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The Light Inside

Karen Berg
December 11, 2022
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This article was previously published in 2018.

One hundred miles below the ground, surviving immense heat and pressure, and enduring the unimaginable, carbon atoms bond in a unique way creating what we call the diamond. Diamonds are the world’s most sought-after and beautiful treasures. After what seems to be a process that would destroy almost anything, the diamond emerges. Beating all odds, it is born from and exists in spite of its adversity. The result is a brilliant gem and the world’s hardest natural substance. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. The diamond’s strength, brilliance, and unique creation is its beauty. Having survived so much, yet surfacing stronger and better than before. Nature is always hinting to us the secrets of life. The diamond serves to teach us that it is through challenges and difficulties we are able to become resilient, radiant, and even unscratchable. In order to develop our soul, we need to endure certain challenges, too. Our life experiences all serve to transform us into the greatest version of ourselves and help complete our soul’s purpose. We come to this world to experience the pressures and intense heat of life, but what we may forget during these trying times is that there is a reason for them. This week, with the help of the cosmos, we can begin to see the Light shining within every situation, every experience, and every person. No matter the heat or pressure we may feel, everything we experience is for the good and for our own benefit. For we are all diamonds in the making.

"We are all diamonds in the making."

Vayeshev is our spiritual compass this week. Vayeshev is the ninth portion of the Bible and it recounts the story of Joseph, one of 12 sons of Jacob. Joseph was not liked by his brothers. To them, Joseph appeared to be a favorite of their father. Joseph donned his famous coat of many colors that his father gave him, all the while, his brothers grew more envious of him. Joseph even dreamt the day would come when his family would bow to the ground before him. Jealousy soon turned into hatred, and his brothers plotted to kill Joseph. They captured him, but then decided instead to sell him as a slave in Egypt. What is the Bible trying to teach us here? What good could possibly come from the betrayal of one’s own family? The story continues with Joseph being sold to a high ranking official in Egypt. But the Bible tells us that wherever Joseph went the Creator was with him and he prospered. As a result of this, the official’s household also prospered. Subsequently, Joseph was promoted to the head of the official’s household and was entrusted to all of his affairs. Joseph was a pure channel for all of the Creator’s Light, and because of this, everything in which he was involved was blessed by the Creator. From this junction in the story, we read that the official’s wife made accusations against Joseph and he was thrown in jail. Joseph was an innocent young man, betrayed by his family, sold into slavery, and then imprisoned for a crime he did not even commit. The heat and pressure of life was upon Joseph, but what we come to see is that a rare and precious diamond was in the making. Each experience is leading Joseph to his life’s purpose. Joseph maintained the consciousness that whatever he was experiencing was always for the best, and the Light was with him. Because of this, Joseph excelled even in prison, becoming the head warden! The Bible teaches us that the Creator was present in every step of Joseph’s process, from the betrayal of his brothers, being sold into slavery, and even his incarceration.

"How often do we feel that everything happening is for our own good?"

Often in life, we are unable to see the bigger picture and what the future holds for us. For Joseph, he would eventually leave prison and become the second highest ranked official in all of Egypt. All of Egypt’s prosperity would flow through him and be under his control. If it were not for being sold into slavery, he would not have acquired this position from which he would then later be able to save his family, setting in motion an even larger process for the future generations. How often do we forget the consciousness of Joseph and find ourselves complaining about our lives? How often do we feel the Creator is with us, and that everything happening is for our own good? If we did, would we ever need to worry or become angry? Would we ever be envious or hateful? The story of Vayeshev teaches us that the Creator does indeed work in mysterious ways and that our perception of His master plan is limited. We learn that buried deep within any given situation always lies a blessing. We learn that from negativity, positivity is created. There is joy in knowing that in the end everything will work out for the best. The Creator is a source of only positivity, and consequently, all of His creation is good. We only need to be open to trusting that there is a process. The Love of the Creator is within every experience we face. In this same way, inside everyone is also the Light of the Creator. Knowing the Light of the Creator exists in everyone, are we able to ever be jealous? Are we able to see anyone as an enemy? Are we able to ever turn away a hand in need? Understanding the Light is a part of everything we experience can truly set us free. We are free from fear. We are free to embrace everyone and every situation with an open and loving heart.

For our meditation this week, we travel deep into our consciousness. Like the diamonds found 100 miles beneath the surface, the wisdom of knowing the perfection of your life is buried deep within you. Go beyond the grit of your fears and darkness of the unknown. Travel deep within to the truest part of yourself. Inside you lies the wisdom and the trust in the Creator’s plan. Trust and certainty shine like diamonds of the deep. You have an inner knowing that the Creator has sent you to this world for the betterment of your spirit and to move forward on the path of a positive consciousness. You trust that no matter what situation lies before you, no matter how painful it maybe, there is a greater good involved. The Light is there with you, each step of the way, as it was with Joseph. Everyone you meet is a part of this greater good. Your life sparkles and shines, because you know that everything is happening for your very best. You are a diamond in the making. There are no mistakes. There is only the Light inside you, inside everyone, and inside every situation. 

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