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Remembering Your Truth

Karen Berg
March 3, 2024
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This article was originally published in 2019.

At the end of each day, kabbalists recommend reviewing the day and making spiritual amends with anyone who may have harmed you or with anyone you may have harmed. In this way, we are prevented from ever going to sleep angry, sad, or with impurity. These energies can inhibit our soul's elevation during sleep, a time we gain important spiritual wisdoms. At night, during our reflection, we are encouraged to remember what is really important in life. We remember that life is not about how much we accumulate or whom we defeat, but instead, how much we gave and who we loved. Before we close our eyes at night, we remember our purpose in this world. We refocus and, hopefully, place ourselves back on our spiritual path. In our meditations we ask ourselves, “If this was our last day on earth, would we feel at peace? Would we feel happy?” This week, we prepare for what is akin to the “evening of the year.” We approach the final month of the year and the finality of the zodiac cycle. We come to what is called Shabbat Shekalim. This Shabbat always proceeds the beginning of the final month of the astrological calendar year. It is time for us to look back, not just at the day, but the entire year, observing where we spent our energy, whom we loved, and whom we may have had trouble loving. We remember our spiritual purpose and what our heart and soul truly desire. This week, we are given the opportunity to reestablish our path and recommit to follow our voice within. The cosmos gifts us this week with a clean slate, preparing us for the “new day” and new astrological cycle that lies ahead. 

“The cosmos gifts us this week with a clean slate.”

Our guide for the week is portion Vayakhel. It is virtually a repeat of two previous portions, but that is only from a superficial level. What we have in Vayakhel is an opportunity to renew and remember our spiritual process. Shabbat Shekalim prepares us to enter the final month of the year, Pisces II. After which, we begin a new astrological cycle, starting again with Aries. It is a time to embrace life again, for we are soon due to repeat the cycle of the year, once more. We come to the end of the year and we ask ourselves, “Are we still on our spiritual journey? Are we following our own truth?” The portion Vayakhel comes to awaken us to our own dreams, desires, and purpose in life. The portion accounts the contributions the Israelites gave to the building of the Tabernacle, as well as its overall construction. Metaphysically, it is about the building of our own spiritual internal vessels, and our effort and contribution towards that process. We read for the second time about the building of the Tabernacle, but this time, without the contributions from those who created the golden calf, the substitute for Moses. Earlier, some Israelites had created the golden calf to replace Moses when they thought he had abandoned them. In Vayakhel, we rebuild the Tabernacle to house the energy of the Creator and build our own spiritual vessel, but without the negativity of the golden calf. We are blessed with the opportunity to continue forward with our spiritual elevation, but with a new and improved consciousness. This week, we are able to rebuild again and reestablish our goals, distancing ourselves from negative energies and distraction. We are afforded the great gift to start again, only this time we have more focus and purity for our process and for the coming year. Vayakhel is rebuilding and reestablishing our goals and dreams, but with a more purified consciousness. We arrive at the end of the year, ready to move on, and with a better grasp of our heart’s calling. In repeating the building of the Tabernacle, we are able to remember and honor each of our own personal truths.

“We are given the opportunity to reestablish our path and recommit to follow our voice within.”

We have come to this beautiful world to reveal the spark of the Creator within. It is our holy work to build our own structure within, to house the Creator’s Light. We are on earth to create a life that manifests our soul, and for each of us this looks very different. Each of our soul’s expression will manifest in its own unique and beautiful way. Oftentimes though, our soul’s purpose can be forgotten or drowned out by our fears. This week, the great gift of starting once again and remembering our soul’s calling is ours. We are able to be cleansed of negativity, anxiety, doubt, and fears that those who built the golden calf represented. We are freer in our process towards uniting with the Creator and fulfilling our soul’s calling in this lifetime. We come to the final month of the year, and like at the end of the day, we let go of what may keep us from elevating and feeling the excitement of the opportunity that lies ahead. As Carl Jung once said, “An old man who cannot bid farewell to life appears as feebly and sickly as the young man who is unable to embrace it.”

This week in your meditations, face life renewed, cleansed, and without fear. You are willing to embrace the whispers of your heart. Tomorrow is a new day, and you release your past. You face the upcoming astrological year, ready to renew yourself to the spiritual path, knowing it is the path to your greatest joy and fulfillment. You remember what makes you happy. You remember what brings you joy. You remember who you love. The forces that may have stopped you in the past no longer exist. You commit to starting the road of life, again, with confidence and certainty. In the past, you may have quieted your heart, but no more. You are ready to love and give. You are ready to show the human dignity this world needs. You are ready to remember your own truths, unabated by the influence of others. You are ready to begin, again. 

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