Quarterly Donor Impact Report – April 2024

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Quarterly Donor Impact Report – April 2024

Kabbalah Centre
May 10, 2024
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At The Kabbalah Centre, one of our main goals is to help students transform: transform their perspectives, transform their limiting beliefs, transform their lives. Every single day, we see students changing in both big and smaller ways. We see you progressing, adapting, and thriving.

We also see you shedding the influence of the ego and becoming true beings of sharing. And kudos to you, because becoming a being of pure sharing isn’t easy; it’s a journey that requires much dedication and perseverance. Yet, with each step we take along this path of transformational sharing, we awaken a profound metamorphosis within. We open ourselves to the abundance of goodness the world has to offer and mirror the essence of creation itself, an alignment that shows us the way to ultimate fulfillment and peace.

Your acts of sharing not only transform your life but also the lives of others, shaping a more compassionate and vibrant world. Your contributions to The Kabbalah Centre make it possible for us to help ever more souls discover and apply timeless kabbalistic wisdom and tools to their lives, so that they can create the profound change we hope you have experienced in your life. Thank you for all that you do.

Here are some projects you’ve helped make possible in the last three months:

One Million Zohar Campaign

The realization of the Rav's vision of placing a Zohar in every home is steadily materializing through our Million Zohar Campaign, officially launched in February. In a world in need of peace and unity, the Zohar stands as The Kabbalah Centre's most potent instrument for transformation.

Since October of last year, over 400,000 Zohars have already found their way into homes and offices worldwide. Now, our focus shifts to the remaining 600,000 as we strive to make the Zohar more accessible than ever before.

Since the campaign's inception, hundreds more Zohars have been printed and distributed thanks to the support of our dedicated students. And we're thrilled to welcome new volunteer distribution teams in Quito, Ecuador, and Juno, Alaska, further expanding our reach.

What began as a vision has evolved into a passion project for countless students across the globe. To each and every one of you who has contributed your time, dedication, and commitment, we extend our deepest gratitude. Together, let us continue illuminating the world with the infinite Light of the Zohar, paving the way for a brighter, more unified future.

To learn more about the Rav Berg Zohar Project and how you can get involved or donate, click here

We warmly welcome our new Centres in Colombia, Mexico, and Israel

Exciting news from our expanding Kabbalah Centre community! Two new Centres have recently opened in Cali, Colombia, as well as in Altavista, Mexico, and Caesarea, Israel. The energy is palpable as these new hubs of spiritual exploration and growth take root.

In Altavista, a stirring introductory lecture in February drew in 500 people new to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Also, in February, a serene women’s retreat unfolded in Caesarea that nurtured the spirits of 25 women from the community.

Our dedicated teachers are traversing the globe, igniting hearts and minds with seminars and retreats. The ripple effect is beautiful to behold as every day we see more and more souls drawn to Kabbalah and this profound journey of self-discovery and connection.

New and unique classes in Centres around the world

Our teachers are offering one-of-a-kind, soul-inspiring classes and experiences thanks to your support of the General Fund. In addition to bolstering these new courses, the General Fund subsidizes the physical Centres, all of our essential costs, the technological infrastructure for a global streaming platform, and more.

Hundreds of courses and events have launched this year, including:

  • Monica Berg’s Women’s Circle
  • Michael Berg’s TLE and recent Global Meditation for Peace
  • David Ghiyam’s Intro Lecture in Brazil
  • Tikkune Healing Workshop with Daniel Naor
  • Sacred Sounds Meditations with Yehuda Ashkenazi
  • Kabbalah 8 with Batya Solomon

And more thought-provoking classes on more compelling topics are on the way!

Purim Campaign

Thank you for joining us on Purim and for your support during such a powerful cosmic opening. Over 2,000 students around the world came together to celebrate and connect.

This year, we were thrilled to partner with non-profit organization charity: water. Thanks to your contributions, we were able to make a generous donation to support their efforts in ensuring rural communities worldwide have access to clean, safe drinking water. We’re immensely grateful for your acts of generosity to awaken a greater capacity for love and kindness throughout the world.

New from the Roots Program

“The Success Series” with David Berg

The Roots Program, designed specifically for children and young people, launched a new podcast for young adults aged 18-25, “The Success Series,” hosted by David Berg. David invites a variety of interesting and successful guests to talk about how the tools of Kabbalah have helped them. You can find all episodes on YouTube

Teens shabbat with Michael and Monica Berg

In April, we led a teens shabbat at the Connecticut Kabbalah Centre, where 20 teens discussed authenticity, studied Zohar, cooked, danced, and enjoyed each other’s company. Opportunities for discussion and in-person experiences are key for connection, especially for today's youth, and we hope this fun shabbat created lifetime memories and friendships.

Parents Night Out

To learn more about our community’s needs and showcase the current initiatives, the Roots Program has been hosting Parents Night Out events around the world. We’ve welcomed over 200 parents excited to explore the program and get involved. If you or someone you know would like to learn about Roots, please click here

Other highlights

Additionally, Monica recently led a self-care and appreciation Zoom seminar for over 200 young women, and our Centres in LA, NY, Paraguay, and Israel hosted events specifically for teens. The Roots Program continues to offer weekly and monthly virtual studies for kids of all ages with topics including self-esteem, happiness, peace, and strengthening a connection to the creator.

To learn more about the Roots Program and how you can get involved or donate, click here.

Additionally, in the past three months, we’ve added:

  • 14,000+ New students studying Kabbalah
  • 5,500+ Students in 48 Kabbalah 1 courses
  • 1,000+ Students supported on a scholarship

Every act of sharing, no matter how seemingly minor, radiates positivity and light. Together, we form a collective consciousness capable of catalyzing real, meaningful change in our world. We truly appreciate your support.

With love,

Monica and Michael