Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 7-13, 2019

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 7-13, 2019

Yael Yardeni
April 7, 2019
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We are days away from the full moon of Aries, the “wholly” day of Passover! Get ready to receive all the Light of freedom from limitations! Right now we are feeling more and more cosmic pressure, as we are counting down the first 12 days of Aries to help give us control over the coming 12 months of the year.

"Get ready to receive all the Light of freedom!"

The week’s chart opens up with a spunky Scorpio rising, Mercury now direct, Neptune and Venus all still in Pisces, and a majority of planets in water signs. This is, indeed, a very emotional Aries beginning! No surprise there. Thankfully, the moon just entered calm Taurus and is a great help in keeping us all anchored.

The great lesson of the moment is realizing we become reactive regarding too many things in our lives. Sometimes, we get angry and cactus-like over very small things — a package that is delayed, a red light that takes forever to turn green, a slow driver in front of us, waiting in line at the supermarket, bumping into things along the way. This is the true “martial” law, as this month is ruled by implacable Mars.

So often, we allow our opponent to have control over us due to very insignificant things. Will it change our lives to wait one or two minutes at the store? Of course not! Actually, we might be saved by it. Who knows?! Kabbalistically, we know that all the small and infuriating delays of our lives are designed to cleanse us of negative thoughts and behaviors. So truly, we are the winners in these annoying situations!

The good news is, this week we can download a better program to become calmer and much more "philosophical" about all the small inconveniences of daily life. And, boy, do we need that help!

"Regain simplicity and power!"

Another interesting feature of this week is the Black Moon at zero degrees in Pisces, also known as the “dark side of the moon.” Traditionally, the Black Moon represents an opening to all doubts and klipot (or the barrier created by our negative actions.) It also describes a part of our personalities that are outside of our consciousness, buried deep in the subconscious realm of the psyche. The Black Moon points to past mistakes linked to our spiritual path forward. It questions our relationship with the Light, and our certainty that everything is in order, even if we cannot see it at first.

The positive qualities of Pisces are an ability to help others, and an open heart to compassion, willingness, and mercy. This cosmic window indicates our need to stop the victim consciousness, and regain simplicity and power! Now is the time for us to let go of our false belief systems and our superstitious ways, and step up to our true potential.

The negative side of the Black Moon in Pisces is also about toxic behaviors in our lives. This week (and hopefully forever!), we should avoid any gossip and walk away from all unclear situations. Solitude and withdrawal should also be avoided, as the Black Moon tends to separate us from others. Right now, what we need is to reconnect to others, to our Source, and to review and renew our spiritual commitments until Passover, our cosmic window of freedom. 

This week, we should also meditate on the 72 Name for Eradicating Plague, to achieve a good spiritual cleansing. A great week to all!