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Receiving Everything

Karen Berg
June 27, 2022
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This article was previously published in 2019.

Welcome to the new moon of Cancer. This is one of the most interesting and unique months of the year, as the moon, its governing celestial body, bestows us with its special energy. Only during these 30 days does the beautiful sensitive energy of the moon influence our world. The moon does not share another sign in the Zodiac; it is only connected to the month of Cancer. Therefore, we prepare in this month for a stronger and greater amount of spiritual Light and energy to come our way. More spiritual Light is always an opportunity to receive more blessings and healing, however, an abundant amount of energy also runs the risk to overwhelm. The month of Cancer offers to us the collection of energy of the past nine months. Like the moon, which acts as a receiver to the light of the sun, the month of Cancer arrives into the cosmos to fuel, heal, and nurture us for the coming year. It is a month where a great potential of Light exists, but we need to learn that in order to receive this Light and to benefit from it, we must know how to create a vessel for it. When the month of Cancer appears in our year, it is a time for us to be open to releasing ourselves from the confines of our physical world, and embrace the spiritual realm with all its Light. The month of Cancer is a time for us to open our hearts and hands, rise above our fears, and become a channel so that we may receive everything that is possible.

"The month of Cancer is a time for us to open our hearts..."

The constellation that appears in the night sky during this time is the sign of the crab. The crab walks sideways across the ocean shore. It wears its hard armor shell, protecting itself from the outside world. It walks sideways in order to slow down the amount of energy it receives. Walking sideways, or “beating around the bush”, is a survival technique in order to prevent receiving too much energy that can lead to pain or suffering. The month of Cancer, the moon, and the crab, all share the potential to receive an abundance of energy, and to be afraid of it. It is in this way that this month presents to us a complex and unique situation. How can we receive and be open without being hurt? How can we receive without being overwhelmed? Hurt, pain, and difficulties are fears we all have, especially the Cancerian. This month acts as a collector of spiritual Light of the following nine months, most specifically the last two months. The unique letters that created our previous two months, Vav and Zayin, actually form the letter Chet that created the sign of Cancer. From this we can see that this month is the manifestation of the healing powers from the month of Taurus and the futuristic Light of immortality given to us in the month of Gemini. What an opportunity and powerful month Cancer is revealed to be when understood in this light! However, just as whenever lights are turned on too brightly, it is only natural to want to cover our eyes and retreat. This is exactly the inclination of the Cancerian. Cancerians, oftentimes, are homebodies and are drawn into themselves. The immense Light they receive can be overwhelming for them. This can lead to depression, separation from the world, isolation, and even disease. The kabbalists teach that the disease of cancer originates in the month of Cancer. The sharing of the name is a hint at this. The solution to connect and benefit from this Light and not retreat from it is to become a channel for it. It is our great opportunity and spiritual mission to become a channel for this Light, bringing to each of us the energy of healing and immortality.

"We are truly able to receive everything."

We are all Cancerians in a certain sense. We are the vessels that the Creator designed and placed here on this earth. The moon and ourselves have no spiritual Light of our own. It is our spiritual process in life, and in this month, to learn to channel the Light force of the Creator without overwhelming ourselves. When a small cup is placed near a waterfall, the current immediately catapults the cup, breaking it. However, if we place a pipe with an opened end onto the stream of water, it can unite and receive endlessly. This is our spiritual endeavor and even more so in the month of Cancer. During this month, we must be open to connecting more to spirituality and less to physicality. We must be open to seeing that whenever we choose to let go of something, more will come our way. However, if we hold on, like the crab with his claw, we risk petrification. It is in the process of releasing and letting go the Creator’s Light can enter our lives to heal us and give us everything we need and desire. It is vital in this month that we connect to the attributes of our soul: giving, sharing, kindness, certainty, and detachment. These attributes will allow us to receive, safely, the vast amount of Light that is flooding our universe in the next 30 days. It is in our release of what we hold dear, and our willingness to share it with others, even just a little, that we will then be able to channel and receive the abundance the Creator wishes to give to us. Remember, no month of the year is random. This month, like every month, is a gift to offer us the Light, healing, and the energy we need for the coming year. It is simply that the month of Cancer offers us, perhaps, the most Light of the year. For on the 17th day of the month of Cancer, Moses came down the mountain, after receiving the Torah 40 days prior, and gave to the people the physical Torah. On that day, the greatest amount of Light occurred removing all sickness, pain, suffering, and even death itself. The numerical value of the word good in Hebrew is 17. This is to teach us of the goodness of this month. It is the time of year that if we make the choice to open our hearts, the gates of the Upper Worlds will open as well, and then we are truly able to receive everything.

Wishing you a powerful, insightful, and transformative month.

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