What Is My Superpower? 3 Tips to Discover Your Biggest Gifts

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What Is My Superpower? 3 Tips to Discover Your Biggest Gifts

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
December 5, 2022
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When you picture a superhero, chances are you think of someone gifted with incredible strength, invisibility, or the ability to fly. While we might not be able to shoot lasers out of our eyes or move things with our minds, we all have unique superpowers meant to benefit the world. Not only do they exist within each of us, but they are a key part of our spiritual journey.

Here are 3 tips to discover your superpower:

1. Embrace the fact that you have a unique purpose in this world that only you can accomplish.

As children, we often feel that we don’t quite fit in. We might look around at our classmates or friends and think that there is something inherently wrong with us. As we grow into adults, those feelings often grow along with us. It’s easy to feel like we are so ordinary that there is nothing special about us or the opposite, that we are so different from everyone that we just don’t belong. This can lead us to hide or deny parts of ourselves to be more like everyone else.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that we each have a special purpose in this world, a unique Light that only we can reveal. What we are meant to accomplish, no other person on the planet can do. When we try to bend ourselves to be more like other people, we conceal the part of us that has so much to offer. If Clark Kent denied his unique alien abilities, he would just be a reporter for The Daily Planet and not Superman.

The truth is that everyone is unique. The things about us that are not typical of others are the ones we came into this world to let shine. When we honor and accept that, we not only see ourselves differently but also are able to embrace the special gifts that others have to offer.

2. Challenge your negative thoughts about yourself.

Negative thoughts can have a hold on us that prevent us from revealing our true selves. The beauty of any thought is that you have the power to revise it. You can choose to adjust it, change it, accept it, or reject it.

Recognize the negative thoughts you have about yourself and choose to challenge them. Instead of dwelling on the things you don’t like about yourself, focus on the parts you want to grow, the parts that allow you to bring great Light into the world. These are the parts that can truly create change in the world.

3. Think about how your biggest weakness may actually be your biggest strength.

What if the things you struggled with the most were actually your biggest strengths? We tend to see ourselves in black-and-white terms: good traits and bad traits. Imagine how your weaknesses might be positive and how your strengths could be holding you back. Independence and confidence are often seen as positive traits, for instance, but they might stop you from asking for help or showing vulnerability. Shyness, on the other hand, is often looked at as something to overcome, but it can be reframed as being introspective and observant.

Nothing is ever 100% all good or all bad. Reframe the way you see your strengths and weaknesses. Any perceived negative trait can be changed to something that works for you. What you think is your biggest weakness may, in fact, be your biggest superpower.

There has never been a person exactly like you before. Your genetics, your background, your views, and your opinions are all a unique blend that the world has never seen. Likewise, your soul has a unique purpose. The things that you worry about or don’t like about yourself might be the very things that help you accomplish that purpose and reveal tremendous Light in the world. Challenge the negative things you think about yourself and focus on using your abilities for the benefit of others. Believe in yourself and discover your superpower.

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