Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 23-29, 2019

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 23-29, 2019

Yael Yardeni
June 23, 2019
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Let’s examine the Gemini state of the universe this week! The world's chart opens up with a moon in dual Pisces, and a total of five Cancer planets and aspects, which accounts for a lot of water! In addition, Saturn (the heavy duty one) is right on the chart ascendant along with Pluto, making us feel a bit like Atlas who, in Greek mythology, carries the entire earth on his back!

"Let’s examine the Gemini state of the universe this week!"

This week starts with the moon conjuncting Neptune’s blurry retrograde, and in many ways, the overall energy of the chart is filled with contradictions and nuances. It's as if, wherever we look we find one thing along with its complete opposite. So don’t be surprised if you receive quite a few contradictory messages this week. The cosmos is double, exactly like the sign of Gemini.

What are the most important lessons the universe wants us to learn?

First of all, the cosmos is teaching us a very important lesson about judgment. Most of us have become so good at casting judgment, that we can shoot with our eyes closed, like cowboys in the Wild West.

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so difficult to give one another the benefit of the doubt? Often, the picture we see is completely upside down and distorted from reality. This illusionary world is so thick and so persistant that we accept it as truth in just a matter of seconds. Our teacher, Rav Berg, used to say that our opponent is the master of illusion, better than any magicians. Like David Copperfield, the opponent can make a whole jumbo jet disappear from our sight in an instant.

"What are the most important lessons the universe wants us to learn?"

The trick we need to learn is to disconnect from what we think we see. For a moment, become an outsider, a simple tourist visiting life. We can be so enthusiastic about visiting other countries. What’s not to like? As outsiders, we don’t know anything about the taxes or the political problems. We are not involved in the situation of that particular country, so we can more easily connect to all the good the country has to offer.

We distort reality and judge because we feel the pull to activate our own agendas. We are so sure about our values. The only way we can access the truth about people and situations, is when we perceive them separate from ourselves.

The Pisces, moon and Neptune have the power to bring back love, universal respect, and tolerance. This week, open yourself up to new experiences, to creative thinking, and to an alternate reality where all people are accepted equally. It’s not a coincidence that Pride Festivals always take place around this period of time.

Most importantly, Pisces energy will help us rid ourselves of hasty judgment. Kabbalists teach that it, along with jealousy, is the source of our greatest suffering. What better month than Gemini, Mercury’s higher consciousness, to expel this? This week, we learn how to patiently see and perceive situations in a more detached, and therefore, more accurate fashion. Another gift for us is that work matters are positively highlighted, and we will be perceived as charming, creative, charismatic, and open to others.

There is some transformative work in store for us this week! Let’s do our best to gain much more appreciation and joy with openness and dialogue.

Have a fantastic week!