Daily Astrology Forecast for August 11-17, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for August 11-17, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
August 11, 2019
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August 11 – Tisha B’Av

Avoiding Emotional Stress

Today’s interesting aspect between Venus and Pluto can potentially awaken stress around our feelings towards our loved ones. Today is the ninth day of the kabbalistic month of Leo which is known to be, energetically, a challenging day. It is the one day of the year when negativity can potentially be more in control. Read more about the Ninth Day of Leo here.

This aspect between Venus and Pluto can lead to an unbalanced desire for acceptance and approval that can cause us to overextend our efforts for others. Today, if you feel emotional stress and unbalanced energy, try to be more moderate in your contact with people. It is a good day to spend time alone. Use today to reflect upon and strengthen your relationship with your spirit and the Creator. Engage with meditation, spiritual study, or a relaxing physical activity to help avoid emotional stress. Connecting to the Light within will always be our solution to healing, protection, and gaining lasting fulfillment. 

August 12

Jupiter Leaves Retrograde

This is great news for all who have been planning goals and are eager to manifest them. Jupiter is encouraging us to think big and expand our lives for the better. Jupiter, having been in retrograde, created significant impediment upon growth and manifestation, especially in the areas of education, travel, and risk-taking. Today, we can plant the seed for a new period of time, when courage, growth, and expansion rule. Reflect upon which areas of your life need growth and development. Take advantage of this positive time and use the energy available to take at least one of those areas to its next level. The Creator wishes for us more than we even desire for ourselves. Building our desire for more blessings and Light not only benefits ourselves, but benefits the entire world and so many in need.

August 13

Open Yourself to Change

With six planets in fixed signs today, we will want to remember to stay open and be flexible to any upcoming changes. The fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus are known for being stubborn and unmoving in their plans. Their commitment to seeing things through to the end can cause them to fixate and be unable to make adjustments. On the other hand, fixed signs help us to delve deeper and manifest our goals. They are able to initiate, but their true gifts emerge when they are able to sink into an ongoing project. Today, in order to connect to the positive aspects of the fixed signs, stay open to changes and be willing to make adjustments while simultaneously committing to your goals and taking more serious steps. The slow and steady usually win the race. Perseverance and determination are the qualities that will get us to the finish line, just be sure to be open to modifications along the way.

August 14

Do Only What You Can

With today’s influence of the Sun and Pluto, we might take upon ourselves projects that later down the road we come to resent. The challenge of today’s influence lies in the tendency to make choices that are motivated by our desire to compete and show superiority, not actually reflect what we truly want or need. We need to avoid over committing ourselves and placing unnecessary demands upon ourselves. Doing so would only lead to negative emotions, stress, and regrets. Another warning for today that falls along these same lines: Do not compare yourself to others who are engaged in similar projects. The only true indication of personal growth and achievement is in your connection and relationship with your True Self, your soul, and the Creator. Each one of us has a unique path and purpose in life. We have been given the perfect set of circumstances in order to reach our individual destinies. Comparing our journey to another’s is pointless. No one on earth is like you and no one on earth has your gifts and your talents. What you came here to achieve is unlike anyone else’s.

August 15

The Man in the Mirror

The full moon is a positive time that brings supportive energy for completion, unification, and balance. This specific full moon, however, runs the risk of a challenge. The full moon in Aquarius, together with the sun in Leo, might lead to a stubborn combination. Even though the full moon always aspires for perfection and completion, the combination of Leo and Aquarius can awaken in us a desire for others to complete our work instead of ourselves. While it is a good time to envision how global and social issues can finally come to resolution, we must foster healthy responsibility in which we can affect a positive change in this world by taking positive actions ourselves without blaming others or expecting them to manifest our vision for us. Being a real leader is being an example for others. A true leader will walk the talk. Ideas are important, but implementing them is what will create the change the world needs. After all, to change the world, we need only to change ourselves. 

August 16 – Tu B’Av

Stay Calm and Love

Today is a combination of both challenge and great positivity. On the challenging side, today brings to us potential stress and learning how to calm ourselves down will be important. The challenging aspect lies between Mercury and Uranus which, together, awaken tension. If you feel this buzz in the air, which might feel very disturbing and confusing, take time out to engage in a spiritual practice that can help relax you and reduce stress. On stressful days, it is very helpful to quiet the “outer noise” and focus, instead, on the internal and balanced spiritual world. Spiritual study, meditation, sports, and being physically active are great vehicles to calm us down and shield us from the potential nervous energy that is lingering today. If you receive any surprising or upsetting news, do not react to it or give it too much credence. There definitely might be things that require your attention today, but when Mercury and Uranus are in the picture, we do not want to make the mistake of being reactive to fears, worries, or negativity. On the positive side, today is the 15th day of the month of Leo, known as Tu B’Av, the Holiday of Love. On the 15th of each month, we have a complete union between the sun and the moon which makes the moon “full.” Since the month of Leo is ruled by the sun, there is a greater potential today, more than any time of the year, for unity and accomplishments. May we all connect to the positive energy only on this special day. Once a year, our moon is spiritually complete and made whole with the energy of the sun. The upper and lower worlds are in harmony and unison. This translates to all unions being fortified, strengthened, and blessed. Being cognizant and aware of today’s power will give us the consciousness we need to evade any negative influence. Happy Holiday of Love!

August 17 – Shabbat Va'etchanan

Being There for Others

The sign of Virgo is starting to be felt in the air. Mars enters Virgo today, and few other planets follow suit in the upcoming week. With today’s movement of Mars from Leo into Virgo, we can expect a calmer, more down to earth, and less aggressive energy. Virgo is known for its orientation to service and care for others. Today is ideal to be of service to others and contribute to causes that interest us. Take the beginning steps, today, to supporting others and helping those in need. What we would like to avoid with this upcoming shift of energy is becoming overly picky and critical. Be careful to avoid becoming a perfectionist. Stay free and allow yourself to be authentic and who you truly are. When we are busy thinking of the needs of others, we do not have time to think of ourselves. It is in the caring and service of others we can truly taste freedom from the self.