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Opening the Door to the Spiritual World

Karen Berg
December 10, 2023
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This article was previously published in 2015.

Welcome to the Month of Capricorn.

The sign of Capricorn is commonly considered to be the most practical of all the signs of the zodiac. Capricorns enjoy security; they need to be grounded in the material world; they need a place to settle. All of the things involved with Mother Earth are a part of the consciousness of Capricorn. Yet in spite of this characteristic, some of the greatest mystics, psychics, and seers throughout history, such as Nostradamus, for example, were born under this sign.

The reason for this seeming contradiction is that there is a polarity in the universe, which means that those of us who have the greatest capacity to be materialistic also have the greatest capacity for spirituality. If a Capricorn learns how to elevate their consciousness, then they can overcome the material outlook that most of us have and become incredibly intuitive.

“Step a little bit out of the material world.”

Since we are all affected by the energy of every month, whether we are born under that month’s sign or not, we all should strive over the coming weeks to try to find a higher spiritual place for our consciousness; to step a little bit out of the material world; to focus on the internal aspects of things.

This is a great month to practice a new meditation, to think about the things we need to change within ourselves, to connect to people we would not normally connect with, and to open ourselves more to others.

The energy of Capricorn can be weighty, and we know that Capricorns are usually very sturdy, very strong, and very settled to the Earth. To counteract this weight, we should strive to be a little bit lighter this month. Instead of thinking only of what and how much we want and need to accumulate in our lives, we might focus instead on the fact that there is a certainty in the universe, an order that underlies everything, a reason for everything that exists.

Just as we have certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow, so, too, should we cultivate certainty that no matter what comes our way, no matter what problems we currently must deal with, the Light is always there for us from now to eternity. If we can connect to this consciousness, then we can overcome or lift the weight of our own troubles from our shoulders, and, during this month in particular, transform that weight into a lightness of spirit.

Now when I say we need to focus on the spiritual and not to be too involved in the mundane elements of our world, I am not saying that we should not spend money to buy food or do whatever it is that we need to do to make a living. What I am saying is that we should try to be open to the bigger picture, to think more on a level of "how can I develop my psychic skills, my intuitiveness, my clairvoyance." So let’s try to find a space and time to go beyond the things that we do every day, and instead get into reading a little bit more in the Zohar, or, for that matter, a little bit more of any spiritual book that we find gives us a lifting of the spirit.

“The key for this month, then, is to be more meditative, more intuitive…”

The key for this month, then, is to be more meditative, more intuitive, more in touch with the world beyond this one. Doing this can empower us to transform many of our insecurities that arise from our attachment to the physical world, whether they manifest as a feeling of not being good enough, a feeling of always needing more, or a feeling that we must have this or that thing or quality.

True, most of us will not be a Nostradamus in our lifetime. But each of us, in our own way and measure, can reach beyond the mundane. We can more meditative, more involved in learning and in experiencing our own spiritual energy. We can be more involved in developing a consciousness that will allow us to live in a realm of certainty and security.

Most times, our insecurities arise because we feel that we are lacking in something. But we can go beyond that feeling of lack and instead reach for something higher this month. We can use all of our insecurity as a drive to connect with our soul and spirit, so that we can attune ourselves to the spiritual energy of this month and be more open to the world.

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