The 12 Days of Aries 2022

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The 12 Days of Aries 2022

Kabbalah Centre
March 15, 2022
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The 16th century kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) teaches that each of the first 12 days of Aries corresponds to and directly influences each of the 12 months of the year.

For example, day one of Aries corresponds to the month of Aries, day two to Taurus, day three to Gemini, and so on. Why is this important to know? This is one of those rare windows in time when we have the ability to carve out our destiny. Our actions and reactions during the first 12 days of Aries can play a huge part in determining what follows in the next 12 months. 

"How you respond to the tests of the first 12 days affects the outcome of how you will experience the coming year."

Each of the first 12 days of Aries presents you with an opportunity to overcome whatever it is that normally blocks you from receiving the fulfillment you desire – and deserve. How you respond to the tests of the first 12 days affects the outcome of how you will experience the coming year. In general, be as proactive as possible, and familiarize yourself with the types of challenges you might be facing – after all, forewarned is forearmed. 

Here are some mantras, tips, and meditations to help you make the most of your first 12 days of Aries! 


Sundown on April 1 – Sundown April 2, 2022

Aries energy invites us to step out of the spotlight. Shift your focus away from yourself and turn toward the needs of others. By doing so, we can begin to let go of past mistakes and open up space for deep empathy and selflessness.

• Release past mistakes.
• Redirect your focus toward others.
• Act with empathy.
• Ask how you can help.

Meditate on the letters.

As I look into my soul, I can feel the sore places where I have been wounded by my ego: worry over what people think about me, needing to be right, angry when things don't go my way. As I let it go and reach for Light on a higher plane, those places in my soul open up. I am free, my ego diminishes and I concentrate on what is really important: love.


Sundown April 2 – Sundown April 3, 2022

Resist the urge to stay within the realm of comfort and predictability. The energy of Taurus may prompt us to shy away from new ideas, opportunities, or people. But this is precisely the time to embrace change and discomfort in order to spark radical transformation.

• Break out of your box.
• Shake things up.
• Say no to complacency.
• Say yes to change.

Meditate on the letters.

I clearly see my personal limitations. Looking into the past, I notice all of the instances when ego has kept me imprisoned, holding me back from true joy and fulfillment. As I focus on the Light of the Creator, the transformative energy of the divine washes over me, and I feel free. No more complaining, no more frustration. I will not get caught up in the material world. Instead, I will look beyond into the spiritual realm and let go, freeing myself from the trappings of ego.


Sundown April 3 – Sundown April 4, 2022

We don’t need to see the whole path in order to take the first step toward achieving a goal. No matter how small the desire, Gemini energy can distract attention away from the end result. Stay the course. Focus on action and details with the big picture in mind.

• Stop putting things off.
• Focus on one thing at a time.
• Finish what you start.
• Trust the Light, not your mind.

Meditate on the letters.

Think of an unfinished project that is an obstacle in your life. Decide you are going to finish it and follow through, and begin this meditation. I see the unfinished project in front of me. I am going to complete [enter project here] as I visualize myself [enter the process necessary for completion here]. I feel frustration and procrastination drifting away. I am getting closer to completing my goal. As I breathe, I get even closer. I feel stronger, more connected to my Light Force. Laziness and doubt are gone, and I see myself fulfilled, creating more space for even greater accomplishments.


Sundown April 4 – Sundown April 5, 2022

The energy of Cancer calls us to live in the now. Yet, past emotion can lead us to dwell in what was. Start with gratitude for simple everyday blessings and begin to bring awareness to the present moment with openness and certainty.

• Erase fear.
• Shake off old beliefs.
• Show gratitude.
• Live in the present.

Meditate on the letters.

I am letting go of past pain, regret, trauma. All of it. [If there is a particular theme or moment that you keep coming back to, picture it in your mind. As you do this meditation, go back to that moment, then reverse it, plant a new seed.] I will release past emotions that are dragging me down, replacing old baggage with Light and love. I look forward, not back.


Sundown April 5 – Sundown April 6, 2022

The charismatic energy of Leo is an invitation to lead. Though, the most effective leaders are those who are guided by compassion and a desire to support the growth of all. Listen to the perspectives of others with an open heart and an open mind.

• Stop talking and listen.
• Consider the feelings of others.
• We are stronger together.
• Empathize.

Meditate on the letters.

I will purge anger from my heart, free my soul of the burden that comes with reacting to the external. As I recall, I see that I was swayed by the darkness. I gave power to the situation instead of taking a moment to pull back, of restricting, and keeping the real power in my own hands. As I invoke this name, I realize that nothing in the physical world can cause me to react with anger.


Sundown April 6 – Sundown April 7, 2022

Control is an illusion. Virgo energy can guide attention toward minuscule details. Step back and try to see the big picture while opening up to new ways of thinking. Judgment and criticism obscure the end goal: unity, peace, sharing.

• Ask questions.
• Seek to understand, not to judge.
• You can only control your own actions.
• See the good.

Meditate on the letters.

I will spread love for no reason. I will resist my tendencies toward judgment. As I look back on negative words or deeds from my past, I replace them with Light and compassion, sending positive forces out into the universe to replace the negative ones. I will look upon others with compassion, sweetening the judgments as they come my way.


Sundown April 7 – Sundown April 8, 2022

There is a delicate balance between reflection and certainty. Libra energy surrounds decisions, leaving us in doubt. This is the time to trust that our journey will take us exactly where we need to go.

• You are exactly where you need to be.
• Leave no room for doubt.
• End indecision.
• Trust in the Light.

Meditate on the letters.

I have absolute certainty that what is right will happen through proactive behavior. I take complete responsibility for my life and know that I am getting what I need right now. And as I continue to allow more Light and certainty into my life, I will get even more.


Sundown April 8 – Sundown April 9, 2022

Self-love and appreciation for the blessings in life is the prescription for the emotional intensity of Scorpio energy. Anger and jealousy erode the spiritual progress we’ve made. Release negativity and focus on sharing compassion and kindness to others, as well as ourselves.

• Others are not to blame.
• Show compassion.
• Stay calm. 
• Cultivate self-love.

Meditate on the letters.

God is within. I connect to the divine power in my soul and awaken an incredible source. My confidence is fortified so that I am empowered to solve my problems, to eradicate the chaos and confusion in my life. I am aware of the good within and the good that I can do, if I choose to take responsibility for the Light in me. It has always been there--now I see it.


Sundown April 9 – Sundown April 10, 2022

True liberation comes from recognizing the ego and restricting reactive behavior. This is a time to slow response time and invite the Creator into your decisions. Open up to possibilities you hadn’t considered. There is always another option for what action to take.

• Slow down.
• Practice forgiveness.
• Know that sensitivity is a gift.
• Commit to your beliefs.

Meditate on the letters.

As I focus on unconditional love, for all people around me, the dark forces within are cast out. In the past, I have felt hatred for certain people. Now, as I picture those people in my mind, I feel only love. Light washes over them, and me, and I recognize the common thread that we share—the spark of the Creator. My heart opens as I wish them joy and fulfillment, peace and greater understanding.


Sundown April 10 – Sundown April 11, 2022

Goals are important, but the people in our lives are more valuable than anything we can achieve. The energy of Capricorn can draw our attention away from the needs of others and make vulnerability uncomfortable. Put to-dos aside and spend some time sharing energy and compassion.

• Express yourself.
• Open up to intimacy.
• Appreciate what you have.
• Have humility.

Meditate on the letters.

I want to bring all future and existing relationships to the level of soul mate. I want to relate to all those around me on this heightened spiritual plane, and bring greater Light into my life.


Sundown April 11 – Sundown April 12, 2022

The energy of Aquarius can make it seem that we need to travel the road alone. Originality is a gift, yet there is much to be learned from the experiences and ideas of others. Reach out and include others in the process. Together, we can make great strides.

• Your individuality is a strength.
• Let others shine, too.
• Embrace change.
• Connect to your community.

Meditate on the letters.

I am going to get out of the way and allow the Light to guide me. In the past, I have been stubborn, set in my ways, and I will let go. Instead of clinging to my beliefs, I will open up, and allow the Light of the Upper Dimensions to shine down into my realm and transform my life. I have real desire, not for myself alone, but to connect to something greater.


Sundown April 12 – Sundown April 13, 2022

The energy of Pisces can leave us feeling sensitive. Steer thoughts away from victimhood and toward deeper empathy for the experiences of others. When we take responsibility for where we are on our journey, we can release regret and tap into greater fulfillment and joy.

• Take responsibility.
• Choose joy.
• Balance logic and emotion.
• You always have a choice.

Meditate on the letters.

I am not a victim. All of my feelings of self-pity and my hopes of retaliation are vanishing, as I accept the consequences of my own actions. I take responsibility for where I am, and know that if I want to change my circumstances, it is within my control. I will be proactive, and achieve my own fulfillment. I am letting go of pain, and regaining control over my life.

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