Astrology Forecast for the Month of Virgo 2023

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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Virgo 2023

Miriam Ashkenazi
August 14, 2023
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Welcome to the month of Virgo—an earthy sign with internal influence of air. This sign, ruled by Mercury, is all about common sense. Structure, intellect, logic, practicality, efficiency, and perfectionism are some of the gifts (and challenges!) of this month, as those born under the sign well know.

This month, we get a tremendous amount of support for looking deep within so we can recognize our flaws and what we need to change. The time is right for building a strong desire for improvement and transformation. But at the same time, we can all struggle with being too judgmental, picky, and at times too logical. Spirituality is a key idea this month. Seeing beyond the physical world—the one percent, the logical mind—is what can help us best utilize the gifts of this month. 

Let’s take a look at the cosmic alignments this month so we can learn how to tap into the positive ones and transform the more challenging ones.

In the first week of the month, the sun is still in Leo, forming a positive aspect with the North Node in Aries. The North Node represents the main tikkune we all, as a whole, need to focus on at the moment. The Node just recently shifted into Aries, signaling us to embrace our individuality, be brave, and explore new territories. Since the sun in Leo forms this positive aspect, we are strongly encouraged to pursue our passions and develop self-love and authenticity. 

Also, during that week, Mercury and Mars form a powerful aspect to Uranus, giving us another push towards manifesting real breakthroughs in our life. And with the additional power of Virgo, we get support to carry out projects to the end and follow ideas with action. 

During the second week of the month (8/23), Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury is in the sign of Virgo, its ruling sign. Typically, when Mercury turns retrograde, it can indicate some delays or communication struggles. But this time, retrograde can help support all of us in the spiritual work that is available to us in the month of Virgo. The kabbalists teach that in the month of Virgo, we can go back in time and review any negativity we might have created in the past year. By reviewing it and recognizing the hurt we might have created (to ourselves or others), we are able to energetically transform this negativity into positivity, which can support us in the coming year. This is a tremendous opportunity given to us only during the month of Virgo, a cosmic portal of transformation. Mercury retrogrades in this month can help us get a new perspective and engage with the spiritual work of clearing and transformation. 

The third week of the month presents another powerful opportunity. There is a good aspect with Jupiter and the sun September 2nd - 10th. The opportunity here is to view ourselves in a positive light—to envision our potential and what great opportunities may come in the month and year ahead. We may all receive a boost of enthusiasm and motivation.

Most of the aspects this month are positive and encouraging, but we should all be mindful of the last week of the month when Venus challenges Jupiter. This is a time to be careful of your words and interactions with others. Avoid taking others for granted and feeling superior. Try not to be condescending when you are very sure of your point of view.

This is a great month for transformation and growth. Let’s take advantage of all the cosmic opportunities and grow into the greatest versions of ourselves.

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