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The Light of Miracles

Karen Berg
November 28, 2021
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2018.

Light is the energy of the Creator. The Creator is the energy source behind everything in this world. From the massive sun that rises each day to brighten our world to the flame of the candle at night that removes the darkness, the Creator’s energy manifests in countless of gifts and miracles. We may be able to live without food and water for a time, but without the Creator’s energy we cannot survive for even a second. The glory of Light is our gift this week. This week, the cosmic event of Light, known as Chanukah, shines throughout the world, generating the energy of miracles and wonders. Like the lighting of a candle on a dark night, the cosmos bursts forth an enormous amount of Light into our world. The most powerful energy of the entire year is now revealed, and with it comes the great love of the Creator for each of us. The dark of night ends and the Light of miracles begins.

"The Light of miracles begins."

Our unique cosmic guide for the week, the portion of Miketz, always connects to Chanukah and the energy of miracles. Miketz means “at the end.” The darkness finally comes to an end for our friend, Joseph. After years of challenges and great difficulties, we read about the end of the dark night in Joseph’s life. After being sold and betrayed by his brothers, falsely accused of a crime, and sent to prison, Joseph is finally set free. He is summoned by the Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, to interpret his dream. The Bible tells us, “So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon.” Like the power of light, Joseph was rushed out and he began to shine. Because of Joseph’s connection to the Creator, he had the ability to interpret and predict a coming famine from Pharaoh’s dream. He warned Pharaoh and advised him on a system to store food to prevent the starvation of everyone. Because of this, not only was Joseph freed from jail, he was given the highest position in all of the land. Joseph became the governor of Egypt, and all money and power flowed through him. Joseph transformed from an imprisoned and impoverished slave to a wealthy powerful governor, all within an instant. Like a candle in the dark, Joseph, with the speed of light, rose to his glory. He was able to save the world from starvation, including his own father and brothers. Joseph is the embodiment of positive consciousness. While Joseph was in the dungeon, he was in total control. He always maintained his certainty in the power of the Creator. Joseph is our channel for the higher consciousness that allows for the Creator’s Light to enter the physical world. He is our channel to allow the Light to enter our lives. The consciousness of Joseph understands that in a blink of an eye, everything can change. It is the consciousness that knows that the Light of the Creator can make any miracle happen, no matter how impossible it may seem. We really can be a slave one moment and a governor the next. Just as the speed of light conquers the darkness of a room, so too does the Light of the Creator redeem us. We only need to be open to remembering and trusting in the Creator’s power to do so. 

"We only need to be open..."

It is no surprise that the week of Miketz and Chanukah coincide. They are one in the same. The cosmos opens wide this week allowing the Light of the Creator to shine into our world, and like Joseph, bring to us the unexpected and the miraculous. As Joseph kept the power of the Light in his heart and mind, he allowed for blessings and good fortune to enter his life. He achieved mind over matter and a true miracle for himself, the world, and his family. As we light our menorahs this week, we as well draw into our lives this same Light, removing the darkness from our own lives and putting an end to any negativity we have been facing. It is one of the most positive and blessed weeks of the entire year, and this great Light of the Creator shines for each and everyone of us around the world. By maintaining the positive consciousness that the Creator never abandons us, and there is always a plan for our best interest, we allow the Light of Miracles to flow.

This week, our meditation comes every night as we light our menorah for Chanukah. Each night, as the darkness blankets the world, we have the gift and great opportunity to remove this darkness. Before lighting, take a deep breath. Pause for a moment and appreciate the Light you are about to create for the world. With each candle we lite, we wipe out the darkness within our hearts, homes, and the world. This Light instantaneously fills every dark corner. We put an end, once and for all, to any judgment and hatred within. Allow yourself to be engulfed by this Light. Feel the love for all of humankind build within your heart. Allow your inner candle to be lit, as we make the conscious effort to put an end to all conflict with others and instead choose to act with human dignity and love. It is this love for others that permits us to love the Creator, and as a result allows us to draw His Light into our lives. The Light of Miracles shines this week, at last putting an end to the darkness in our lives.

I wish you a blessed and joyous week of love, light, and miracles.

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