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We Are One

Karen Berg
May 18, 2023
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This article was previously published in 2019.

Welcome to the new month of Gemini. After a period of potential heaviness and challenges, Gemini arrives into the cosmos and brings with it a lighter breath of fresh air. The month of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the fastest planet in the solar system. It makes its way around the sun in only 88 days, moving 104,000 miles per hour. This is almost twice as fast as the earth. With such speed fueling us this month, what is the essence that Gemini provides us? Kabbalistically, we understand that astrology is an interface in which the Creator’s energy can successfully reach and assist us. Each month of the year is yet another stepping stone sent to us from the Creator to guide us on our path to reach success and fulfillment. The month of Gemini is no different. Only in the month of Gemini were conditions exact and ideal for the Torah to be given to humankind. On the sixth day of the month of Gemini, the holiday of Shavuot occurs in which the Torah was channeled and presented to the world. Gemini’s truest gift is its ability to be a bridge to link together the physical and spiritual worlds. Gemini allows the ease of communication to occur between us and the Creator. It is in this way, the Torah would be able to be revealed. When an object moves fast enough between two points, the object appears to be two places at once. Speed dissolves the illusion of separation. The lightning fast communication during the month of Gemini allows us to bridge the gap between who we are and who we are destined to become. We are able to unify with our inner Light, the Light in others, and ultimately the Light of the Creator. The window of opportunity to connect seamlessly between any duality is our precious gift in the month of Gemini. We no longer must accept the space between us and the Light, us and blessings, and us and other people. For we are able to remove the illusion of separation and see that everything is truly one

"This is the secret to the month of Gemini."

For Geminis, nothing seems to be fast enough. They are able to understand and grasp concepts within seconds, and then without missing a beat, teach it to others. Teaching and communication are the gifts of Gemini. When the constellation of the Gemini with its symbol of the twins appears in our night skies, what are we to learn, understand, and teach? What are we being asked to receive? The Torah was given in this month and we are asked to receive this code and blueprint from the Creator to better our lives. It is a written document that, via the power of the Hebrew letters, brings to us unsurpassed amounts of spiritual energy. It is through the letters that this transfer of energy takes place. The month of Gemini is a conduit by which Light can be funneled unlike any other month. The Torah could not be given to humankind without this outlet and ability that is present now during these days. What it means for us all is that we are afforded the precious ability to connect to something we could never connect with before. Imagine the utter thrill of those who experienced using the telephone for the first time. The magic of being able to bring into one’s world something that was not previously there. The sheer amazement of being able to hear the voice of a loved one who was far away. Unifying two things that were once separate is the path to spirituality. This is the brilliant Light that was given to us when the Torah was revealed on Mt. Sinai. It was nothing short of a complete and total unification with the Creator, Himself. 

"We are our neighbor. We are the Creator."

Separation and disunity is the unfortunate illusion of this world. We may easily fall into the trap of thinking our pain is more important than the pain of another. However, is our child’s hunger more serious than the hunger of another parent’s child? Are the problems we face more dire than the problems faced by people on the other side of the globe? To better understand this, I ask you, “Do you care only if your foot is injured, but not your hand?” Is it not silly for even a second to presume that we care only for certain parts of our body but not others? Can we not all agree that every single body part, our eyes, heart, legs, lungs, and hands, are all vitally important? In this same way, can the pain of our neighbor be any less our pain? Are the needs of someone across town not our own needs? During this month, speed allows us to communicate like never before. We are able to understand that we are indeed all one and we can see the great power and responsibility that lie in this truth. Gemini affords us to understand that there is really no difference between us and the Creator, as well. The twins of the month of Gemini are there to teach us that when we stand in front of the mirror, we do not just see our own reflection, but the reflection of the Creator, Himself. The Torah itself tells us in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."

This is the secret to the month of Gemini. We are able to see finally that there is no gap, space, or difference between us and our neighbor. There is no gap, space, or difference between us and divinity. We are our neighbor. We are the Creator. From this we can understand our great power and our great responsibility. We can understand that it is in our own best interest to love each other, for we are loving ourselves. It is in our own best interest to give to others, for we are giving to ourselves. It is the great revelation that occurs this month when we realize that inside of us lies the Creator. Here forth, there is never any room again left for fear, doubt, or self-hatred of any kind. All there is left is an undeniable love for others, ourselves, and for the Creator. For we are all truly one.

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