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The Winds of Change

Karen Berg
October 21, 2022
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This article was previously published in 2018.

Welcome to the New Moon of Scorpio. Each new moon, we sail our way into new and fresh waters. Each cycle of the moon offers us a new set of eyes and opportunities to help us improve our lives. Each new moon, the Creator gives us gifts and advantages that are programmed into the stars in order to help improve our lives. The month of Scorpio is a month known for its power and change. It is the manifestation of the energy from the previous month. Where the previous month was about thought consciousness, the month of Scorpio is about action. The winds of change begin to blow this month, and with them comes the love of the Creator, helping us to reach our destination and fulfill the purpose for which we came to this world.

Nature is a gift of the Creator and is rich with wisdom. In nature, we see the lessons of life unfold. When I think of the cycle of nature, I am reminded of the lesson of letting go of the past and allowing the present to arrive. When the leaves turn brown and their time on earth is completed, what sheds them from the trees? The Creator sends the winds to blow through the branches releasing the leaves onto their next incarnation. The cycle of life is beautiful when we give whatever is ready to leave this world the permission to do so, allowing the space to embrace the new life that is waiting for us. One of, if not the most, famous acts of nature is the biblical flood that occurred during the time of Noah. The month of Scorpio is infamous for being the month that this great deluge commenced. The flood that covered the world began on the 17th day of the month of Scorpio. Only in this month could such a flood have occurred, for only this month harnesses the power and means needed for the cleansing the world required at that time. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, known as the planet of war. The energy of this month stems from this consciousness. However, I prefer not to think of it as war, but more as a positive confrontation. We have arrived at a period of time when destiny confronts the ways of the past, nudging its way into the present.

"Nature is a gift of the Creator and is rich with wisdom."

In the previous month, the beginning of the Kabbalistic Calendar, the seeds of the coming year were planted and the karma was written, and now the month of Scorpio plays it all out. Our present life is positively confronted by the future that is waiting to make its way into your life. The winds of change blow bringing with them the renewal that is required for growth and fulfillment. We know that as dire as the great flood sounded in the ancient text, it was indeed a blessing. The world was restored and purified. The numerical value of the word good, “tov” in Hebrew, is 17, the day the flood began. This is a message from the Creator that the flood was good for the world. The flood waters were medicinal, healing the people of what was holding them back from growth. For can new leaves grow when the old leaves remain on the trees? This month is an exciting time when we let the past slip through our open hands and allow the gifts of the future to land in them. The month of Scorpio manifests into physicality what was set in motion from the previous month. Via the power of Mars, Scorpio initiates the changes needed to set our hopes and dreams into action for the coming year. Scorpio affords us this unique and special window in time.

Because of the powers of Creation that were seeded in the previous month, the first day of the month of Scorpio is considered to be the most powerful day of the entire year, as it contains all the potential energy of the Creation process. Like the swing of a baseball bat, the new moon of Scorpio comes ready for change. Change, however, can be difficult for those who are not open to letting go of the past. Sometimes, all we need is to become quiet enough to hear the voice within encouraging us that it is time to let the past go and trust that something better is coming our way. Author George Ohsawa once said, “Life can be so easy. Refuse to let go and you are a person drowning; the more you struggle, the faster you sink.” We can embrace the change this month, by knowing that the changes are always in our best interest, sent to us from the Creator out of love for growth. With this consciousness, we will be able to see only the “good” of the next 30 days.

"Through warmth, kindness, and mercy to others, we are able to connect to a beautiful and healthy future for the entire planet."

The word Scorpio in Hebrew is akrav. The lettering of akrav gives further clues in insuring a month of blessings and positivity. The word akrav is composed of four letters. The outer two letters connect to mercy and water, while the inner two letters connect to negativity. Amazingly, the word Scorpio itself is the process of purification. The sequence of letters reminds us that the Creator only sends us the “floods” in life so we may be protected, renewed, and cleansed. It is a marvel to me how before we come into this world, we are surrounded in the womb of the mother by the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid, which is primarily water, acts as the ultimate protector and nurturer for the fetus as it grows, preparing for its birth into this world. This month acts for us in the same way. Striving for a positive consciousness, we can tap into the potential of the power of Scorpio to offer only blessings into our lives and stave off the energy of negativity and of “floods”. Recognizing the events of our lives are sent to us from the Creator only for our growth and benefit, we can experience this month as the warmth of the mother’s womb and not the biblical flood of the past. Through warmth, kindness, and mercy to others are we able to connect to the positive consciousness that understands the love and goodness of the Creator. Maintaining a state of love and human dignity to our fellow man affords us the gift to connect only to the mercy in this month, where what is no longer serving is released, leaving the space for a beautiful and healthy future for the entire planet.

As the winds of change blow, let them come; embrace their wisdom. They offer you new life if you are open to letting go, just a little. Being willing to reach for a more positive consciousness fosters an understanding of the process at hand and an awakening of love for one another. In this way, we will be able to connect to all the beauty, protection, power, and goodness this month can offer. Wishing you a most blessed month. 

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