our negative reactions, and commit to acting differently if the same situation were to appear again. By making this authentic change within our beings, we actually transform the negative effects of our actions into positive ones! This is a time of true awakening to see ourselves, to change who we are, and to potentially create a totally new and improved future. The power to begin again is in our hands this month. It is one of our greatest gifts of the entire year.

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