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The Secret of Aquarius

Michael Berg
December 31, 2021
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The month of Aquarius is called, in Hebrew, the month of Shevat. The word shevat represents the word for staff. So, to understand what some of the gifts available to us in this new month of Aquarius are, we need to understand what the secret of the staff is.

The secret of the staff, and therefore the month of Shevat, has to do with the simple and powerful consciousness of truly knowing that we are completely connected, always, to the Endless Light, the source of everything. And when we know this, the strength of our consciousness and knowledge of it will influence how much Light we can draw. For example, if we think this only might be true, but aren’t sure, then we draw only a sliver of Light from the source of everything. Yet if we come to a state where we’re constantly conscious and aware of this, then we’re able to draw greater and greater Light.

When a person knows this and reminds himself of it all the time, that knowledge connects him to the source of life. The strength of that consciousness and knowledge, therefore, is the indicator of how much Light we will actually draw; the more powerful and clear this knowledge is in our consciousness, the more Light we can draw. So much so, the kabbalists explain, that there will come a time, as it says in the Prophet Zechariah, when every person with his shevat, his staff, will even be able to bring the Light to revive somebody who is dead.

It’s constant work to continually remind ourselves that we are connected to the source of all things, always, and it is the strength of that knowledge and having that constant consciousness which affects how much, how many, and how powerful the manifestations of miracles and blessings are that we can bring into our lives. But when we do this work, which begins in this month of Aquarius, we are connected to the Light that can bring assistance in all areas. And to the degree there is doubt about that reality or lack of that consciousness is the degree of lack in what we can manifest.

There is a story about the great prophet Elisha, in which the mother of a child who had died sent a messenger to Elisha asking him to create a miracle to revive the child. It says that he sent his assistant Gehazi, and gave him his staff, saying, “Take my staff, do not speak to anybody, and revive the child.” The assistant went, and spoke to people.  When he tried to revive the child with the staff, he did not succeed. And Elisha said to him, “You, who are not a prophet, who are not as elevated as I, have the potential to even revive the dead. You can do it, as long as your consciousness is strong, as long as it's not distracted from this knowledge.” However, Gehazi became distracted, as all of us are probably distracted from this knowledge, and did not succeed in manifesting that miracle.

"We are always supported when needed, whether we know it or not."

For most of us in our daily lives, what we need and desire is not on that level of reviving the dead. But the message from the story is the same. When we wake up in the morning, the kabbalists say, we need to see our direct connection to the Light of the Creator. We need to see that our soul is connected to the source of all things, to the Endless Light. Then, because of that, we know we can manifest whatever it is that we need, but we have to do this all the time.

The month of Shevat represents going back to our source of connection and to this simple consciousness. We can awaken a great connection to the source of life and to the source of all Light and blessings, and draw those blessings down through the channel that exists. And this is the beauty and power of it: the conduit is there, whether we’re aware of it or not. The fact that we are alive means that we are connected to the source of all things. But how powerful and great the Light and blessings we draw down for ourselves and others through that conduit depend on the strength of our consciousness about it.

It is one of the simple, but powerful, secrets of the month of Aquarius. The staff, which represents support, is the understanding that we are supported in this moment, whether we know it or not, by at least a sliver of Light that connects our soul and life force to its source, the source of all things, the Endless Light. And how much Light we can draw through that channel is dependent on the strength of our knowledge of it. So, if we were able to get to a state where 24 hours a day, or at least while we are awake, we have the clarity that, right now, we are connected to the source of all things, then we would know that we can be the conduit, through that channel, of all things; if we have 100% of that consciousness, we can do 100% of things. If we have 20% of that consciousness, we can do 20% of things. 

The power and beauty of this is that it exists already. We don't have to create it. The fact that we are alive, the fact that our soul is in the body and it's giving us a life force, great or small, means that we are already connected to the source of all things, that we are already connected to the Endless. But how much we can manifest depends on our consciousness and knowledge of that connection. Therefore, it is a simple question we can ask ourselves this month: how strong is my consciousness about my direct connection to the Endless Light? 

It is the secret of the month of Shevat that the shevat, or staff, which supports our life force is there, but the work of this month is to make it grow. And how do we make it grow? By reminding ourselves every single day that our soul is connected to the source of all things and to the Endless World. All we need to do is make that channel wider by strengthening our clarity, certainty, and consciousness about that connection. The more powerful, strong, and clear it is, the more we can manifest from there. We have the opportunity throughout this entire month of Aquarius to use these conscious thoughts to elevate ourselves, therefore being able to draw down and manifest great Light for each one of us individually, and for the world.

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