Karen's 30th Day

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Karen Berg

Karen's 30th Day

Pubblicato: Settembre 15, 2020
Registrato originalmente: Settembre 1, 2020

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Punti salienti della Lezione

  • The song Eshet Chayil
  • The Rav & Karen’s grave stone
  • Karen built a solid foundation for The Kabbalah Centre
  • Michael’s dream on Karen’s 30th Day
  • The paradox of the pain we feel and the Light that is revealed
  • Maintaining our connection
  • The time it takes to understand a great soul
  • Doubling our effort and commitment
  • Jacob refused to believe Joseph died; Karen is still with us
  • The Ba’al Shem Tov and living in a different reality than what we see outside

Descrizione della Lezione

According to the kabbalists, on the 30th day after a person leaves this world, their soul reaches the completion of the first phase in its journey of elevation. This is an incredibly powerful time for us to re-connect with the essence of that soul, to bind our mind, heart, and soul to all of the Light that Karen expressed during her time in the physical world. With this connection, may each one of us have the merit to be able to feel Karen supporting us as we move forward in our spiritual work as individuals, and as a community, working to awaken human dignity and bring about the end of chaos for all of mankind.

Su questo Corso

Without Karen, The Kabbalah Centre as we know it would not exist today. Karen opened the doors for this wisdom to be studied by women, men, and children of all ages, regardless of faith and from all walks of life. Along with her husband, Rav Berg, Karen not only made the wisdom of Kabbalah accessible and available to all who wanted to learn, but created a place in which we could come together as a community to study, connect, and grow. One of Karen Berg’s many teachings is that energy never dies. When the body's work is done, the soul travels to the upper worlds to serve without limitation. In Karen’s own words: “When we pass on, we enter a realm far greater than that on Earth. We are just small lamps compared to the enormity of the Creator’s sunlight. We truly do not ever need to say goodbye to anyone or anything. Energy does not ever cease to exist but finds a new vessel in which to dwell. We can see our grandparents in the eyes of our children just as we see the new flowers budding each spring. The love we experience never dies and we never have to say goodbye to it. It can always be found again in the hearts of our friends, our children, or in the light of a new dawn. When we pass on, we return to the greater source energy where we are able to shine even more than we were able to do here on earth. When Rav Brandwein, Rav Berg’s teacher, left this world, Rav Berg indeed felt great sadness at first. But after some time, he understood that now Rav Brandwein was helping him even more than he could ever have helped in this world.” We know that Karen will continue to assist each and every one of us, helping us more than ever before, as we continue to spread her wisdom and her Light around the world. This course features speeches and connections to our teacher, Karen.

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