Quarterly Donor Impact Report – January 2024

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Quarterly Donor Impact Report – January 2024

Michael Berg
January 31, 2024
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My father, Rav Berg, would often quote from a section of the Zohar which, referring to the time of the End of the Correction, says that, “Sad are the ones who will be alive at that time.” The passage also uses the word ashrei, meaning “praiseworthy” or “joyful.” The duality in this passage, the kabbalistic masters teach, will become more and more extreme as we get closer to the End of the Correction. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there seems to be greater opposing forces and separation occurring between people in the world. These are not, however, indications of the diminishment of humanity, but rather an indication that we are moving towards what’s called the Final Correction: a time free of pain and suffering.

There are the builders and fixers of this world, and then there are the destroyers of this world. And throughout our lives, we choose which of these forces we give strength to. The consciousness we choose and how we live our lives gives strength either to the builders or the destroyers.

I feel we have the merit to say, as a global community of spiritually hungry souls, that every one of us who studies Kabbalah and becomes involved with The Kabbalah Centre are true builders. And as a builder, your generosity allows us to create concrete change at both the micro and macro levels. Despite the darkness we may feel, it is my hope that you understand and appreciate the positivity you are spreading. I know I do. Thank you for all that you do.

Here are some projects you’ve helped make possible in the last three months:

The Rav Berg Zohar Project’s Global Day of Unity

As the conflict in the Middle East continues, our community grows and unites. Our teachers continue to organize support groups for kids, as well as meditation sessions and discussions for adults.

In November, the Rav Berg Zohar Project hosted a Global Day of Unity, an amazing day that began with an immensely inspiring Zoom consciousness call and concluded with volunteers from 15 countries disseminating over 22,000 Zohars in one day! The outpour of support coupled with tireless action resulted in the achievement of our mission to spread one million Zohars throughout the world this year.

Additionally, dozens of donors like you have committed to Pinchassim printing dedications, meaning we can continue to keep up with supply demands that are growing every day. We know the Zohar is a powerful tool for removing darkness in the world, and the more copies we place in more regions, the harder it will be for the forces of chaos to survive. Thank you for being part of this important work.

Ignite the Light Fundraising Event/End of Year Fundraising

The Centre’s first annual global fundraising event welcomed 500 students live on Zoom for a dynamic evening with our senior teachers, with many more signing up to watch later. The time together was much appreciated as teachers opened up about how they’re navigating these times of global darkness, providing tools and pathways to students in search of spiritual relief. In the chats, we saw an outpouring of support between students and a spirit of collective generosity to further the work and mission of The Kabbalah Centre through the Roots Youth Program, the Karen Berg Scholarship Fund, and the Rav Berg Zohar Project.

And excitingly, in the last week of the calendar year, a donor agreed to match donations up to $200k. Thanks to your support, we reached our fundraising goals. I’d like to sincerely thank you for choosing to be part of this community and taking the responsibility of this work upon yourself to reveal more Light in the world. We look forward to an amazing 2024 with your continued involvement and support!

Annual Donor Gathering

Monica and I once again had the privilege of hosting 700 students, with hundreds of supporters joining us in person, at our Annual Donor Gathering this year. We shared details about the impact of their giving, the amazing growth of the Centre, and our plans for the future. Watch the gathering here

Additionally, in the past three months, we’ve added:

  • 8,300+ new students studying Kabbalah 
  • 5,200+ students in 43 Kabbalah 1 courses 
  • 987 students supported on a Scholarship 

I deeply appreciate you, our builders, and your contributions to our various initiatives, all aimed at sharing kabbalistic wisdom and tools with the world. Your presence in our community is truly a blessing, and I am eternally thankful for your generous support.


Michael Berg