Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 23-29, 2018

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 23-29, 2018

Yael Yardeni
December 23, 2018
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Let me start by wishing everybody a happy holiday season, full of Light! As 2019 appears on the horizon, let’s find out what surprises the cosmos has for us these days!

This week’s chart is a blend of earth and water, like clay. We already entered solar Capricorn, six aspects and planets are already in that sign, including, of course, heavy Saturn. It’s always hard to have the cosmic IRS flying around you! The moon is at the very beginning of Cancer, along with the chart’s rising. (Oh no! So much sensitivity!)

"Let’s find out what surprises the cosmos has for us these days!"

Thank God, Mercury is in clumsy Sagittarius. Though it is now conjunct with Jupiter, the expander. So everyone, remember to be tactful! An interesting feature of the chart is the placement of most planets in the western hemisphere – the domain of the “other.” So, it’s a bit cranky and emotional!

If we look a little closer, we will find that the message of this week is about families. Cancer (rising and moon!) is the sign of family and roots, par excellence. But, of course, it’s the holiday season. Clearly, the message of the cosmos is centered around the “other” right now. Indeed, kabbalists have a lot to say about THAT! Kabbalistic wisdom is not short in humor, when it asks, “Who needs enemies when we have families and relatives?" Oops.

Truth be told, when we look at biblical stories, any psychologist would have their work cut out for them! Which families in the Bible are NOT dysfunctional? Answer: none.

So, what’s in it for us? And how is that relevant to this week?

The first lesson started last week with (Capricorn!) expectations.

For some unknown reason, we all have fantastically high standards regarding our families; they need to be supportive, kind, sharing, an example of righteousness, and of course, never (God forbid) disagree with the decisions we make in our lives. Well . . . Newsflash! Every soul comes with issues. We all come into this world with a little tikkune, or a correction (think, karma). If we were perfect, we would surely be on another planet! We just need to accept the fact that our families are not perfect, and that’s okay.

Practically speaking, for the entirety of this holiday season, let’s enjoy life and stay light – even if our elders have a lot of opinions about who we date or what we should do for a living. The trick is to simply take it as a tiny message that we might have possibly overlooked something. Voila!

"Let’s enjoy life and stay light."

The second lesson is looking at the bigger picture. Kabbalists pinpoint something amazing: each parent and relative is given the exact necessary “software” needed to raise each child. And they are enacting a certain “movie” to teach us something. What if a parent is a grump, and never ever stops talking about our shortcomings and past mistakes? What are we to do with that?

Let's try a spiritual experiment this holiday. Just smile and decline to answer! Instead, walk around and share love, kindness, and compassion with everyone around you. This is a great opportunity to step back and see the movie of our lives – how everyone interacts with everyone else and who picks on whom. We are wise enough to avoid jumping into the pond; rather, round the angles and bring Light and peace to those around you. Let’s change our movies this season! Chances are, your entourage will be very surprised you are not taking the bait or entering into any argument.

Our greatest opportunity this week is to correct our roots, and to inject positive energy where there are conflicts. Surely, this can be the beginning of a much better family dynamic for the future.

Very happy holidays to all!