Daily Astrology Forecast for July 28 - August 3, 2019

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Daily Astrology Forecast for July 28 - August 3, 2019

Miriam Ashkenazi
July 28, 2019
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July 28

Transforming Anger

With today’s challenging aspect between Mars and Saturn, we are encouraged to control our anger and temper. Anger is not always something we express. Anger can attack us and eat us from the inside. Some of us are more expressive and explosive, while others can feel anger strongly on the inside. This anger does not show, but seethes within. No matter what approach, anger is negative energy that blocks us from connecting to the Light of the Creator. Today, beware of the potential anger that can build from within and stay cognizant to its effects. Do everything you can to keep calm and connect to the positive aspects of your life. If you feel anger is starting to creep in, shift your focus away from whatever is causing the anger. Think about something that makes you happy and brings you joy. Take a deep breath and meditate to defuse the stress. Try taking a walk to leave the situation and clear your mind. Our problem is not the situation, it is our reaction to it. In order to empower ourselves, create our own destiny, and maintain peace of mind, we need to learn how to control ourselves, not those around us. Then, what the world or others may do has little impact on our own inner peace. A true hero is one who is able to control his or her emotions, then our inner joy can never be taken away from us.

July 29

The Illusion of Uncertainty

With today’s challenging aspect between the Sun and Uranus, there is some uneasiness in the air. Pay attention today for any feelings of nervousness, fear, or uncertainty that creeps into your consciousness. If so, catch them, and quickly remind yourself that they are illusions. The planet Uranus is challenging us today as well, with its unpredictable nature. We might feel a desire to retreat and disconnect from everyone around us, without any logical explanation for it. We may feel that we are without clarity on what we really want or what direction to take. Today, it is important to not permit doubtful feelings to gain control and cause you to take actions that you will regret later on. The best place to operate from is a place of certainty, knowing that the Creator is with us, guiding us, and protecting us. Without fear, we are able to make the highest decisions and choices that are based on love, abundance, and kindness for all humanity. 

July 30 - Connecting to Joseph the Righteous

Leave the Past in the Past

The sign of Cancer is very much connected and affected by the past. Memories, childhood, parents, and experiences from the past can take an important role in the Cancerian’s life and decision making. The past can be a great teacher and impetus to help us recognize aspects of ourselves that we would like to transform. But, when the past is a constant painful reminder of all of our negative experiences, mistakes, or flaws, it can become a limiting force for our spiritual growth and transformation. Today, there is a face-off with the Moon, the karmic planets of Saturn and Pluto, and the south node. This is challenging, as it will remind us of our past wounds and difficulties. Today, we need to rise above our past. Do not allow the past to haunt you or overwhelm you in any nonconstructive way. Make an effort to visualize yourself as who you are today, and all you will become in the future. Understand you are no longer who you were in the past. You are now stronger and wiser because of it. The past is now just a stepping stone for your life today. You can never go backwards, only forwards and closer to your perfection.

July 31

Shine Your Light

With today’s movement of the Moon into the sign of Leo, it joins the Sun and Venus which are also in Leo. We have a boost of fiery and passionate energy on the inside and outside. The Sun represents our expression. The Moon represents our emotions, while Venus represents our pleasures and romances. All three planets are enjoying the warmth of Leo. However, like every sign, Leo brings with it blessings and challenges. Today, avoid drama, pride, and thinking you have all the answers to all the questions of life. Instead, utilize the available confident and passionate energy to share and support everyone around you. Here are examples of positive actions that you can engage in today that are aligned with the cosmic energy: Make others laugh. Transform someone’s negative situation by helping them see it in a brighter light. Be the one to uplift the mood of everyone in your environment. Live large, take others out to a cup of coffee, lunch, or any other fun outing. Within all of us is an endless, sharing force of energy. Today’s cosmic atmosphere helps us to see that and act upon it. Being a force of sharing, after all, benefits the giver even more than the receiver. 

August 1 - New Moon of Leo in the Evening

Your Wake Up Call

With today’s challenging aspect of Venus, in Leo, and Uranus, in Taurus, we should expect some type of shake up, today. Uranus is always here to rock the boat. Since it is in Taurus right now, and forming a challenging aspect with Venus, the unexpected can appear in our romances and/ or our material possessions. It is never a good idea to go rebel or fight against the typical Uranus influences. It represents for us a positive wakeup call, a blessing in disguise. It is a reminder for us to stay open minded and navigate willingly through change and anything unexpected. Our test is always in how we react. Are we getting upset? Are we frantically trying to shift things back to “normal” and what we are used to? Or, are we are eager to discover the lesson inherent in the new situation? Are we willing to adapt to any unpredictable change knowing that it is sent from the Creator for our best interest? Today might be a challenge to flow with the energy, but at least let us not fight against it. Let us be open to understanding that nothing is random, and whatever that is appearing before us, today or any day, has a hidden gift and blessing waiting for us to discover. 

August 2

Happy New Moon of Leo

Welcome to a month full of Light, energy, love, passion, and creativity! With today’s challenging aspect between Venus and Uranus, we should prepare for the unexpected, especially in the areas of relationships and finances. Uranus brings to our lives the element of surprise and unpredictability. Since today’s energy is more on the challenging side, the best advice would be to keep your head down and stay on track. Let the wind of change swirl around you -- not through you. Embracing change, staying open, and being flexible are valuable qualities to possess. However, today’s energy is more on the irritating side; therefore, we should pay attention not to allow any irritation or dissatisfaction to creep into our psyches and, ultimately, influence our perception to what seems to be, at first, an unpleasant surprise. Take a day or two before you make a final decision on any changes that might appear today. Allow yourself to develop a greater and more spiritual point of view and perspective. Allow yourself the time to grow open to new ideas and circumstances. We often are afraid of change, but it usually gifts us with the most fulfillment in the end. In life, the very things we need are not always what we want or even know we want.

August 3 - Shabbat Masei

Open and Clear Skies

After a long period of Mercury in retrograde, Mercury is finally turning direct again! This change allows communications to, at last, flow much more smoothly. It signifies a period when clarity replaces confusion. It is an ideal time to revisit those projects you did not fulfill or goals you did not accomplish due to doubt or lack of clarity. Now is the time to speak and deliver strong and pure messages. It is also the time to be able to better understand others, as well. The fog of Mercury in retrograde is now cleared away. The sky is clear and open for all types of communications and connections. Without obstacles, we stand the greatest chance for success. With clear skies, we can be sure there is smooth sailing ahead. It is in knowing when the universe’s energy is favorable that we are then able to place our very best foot forward.