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The Voice Within

Karen Berg
January 16, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

From the moment we come to this world, we rely on others to care for and guide us. Our parents or guardians are there to be our first teachers, teaching us how to walk, talk, and eat. If we are fortunate enough, our parents or guardians teach us how to behave in this world too, offering lessons on how to conduct ourselves and cohabitate with others in society. As we mature, we have teachers in school who often play vital roles in our development. Some of us find mentors to inspire us and give us the strength we need during difficult times. In our careers, we are taken under the wing of our superiors, grooming us for future positions. Life is a series of learning from others, and then passing what we have learned on to the next generation. This is the great continuity of life. Wisdom passes from ear to ear for thousands of years. We are able to thrive and develop as a society, because we are open to hearing and learning from others. The more we are open to learning from others and hearing the messages around us, the more spiritually evolved we can become. Hopefully, for everyone, even beyond adolescence, schooling, and careers, we crave for more wisdom. We seek the help of therapists, great literature, scripture, clergy, shamans, spiritual teachers, and we may find our greatest wisdom of all through our spouses and significant others. The road of life is paved with messages from others, messages from the Universe, and, most importantly, messages from our own hearts. This week, we have an opportunity for greatness by opening up to the wisdom around us. This week, we shine and reach our potential simply by lending an ear to the voice of the Creator, who comes to us through the people around us and from within.

"Allow yourself to be open to seeing a new path."

Our spiritual guidance and inspiration this week comes from one of my personal favorite portions of the Bible: Yitro. Yitro is Jethro in Hebrew and is the name of the father-in-law of Moses. As with every story of the Bible, it is not a story about people from the past, but a story about ourselves. Yitro is every one of us. The portion of Yitro tells of his enlightenment and spiritual rise. Yitro had heard of the miracle of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. He heard about the plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, and the success in the war with Amalek. He was a unique individual, because he was open to hearing about the wonders of the Creator and became inspired to initiate a spiritual path towards the Him. He sought out Moses and became a devotee. Yitro is ultimately the story of a convert, a person who decided to leave one path and begin another. This portion is found in the month of Aquarius, because it works in synergy with it, assisting us to initiate a new awakening. We are given the power to propel ourselves out of any current mind set, removing the blinders from our eyes and the covers from ears so that we may hear and do something new. The beginning of the portion states, “Now Jethro…heard of everything God had done….” Was the rest of the world deaf and only Yitro could hear? Did others hear of the miracle of the Exodus of Egypt? The answer is yes, everyone around the world heard of the miracles, but only Yitro truly listened. It was Yitro who heard the wonders of the Creator and desired to join Moses, and the Israelites. The story continues with more about the importance in hearing. Yitro gives advice to Moses in how he can more efficiently care for and counsel the Israelites. Instead of counseling everyone himself, Moses should instead teach others how to counsel so they may assist and lighten his workload. Moses was open to listening to Yitro’s advice and he implemented this system, insuring greater success and sustainability for the future. At this point in the story, Moses leads the Israelites to Mount Sinai where the Creator, Himself makes His official address to the Israelites. This marked the next step on the Israelites’ spiritual path and elevation. The Creator was to reveal to them the Ten Utterances, also known as the Ten Commandments. These 10 guidelines are the spiritual instructional manual for living that bring all of humankind fulfillment, prosperity, and arrival to our own Promised Land. The Israelites were open to hearing the word of the Creator. They responded, “We will do everything the Lord has said.” They were willing to be humble, be open to learning, and were ready to follow a Higher Logic. The Israelites, at last, met the Creator, their teacher, mentor, and guide. They had a desire to learn, to listen, and to grow. Because of their humility and willingness at this moment in time, they reached the highest level of enlightenment humanity had ever reached. For at the moment the Ten Utterances were revealed, every form of death was removed from the people and immortality was achieved. Because they were willing to hear and truly listen to the Creator, the Israelites were able to ascend to this level, removing death from the entire world.

"Life is a balance of listening to the wisdom of others and the wisdom of our own hearts."

Oftentimes in life we are told things a hundred times by the people who love us, but we just choose not to listen. We think we know more. And maybe sometimes we do. Perhaps we have a feeling about a certain situation or person, but chose to ignore it, only to find later we should have listened to our own instincts. Life is a balance of listening to the wisdom of others and the wisdom of our own hearts. On this journey where we are constantly being sent guidance from our loving Creator, it remains in our hands whether we choose to hear, listen, and to follow. The voice of the Creator will not come at the foot of a mountain with smoke and trumpets as it did for our ancestors thousands of years ago. The messages will sometimes come from the mouths of others. Our messages may come from our friends, family, mentors, teachers, and even the people we may meet on the street. Most importantly, the greatest voice of all comes from within ourselves. We hear this voice only when we are quiet and open enough. In this way, we are destined for greatness, not because we are brilliant, but because we are willing to hear the answers. As King David advised, “They have ears, but cannot hear.” The Song of Songs states, “Open for Me an opening the size of the eye of a needle and I will open for you the Eternal Gates.”   

This week in your meditations, allow yourself to be open to seeing a new path. Like Yitro and the Israelites, we embark upon a deeper and truer spiritual journey. We rebel against our status quo and we forge forward with a new vision and heart’s calling. Find time this week to seek the quiet and go within to discover what messages are being whispered to you. Seek silence so you may hear more. Close your eyes so you may see more. It is not a matter of whether or not the Creator is talking to you. It is not a matter of whether or not people around you are sending you messages. It is not a matter of whether or not your angels are guiding you. It is only a matter of whether or not you are choosing to listen. 

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