Think Outside the Box of Mortality

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Think Outside the Box of Mortality

Kabbalah Centre
June 1, 2014
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Hi there! its me, really, can a person find written proof that man is destined to die; it is not in the Bible, the Koran, the Constitution, or even in Time Magazine. So, why do we accept death as a reality? Who said we have to die?

For most of us, it’s not just that we don’t want to die. It’s that we don’t want to lose our loved ones, or we don’t want the good things in our lives to end. But, thousands of years ago, the kabbalists revealed that these things don’t have to end. In fact, the Zohar teaches that the human soul is eternal and the body is designed to follow suit. We’re meant to go on and on.

Science agrees with this ancient kabbalistic concept of rejuvenation. Doctors have concluded that the human body fully regenerates every seven years; you do not have a single cell in your body that you had seven years ago. At age 21, however, the regenerative process starts to slow down and the degenerative process begins. Kabbalah – and science - both say that we, as human beings, contribute to this degenerative process. Clinical studies have shown that factors like stress, anger, and depression increase our chances of illness. We literally make ourselves sick. Spiritually, the Zohar explains that these conditions draw darkness into our lives and bodies.

Sadly, we are conditioned to believe that such negativity is part and parcel to everyday life. However, Kabbalah urges us to think outside of the box – the box of mortality. Because death does not have to happen. Fulfilling relationships do not have to end. Prosperous businesses do not have to collapse. Good health does not have to be lost.

How? The ancient kabbalists explained that we can filter the darkness out of our lives and bodies during a window of time when purifying energy is available. This window of time, which happens to be when Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, is known as Shavuot. What is so special about Shavuot? The Zohar teaches us that the Ten Commandments are not orders or commands at all. They are the software of immortality.

Kabbalah explains that each time we encounter the number ten, as in the Ten Commandments, we are connecting to the ten dimensions of the unlimited universe where death does not exist. Therefore, when we hear the Torah reading on Shavuot, it connects our physical world with the unlimited universe, and we are actually downloading that code of immortality and returning the energy of completeness into this world. On Shavuot, we are given the ability to break down the walls of the box that keep us within the frame of mortality. We are given the opportunity to pave the way for a life of unending happiness, health, success, love and freedom – the life we were meant to live.

Shavuot is the entryway into a life with no endings. It is the filter by which we can remove darkness, so that rejuvenation can take place on a daily basis. It helps us to experience endless fulfillment. During Shavuot, we download the energy to activate this rejuvenation and remove chaos from our lives – chaos like stress, anger, depression and sickness – for now and forever.