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The Light of Freedom

Karen Berg
January 2, 2022
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

We come to this world to fulfill our soul’s purpose. Some come to channel great ideas and inventions. Artists and musicians come to express and offer the contribution of art and music. Authors and poets offer words to inspire. Fathers and mothers raise our future leaders, and these leaders assist us in breaking the chains that bind. Just like a bird longing for freedom from its cage, we long to set free our soul’s purpose in this world. The day will come when our wings can spread, as we take flight into our purpose. This week, we soar into the life we are meant to be living. As we welcome the new moon of Aquarius, we start a new chapter in which we are taken to greater heights. Like a bird released from its confines, we are at last freed from all that limits us and fly into a new reality where our dreams reside. We have a calling to follow, and this week, the Creator gifts us the greatest of all freedoms— the ability to live our heart’s truest calling.

"The Creator gifts us the greatest of all freedoms— the ability to live our heart’s truest calling."

Our Divine assistance this week is the portion known as Bo. In Bo, we read of the famous release of the Israelites from Egypt. Bo is actually the story of Passover, and because of this, we receive all the energy of Passover this week in conjunction with the energy of the new moon of Aquarius. What an incredibly powerful and positive week in the cosmos! In Bo, the Creator, along with Moses and Aaron, continue to request Pharaoh to release the Israelites from their bondage. Incredibly, even after the Creator inflicts two more additional plagues, the plague of locusts that devoured the land and the plague of total darkness that lasted for three days, Pharaoh still does not allow the Israelites their freedom. The Creator warns Pharaoh of one last and mighty plague left to be implemented. The final plague sent to Pharaoh was the death of his first-born child and all the first-born children of Egypt. The Israelites were instructed to stay in their homes during this plague, that it would “pass over” them and leave them immune. This final plague was severe and devastating enough to finally force Pharaoh to release the Israelites. At last, the Israelites were freed and left Egypt in the night, heading towards their destiny -- the promised land of milk and honey. Let us not forget the Torah is not just a story, but a coded document of energy designed to assist all of humankind on their journey in this world today. The plagues were the cure, allowing the Israelites to be freed, not from Pharaoh’s bondage, but their own limited thinking and fears. There was a total of 10 plagues, each cleansing the 10 chakras of the human system. These plagues, and most importantly the final three that we read this week, obliterated the negative consciousness of the Israelites. Once they had made these important changes in themselves, with the help of the Creator, they were then able to be freed from their own self-created prisons and limitations. Their souls were set free to finally love and embody the attributes of the Creator. Fears were cast away and their true selves were able to finally shine forth. All that was needed was the courage to let go and trust the Creator was waiting for them.

"The spark of God is set free and our wings spread like never before."

We are the Israelites and we have our own path to take in life. Unfortunately for many of us, we sometimes look down the path and feel afraid to take that first step. We peer through our cages, uncertain if our wings can ever support our flight. We forget the Creator is our partner and the wind under our wings. We may dream of great things in life, but allow doubts to act like heavy chains. We may come to believe falsely that we are not capable or talented enough. We may be convinced that our hearts are just not big enough -- but they are! This is the week we can be freed from all that holds us back. This negative consciousness that enslaves us like Pharaoh can be removed from our being. We are released from the limits of our own mind and the cage of our own making. We are reminded that we are not in this journey alone, that the Creator is our greatest source of energy and power. However, it is we ourselves who must be open to taking the first step out from our cages. The Creator cannot force us out. We must take the first step, and then we shall be guided and supported in manifesting our truest purpose and making our dreams a reality. We are freed to expand our hearts and embody the qualities of the Creator. We let go of selfishness and embrace sharing. We release fears and welcome love. We forego hatred and welcome kindnessThe spark of God is set free and our wings spread like never before.

This week in your meditations, please compose a list of all you desire in life. Write down your dreams, wishes, and longings. Allow the desire in you to awaken and build. This is the week to move towards this reality. This is the window of time to begin to pursue your higher calling in life. Now on a separate list, write down what may be holding you back from living this life. What are your fears and worries? Look at this list and ask the Creator to help you rise above these limits. Take the list and burn it safely, releasing it from your being. The Creator comes to each of us this week, unlocking our cages. We step into the world with expanded wings and fly into our destinies. We leave behind our old life and welcome our new one. The Light of freedom shines and we heed the call. We are set free and the Light within burns brighter than ever before. We are free to at last become all that we have desired to become and all that we are destined to be. The Creator within has been ignited. 

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