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Speaking from the Heart

Karen Berg
April 14, 2024
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This article on the portion of the week was originally published in 2019.

It is said that words have the power to build or destroy. Our words and our power to speak are tremendous gifts given to us from the Creator. We are distinguished from all other creations on earth with this ability. The mouth connects to our physical world where things become manifested. It is through the power of our words that we actually can create and bring thoughts into fruition. We first may only think of an idea, but only when we begin speaking of it does it gain life and start the process of manifesting in our lives. The power of speech cannot be overestimated. We can unknowingly block ourselves by the words we use. If words have the power to build and destroy, why would we ever choose to do the latter? The truth is, we speak words of negativity only because of the negativity within. Unfortunately, fears and jealousies may lead us to speak in ways that break down ourselves and others. We can prevent someone from a positive action with words that discourage, degrade, or cause fear. However, on the contrary, we can choose to be like everyday angels for others and help them achieve great things by encouraging them with positive words that uplift. We have a tremendous power in what we say. Only when we speak from the heart do we use this beautiful gift of speech to create the positivity that we need in this world. This week, the Creator gives us the gift of protection from negative speech. The Creator removes fears and jealousies so all that is left is a space of positive energy. We are purified from our own selfishness and envy, as well as that of others. All that is left is love, and words of love. This week, we are given the power to speak from our hearts.

"Words have the power to build or destroy."

Our portion and spiritual medicine this week is Metzora. Metzora will be read this week on what is known as the Great Shabbat, or Shabbat HaGadol. Shabbat HaGadol is considered to be the most powerful Shabbat of the entire year, because it precedes the priceless gift and holiday of Pesach, or Passover. The portion of Metzora and Shabbat HaGadol are a powerful duo designed to prepare us. It is a great comfort to understand the Creator is always providing for us the tools and means to improve our lives and fill them with blessings. Pesach is one of those yearly gifts that betters our lives. The word metzora, when broken down into two words, is "motzi ra" which roughly means “to speak negativity.” Pesach can also be divided into two words, "peh sach," which means “mouth speak.” From this, we can begin to see an important connection between our portion and the holiday. In Metzora, the disease of leprosy is discussed, along with its treatments and cure. The priest helps cure those people and things inflicted. We learn that speaking negativity is its actual cause. Negativity within that manifests into negative speech often boomerangs back to the speaker in various forms, the most severe is the plague of leprosy. Through various cleansing techniques, the leper is brought to awareness of his or her negativity. Through self-analysis and the desire to change, the priest is able to co-heal the leaper. This portion helps the cleansing process for us all. But fundamentally, it is designed to heal us at a seed level by removing that which causes the desire to destroy others with our words in the first place. Metzora helps remove our own fears that live behind our negative words. Perhaps when we no longer feel so afraid will we no longer be inclined to lash out at others. When all that lives inside is pure love, love is all that can be spoken.

"Words of the heart set us free."

The beauty of this week is that we are given a double dose of energy as Metzora will be read on Shabbat HaGadol. Shabbat HaGadol also aids in removing from ourselves negativity, selfishness, and fears preparing us for Pesach. When we are frightened for our own survival, we are in an animalistic mode that prevents us from opening our hearts and thinking of others. Shabbat HaGadol removes these fears, allowing us to fully embrace the holiday of Pesach when the final removal of our negativity occurs and we are given ultimate freedom. A freedom that allows us to love, be courageous, and fulfill our purpose. It is then we are able to "peh sach" or “speak with our mouths” only words of love and words of the heart. We are able to use our words to help build each other and to teach our friends, family, and children that the Creator does indeed love us. We speak the truth that we each have divinity within and that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds out to accomplish. Instead of speaking the untruths of negativity, we are able to speak truth of the love that exists. We tell ourselves and others that the Creator loves each of us and will always be there for us. We never need to fear or worry that there will not be enough. We never need to feel we must compete with others. Each of us has a beautiful and valuable purpose on earth. We use our mouths not to destroy, but only to build one another. We use our speech to remind each other that we are loved, that we can achieve anything, and that a life of joy and blessings awaits. There is tremendous power and greatness in our speech once we learn to speak the truth of our hearts.

This week in your meditation, affirm yourself with Universal Truths. Affirmations are an important and effective tool in helping improve our lives. For this week, repeat to yourself, “Divinity lives within me, I am divine. Love lives within me, I am loved.” Reaffirm this in the morning and evening throughout the week. Allow it to banish your fears and darkness. Allow it to embolden you in your own power and potential. Feel the love of the Creator and the love you have within you. Then, and only then, speak from this space. Speak to others to build them. Remind them that they are loved, too, and they can achieve great things. Use your words to be a channel of the Creator. Let others know they are beautiful and perfect just as they were created. When you speak from the heart to others in this way, you are then able to speak the truth. For words of the heart not only build and heal us --- they set us free.

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