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Spiritual Strength

Karen Berg
March 10, 2024
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This article was originally published in 2019.

I have said before that every person has their own path to take in life, and that nobody can take it for them. No matter how much we are loved by our family or friends, there are moments in life where we need to be strong for ourselves and persevere, alone. While the Creator is always with us, in such moments, life asks of us to develop our own spiritual strength and backbone in order to move forward in life and on our spiritual paths. Ultimately, when the time comes to decide on life’s bigger decisions like our careers, our partnerships, or what spirituality to adopt, we decide for ourselves. We are at the head of our own ship, turning the wheel. Life is full of choices, and some can be very difficult to make. But, they all teach us and help us evolve. All of our choices are designed to lead us to the Creator and to reveal our Light that is within. This week, we are given the strength to persevere on our spiritual path. We are given the power and wisdom to do what is right for ourselves. We gain the strength to keep our focus on revealing our Light. We are emboldened on our path to offering more love to this world. We are given the courage and support to make the tough decisions that will ultimately produce the joy and fulfillment we seek. The new moon of Pisces II rises into the sky this week, and with it comes maturity, wisdom, and our spiritual strength.

“The new moon of Pisces II rises into the sky this week."

We arrive to the final portion of the second book of the Torah. We reach the finality of the book of Exodus with the portion Pekudei. The book of Exodus was like a mighty hand that lifted our consciousness and initiated us onto the spiritual path. The Creator heard our prayers and sent Moses, our angel, defender, parent, teacher, and guide. The Creator and Moses released us from the bondage of our small thinking and fears, and guided us on our evolution and spiritual maturity. Pekudei is the final chapter in this epic journey. In this portion, all the pieces of the Tabernacle were finally created and they were brought to Moses for assemblage. From the tents, furnishings, coverings, Ark with Tablets, the showbread, candelabras, altars, curtains, courtyard, pillars, and priest’s garments, everything was created through the Israelites’ contributions, and now it was time for Moses to assemble the Tabernacle. As instructed by the Creator, Moses erected and completed the entire Tabernacle on the first day of the first month of the astrological year, which is Aries. “Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.” It was complete. The Light of the Creator entered the Tabernacle. This was the first time in history there had ever been a physical dwelling for the Creator’s energy. In the completion of this vessel for the Light, our vessel is also now completed. After studying and hearing the entirety of the Torah through each week, we have slowly built our readiness and capacity to become one with the Light, and Pekudei takes us to that totality of fulfillment. Our spiritual structure is now whole, and we are able to house the Creator’s immense energy. Our spiritual elevation is accomplished, but simultaneously it is also just the beginning of our journey. For while Pisces is considered to be the oldest sign of the zodiac, Aries, ahead next month, is the youngest. The journey begins again, but this time we are ever the wiser and our hearts are ever the more open. 

“The journey begins again."

This week, as we arrive at the final month of the astrological year, we arrive with wisdom, a loving heart, a giving hand, and a connection to the Creator like never before. We are ready to take this new consciousness and continue forward. As the Israelites’ Tabernacle is completed, so is our inner Tabernacle. As Moses assembled the pieces, our own strength and power was assembled. Our negative consciousness fell to the side, as the beams rose. Our dark fears vanished by Light. Our dismantled hearts are erected once again. The strength of the Tabernacle is our strength. Moses completed the work this week, and so is our work completed. Our bodies are made whole, and our vision is clear. We have the power and perseverance to move forward on our spiritual journey. The world’s Tabernacle is not yet complete, but each day, each year, as we each build our own Tabernacle, we come closer to the day it shall rise, again. We have the certitude and energy to help others, help the world, and give of ourselves. In this way, we continue to house and reveal the Creator’s glory in our lives and the world.

“Every person has their own path to take in life, and nobody can take it for them."

This week in your meditations, visualize the strong Tabernacle and the Light of the Creator filling it. The Tabernacle is our spiritual bodies, but also our physical bodies. Feel strength in your bones, legs, and arms. Take a deep breath and allow the energy of the Creator to fill your temple bringing healing, conviction, and clarity. Make this visualization daily, each morning, as you rise from bed. As you rise, so does your Tabernacle rise. It is our great honor and responsibility to welcome the Creator each day into our lives. In doing so, your consciousness refines and you grow closer to the Creator. The Light dwells within you. There is no confusion on where to walk or what path to take. There is no fear of your heart’s calling. Only love dwells with you, now, love for yourself, for others, for the world, and for the Creator. You are physically and spiritually strong. You are ready to walk your path in this life. 

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