A Monthly Guide for Parents: Pisces

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A Monthly Guide for Parents: Pisces

Kabbalah Centre
February 6, 2024
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This New Moon signals the second month of Pisces (Adar). Interestingly, this moon begins with the sun already in Pisces, making the New Moon (which is the sun and moon’s conjunction) fall in the same sign as the sun. Generally, the New Moon happens in a different sign, but the birth of the moon and the lunar month (known as the molad in Hebrew) happens hours later in a different sign, based on an equation from the kabbalists using astrological information in Jerusalem. Having the New Moon outside of the sign it’s welcoming dilutes its energy. However, this month, it isn’t so. Now, the sun’s conjunction with the moon will happen in the sign of the incoming month, intensifying its energy. Furthermore, Rav Berg always taught that the energy of the second month of Pisces is much stronger than the first.

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This month we want to focus on a unique spiritual tool: affirmations. An affirmation is the “act or an instance of affirming” and “the assertion that something exists or is true” (dictionary.com). Affirmations are especially powerful when spoken out loud to ourselves when we are centered and tuned into our hearts. The Kabbalists assert; words create worlds, for better or worse, so it’s in our best interest to be intentional with our words. Spoken affirmations are a tool we can use to align ourselves with the energy and consciousness we want to connect to and or draw in. The more we practice reaffirming positive affirmations, the more we remind ourselves of certain truths and awaken these truths within our soul, until our mind and soul completely accept these truths, acting in harmony with them.


  • The month of Pisces is a great time to tune into our intuition. As a parent, it’s about listening to our heart, reading between the lines, and connecting to our inner knowing vs. what we think we "should" do or what is expected of us. Sometimes the way our Soul communicates with us doesn’t make "sense" or contradicts what we believe to be “right.” It is a powerful time to practice listening to and trusting your Soul, even when it feels illogical. Experience the beauty that unfolds with you and your family when you take this leap of faith.
  • Another beautiful trait of Pisceans is their empathy. This month gives us the opportunity to practice truly feeling others while also learning how to protect our energy and not be swallowed by the emotions of others. In your interactions with your children, practice connecting to their feelings without taking them on as your own; stay centered in your love and firm in your boundaries. The more you strike this balance, the more your children will begin to learn how to do the same and the greater sense of stability your children will inevitably feel from you.
  • We are all vulnerable to feeling more this month, and the intensity of our emotions can sometimes manifest as heaviness or sadness. Focus on expressing your emotions in healthy ways, even challenge yourself to try something new. For example, exercising, journaling, creating art, or opening up to loved ones more deeply. The more you release your emotions, the less heavy they become and the more space you create for joy and happiness, which are also available in abundance this month. When your child is feeling emotional, take the time to be present with them and help them to identify their emotions, naming them without shame or fear, then encourage them to release their emotions in healthy ways.
  • Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and encompasses all the other signs. Therefore, it is the sign of endless possibility—of all manifestation and blessings. This month, continuously ask yourself the question: what needs to be brought to completion in my life right now, and what blessing awaits me? Asking yourself this question can awaken the change needed to manifest blessings this month.
  • Pay close attention to your dreams. During this month, we are perhaps more open than ever to receiving divine messages in our dreams. Write your dreams down, reflect on them, and if you have a particular question about any of your dreams, choose one trusted source to share your dream with. Kabbalistically it is recommended to be very selective when choosing who to share your dream with as the interpretation is just important as the dream itself. Ideally, you would speak to your Kabbalah teacher about your dreams.
Here are some affirmations you can practice this month:
  • I trust my Soul
  • I trust my intuition
  • I am open to being guided by the Light
  • I am connected to the Light at all times
  • It is safe to feel my feelings
  • It is safe to release my feelings
  • I am kind
  • I am loving
  • I am balanced


  • This month you get extra support in connecting to your intuition, your instinctive sense of knowing that comes from your soul and is one of your greatest superpowers! Each person experiences intuition differently. For some people, it’s a feeling in their belly, a whisper in their ear, a quiet thought in their head, or a sense of certainty in their heart. Whenever you can, practice pausing and asking yourself, “what does my soul want?” The more you ask this question, the more you will be able to feel your intuition. When you do get messages from your intuition, practice listening to these messages to learn to trust your intuition. Our intuition doesn’t always make sense, and if you’re confused, scared, or unsure of how to proceed, talk to a trusted adult about what your intuition is telling you.
  • Practice allowing yourself to feel what other people are feeling. Sometimes other people’s emotions are difficult to understand, but when we open our hearts and try to understand, we can offer more love and kindness to others. Sometimes other people share their emotions with us in ways that make us uncomfortable, and we need help to learn how to handle these situations. Whenever you feel challenged or uncomfortable with another person’s behavior or emotions, practice speaking to a trusted adult in your life about how to respond in the way that is best for everyone involved.
  • It is completely normal to feel sad sometimes, and often, when we feel sad, we shut down. We may want to be alone or not do anything at all. This month, whenever you feel sad, challenge yourself to jump into an activity that can help you release your sadness and re-connect to joy. Examples of possible activities include: dancing, singing, playing a sport or game, creating artwork, or sharing your feelings with a trusted adult or friend. Notice how much lighter you feel when you take an action to release your sadness and how much power you have to create joy for yourself.
  • Dreams! They’re interesting, exciting, random, sometimes scary, or hard to understand. This month practice writing down your dreams and if you’re comfortable, choose one trusted adult to share them with. It is through our dreams that we often receive important messages about our lives. The more we reflect on our dreams, the more we can learn.


  • Affirmations Activity: Parents, help your child create 1-3 affirmations that are personal and powerful to them and then encourage them to express these affirmations in whatever way feels most natural to them (i.e., a poem, audio recording on their device- speaking or singing, dance move, or simply just writing them down, decorating them and hanging them up somewhere in their room). Affirmations should always be "I am" statements that are positive. We don’t want to include negatives like “not” or “don’t” in affirmations. The point is for your children to have a mode in which they can connect to their personal affirmations on a daily basis (or as often as desired).
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