Quarterly Donor Impact Report – January, February, March 2022

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Quarterly Donor Impact Report – January, February, March 2022

Michael Berg
May 16, 2022
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One of the things I truly hope Kabbalah brings to those who study is a sense of purpose. For many of us, it is a process to get there. Personally, I try to come to a place in which my single desire and focus is accomplishing the purpose for which my soul came into this world, and that purpose is to become a being of sharing and thereby live a life of joy and fulfillment.

The revelation of Light is intrinsically tied to the consciousness of sharing. Sharing matters not because it allows us to perform conspicuously good deeds or to be recognized as righteous people, but because by transforming ourselves into sharing beings, we gain the joy and fulfillment that is life’s true purpose. I’ll say that again: the state of joy and fulfillment is life’s true purpose. And as we share, we can inspire our friends and acquaintances to share, as well – giving a sense of purpose to more and more people around the world.

The sharing you do matters. It reveals Light and brings purpose. I can say, with all sincerity, that the support you share with The Kabbalah Centre makes it possible for us to live our purpose as an organization. It allows us to share the invaluable wisdom and tools of Kabbalah on a mass-scale. And the more people in this world that find purpose, joy, and fulfillment through our combined efforts, the closer to the end of pain and suffering we get. Thank you for your generosity and dedication.

These are some of the Centre’s projects that your sharing has made possible in the last few months:

Zohar Project for Ukraine

We are committed to spiritually countering the violence occurring in the war in Ukraine with the Light of the Zohar and our collective consciousness. In addition to holding virtual Zohar readings for peace that anyone can join on Kabbalah.com, volunteers from London, Israel, Poland, Berlin, United States, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Russia have helped spread over 34,000 physical Zohars and share the digital version with thousands of other Ukrainians in the last several weeks. Zohars have been sent to soldiers, citizens, and different buildings throughout the country.

The Zohar is a powerful source of Light that can diminish darkness and create change, particularly when we share it with consciousness. Our hope is that we can reveal enough Light through the sharing of the Zohar to bring about an end to the senseless violence we see daily in Ukraine. The efforts of our volunteers on the ground in a war zone are truly amazing, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your bravery and dedication to peace.

100 Year Campaign – Publishing Highlight & Free Book Launch

As we prepare for the Centre’s 100th year anniversary this year at Rosh Hashanah 2022, we’ve dedicated focus to five of our impactful projects. We are currently highlighting our publishing department, responsible for all of the books and Zohars helping to share wisdom and spread Light throughout the world.

In the past few months, a selection of 25 English and Spanish audiobooks, ebooks, and physical books have been dedicated by our students around the world. Excitingly, we are over halfway there to our dedication goals of publishing, recording, digitizing, releasing, and/or reprinting a variety of our titles.

As technology continues to advance in the modern world, digital versions of our books are key for spreading Kabbalah. Popular titles such as To be Continued and Immortality will soon be available as audiobooks, joining the already released The Zohar on the Holidays. We’ve also produced the Spanish-language audiobooks Ruedas del Alma and Intelligencia Angelical.

Thanks to donors like you, Kabbalah Centre students can now share Kabbalah Centre books for free. We’ve launched a free book campaign to spread the life-changing tenets of Kabbalah through a selection of our best-selling books. Students are encouraged to pick up books for free at their local bookstore or order them online on Kabbalah.com. Go to share.kabbalah.com/freebook to order using the discount code SPREADTHEWISDOM at check out. If you would like to donate specifically to this project through our publishing fund, go to share.kabbalah.com/publishing to contribute.

Other projects you’ve helped make possible:

  • Purim in-person events totaled nearly 1700 students around the world coming together to reveal the Light of this powerful window in time.
  • For the second year, we have paid it forward with a portion of Purim donations going to The Global Food Banking Network in their work to address hunger. Our Centres around the world raised enough to be able to provide 23,002 meals to families in need.
  • We’ve launched 20 new classes around topics of Appreciation, Confrontation, Language of the Soul, Rewiring Your Consciousness, and Creating a Spiritual Home.
  • We’ve added 11 global Kabbalah foundational courses with highlights including Eitan Yardeni’s Kabbalah 7, which produced 1,034 registrants.
  • We’ve seen 2,330 students join our virtual Kabbalah 1 courses on Zoom this quarter. 

​I humbly thank you for your continued generosity. Your support truly makes a difference in so many lives, and continues to give all of us here at The Kabbalah Centre certainty in our purpose.


Michael Berg