Astrology Forecast for March 17-23, 2024

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Astrology Forecast for March 17-23, 2024

Miriam Ashkenazi
March 17, 2024
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“This week’s portion of Vayikra is the first chapter in the Book of Leviticus, and, as such, it signifies the start of a new journey. The portion itself describes all manner of sacrifices… I know many people who sacrifice a little time at the start of each day for prayer, yoga, meditation, or other wonderful ways of elevating consciousness. They find that by beginning their day with positive thoughts, they are more likely to maintain a positive frame of mind throughout the rest of it. When we forgo some time for spiritual things, in the end, we gain so much more.” 
– Karen Berg on the portion of Vayikra

This week is the beginning of a new cycle as we start a new book in the Torah. The holiday of Purim occurs at the end of the week and signifies the Full Moon of the second month of Pisces. This year, the month of Pisces doubles up, and we have 13 months in the kabbalistic calendar. A Full Moon is a time every month when we can connect to completion and new beginnings. As the sun fills up the moon completely, it’s considered a time when the sun and the moon are in perfect union. Therefore, this energy of unification is also available to us.

“A Full Moon is a time every month when we can connect to completion and new beginnings.”

There are many cosmic shifts and energies that are in play this week, but I would like to focus on these three upcoming powerful messages, so we can expand on the positive, energetic forces that are available to us. 

For the first three days of the week (3/17-3/19), we witness a conjunction between Neptune and the sun—both in the sign of Pisces. On those days, there are a total of four planets in Pisces, which also offers a great deal of the energy for us. Spirituality, empathy, focus on our inner work, and spiritual connections are definitely much more accessible on those days. As Karen Berg mentions in the quote above, if we all can sacrifice some of our time this week (and especially on those three days) to pray, meditate, and elevate our consciousness, we are beautifully supported by the cosmic alignments and forces around us.

From Monday, March 18th, until Friday, March 22nd, we experience another powerful opportunity which is more connected to our health and mental state. Both Mercury and Chiron are in Aries and are conjunct (meaning they are really close to each other). This energy can assign the power of healing to our words, thoughts, and intentions. Our deep meditations can also help us to recover from any painful or traumatic experience and, as a result, help us to move on much lighter and with relief. This is especially true of any wounds that are related to how others treated us. It's time to work through the pain and express yourself in ways that will release this heavy energy and heal those wounds.

“This energy can assign the power of healing to our words, thoughts, and intentions.”

The week ends with Venus and Jupiter forming another powerful aspect. This one can be good for money matters. Opportunities to expand financially will arise, and we can possibly connect with a partner or others in fruitful ways that can impact our income. Stay on the lookout for these opportunities!  

This is a powerful week. Let’s all take advantage of these positive alignments and incorporate the messages into our lives.

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