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The Power of the Light

Karen Berg
June 9, 2024
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This article was originally published in 2018.

When we enter a dark room and flip on the switch, instantaneously it seems the darkness disappears and the room is full of light. Scientists tell us that light travels approximately 186,000 miles per second. If you could travel at the speed of light, you could travel around the Earth 7.5 times in one second. Light is a marvel and its qualities are a true testimony of its Divine nature and origin. This is the way the light works physically, but also the way the Light of the Creator can work in our lives. When we activate the Light in our lives, problems are solved, arguments are diffused, solutions instantly arrive, and whatever we may need can fall into our hands. This is the power of the Light. Kabbalah, which in Hebrew means “to receive,” is our life’s owner’s manual that teaches us how to attract the Light of the Creator. The purpose of life is to learn how to draw this Light into our lives and into the world. This week, this miraculous Light shines into the cosmos in perhaps the brightest way of the entire year. The switch is flipped, and the Light is turned on in our darkened world bringing to us the clarity, vision, understanding, peace, love, and the direction we have been seeking. The cosmos supports us this week in offering tremendous positive energy allowing us to see clearly our next step while providing us with unexpected blessings. We have the opportunity now to manifest this Light of the Creator that can remove the obstacles, chaos, and problems that we have been facing. If we are open to allowing ourselves to be a channel for this energy, this week can be truly one of the most positive weeks of the entire year.

"This is the power of the Light."

Our portion and guide this week is Naso, the largest portion in the Bible. The Creator always gifts us with its energy adjacent to the holiday of Shavuot. This is because the energy of Naso and the holiday of Shavuot are one and the same. Shavuot is the cosmic opening when the Torah was given to the world and with it came the greatest Light to ever be revealed, a Light so powerful that death itself ended and immortality for a moment was achieved. This is the powerhouse of energy that runs like a live wire throughout the universe this week.

The portion of Naso is also the portion that is read during the holiday of Chanukah; it is used then as well to manifest and draw down the incredible Light during those eight days. So, what am I saying here? Am I saying that because the Light is so prevalent this week, our problems will automatically vanish? Doesn’t the Light of the Creator also shine the other 51 weeks of the year? The portion of Naso provides us the answer to these questions. Naso describes the services, sacrifices, and offerings that the Israelites presented to the Tabernacle and the Creator. Imagine the longest portion of the Bible, and it is all about offerings and sacrifices! This is the secret of how to generate and draw the Light into our lives. The only way to receive and maintain lasting fulfillment is by sharing. Kabbalah teaches us giving and acting in ways of sharing is the secret to channeling the Light of the Creator into our lives. This week is one of the most optimal times to engage in this spiritual system.

"We can bring the totality of the Light to this world and remove every dark corner in it."

The Light available to us this week connects us to the energy that was revealed on Mt. Sinai when death was eliminated. Imagine never saying goodbye to a loved one. Imagine the enjoyment and blessings of life never coming to an end. Imagine enjoying lifetimes of endless good health and vitality. This great promise from the Creator is indeed our future and destiny, but this week we can have a taste of that reality. If we are only open to making the effort in flipping that switch on and being a channel for this Light, we can go back to the future and bring it to the here and now. Being a channel for the Light means we allow the Light to flow through us for the benefit of others. We are willing to receive for the sake of becoming a being of sharing. Turning on the Light in our lives does not necessarily take much. How often do we bypass a coworker who looks like they are in hard times simply because we may be too busy? Could we stop our day just for a moment and say hello and offer a smile? Do we ever find ourselves so involved in our own lives that we do not allow ourselves to feel the happiness and joy for other people? Are we open to taking a minute to stop and feel for another person’s joy and wish them well? Being happy for others costs us nothing, yet it yields us so much in return. Actions of love and kindness are what flip the light switches on in our own lives. When we channel the Light for the sake of others, it is we who experiences that Light. By giving, we automatically and instantly receive.

This week in your meditation, we travel with the speed of light. In the morning’s new dawn, meditate on the sun’s light making its journey around the world. Every moment throughout the day, darkness disappears as the light illuminates the earth. Every minute the sun is rising somewhere on the earth as it travels that 186,000 miles per second across the globe. Take yourself there and travel with it. Within an instant, forests, valleys, caverns, and darkened cities are lit. Let this same light enters your life, offering love, solutions, miracles, and bringing an end to conflicts.

All that is required of us to access the Light of the Creator is to let it in. If we can find the space in our hearts to love each other a little more, we can, at last, bring the totality of the Light of the Creator to this world and remove every dark corner in it.

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