Weekly Astrology for May 12-18, 2019

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Weekly Astrology for May 12-18, 2019

Yael Yardeni
May 12, 2019
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Welcome to the second week of lunar Taurus! The current cosmic energy is surprisingly fiery. The week opens up with the chart’s rising in Sagittarius, a proud Leo moon, and Venus in impulsive Aries, which is a great twist for a Taurus month. In addition, we observe a great trine in Earth, and many of the planets are located in the Northern Hemisphere of the chart (i.e. the bottom).

"What is our plan of attack?"

How can we make good use of these energies? The word that immediately comes to mind is “grounding.” What we all need right now is a good anchor. After all, we are in lunar Taurus, the sign of healing, peace, and centeredness. This is especially true as many planets are currently situated in mutable signs, which creates restlessness, impatience, and a certain lack of commitment with an I already know attitude. (Sagittarius, anyone?)

What we would ideally love to do, Sagittarius style, would be to let everything go, run away, forget our worries, and find ourselves a circle of great friends with a glass of wine in hand and let our lives flow this way forever, especially since Mars is in social Gemini right now. Alas, this week, the cosmos hits us with many truths we are really not willing to hear.

With Mars (our confrontation planet) currently in the seventh house (the house of Libra) a very funny phenomenon occurs: every time we think we really have a situation under control, the cosmos goes and proves us wrong by showing us the other side of the coin!

In addition, all irresponsible behaviors will be highlighted for us with a fluorescent pen. Of course, Saturn — the famous IRS — is currently in retrograde Capricorn, along with Pluto, happily reminding us of all the responsibilities we failed in the past. I can guarantee one thing this week: we are very far away from any Taurus comfort zone and we need a very good dose of anchoring!

So what is our plan of attack?

"The cosmos hits us with many truths."

The first homework assignment is to take serious note of the comments given by our surroundings. Contrary to the strong Gemini-Sagittarius guillotine energy, we need to internalize and listen to messages, not run away from them! Generally speaking, as our teacher Michael Berg has taught us, this week is an amazing opportunity to truly take charge of our tikkune by owning our past mistakes, and getting to know ourselves a little better. Our job is then to reorient our lives according to this week’s conclusions.

Our second mission of the moment is to take on a regular athletic practice, preferably a calm kind of exercise, such as yoga and meditation, hiking, breathing exercises, you name it! Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. The real cosmic message here is to listen, re-balance, and re-center ourselves. Since we are in the middle of the Omer time (a rather challenging time zone) the cosmos suggests turning our efforts toward compassion and removing judgment. Anchoring ourselves will be a great step in that direction!

Mem Nun kuf, the 72 Name of accountability, is this week’s savior and will get us ready for our next spiritual level.

A wonderful week to all!