A Monthly Guide for Parents: Aquarius

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A Monthly Guide for Parents: Aquarius

Kabbalah Centre
January 9, 2024
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The sign of Aquarius represents the desire for freedom. This is something we can all achieve this month. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, will enter Aquarius this month and stay for the next 20 years, which can help us to achieve true freedom. Let us examine what the word freedom really means. 

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Angels, according to Kabbalah, are the forces that channel energy intelligence in its various forms. We create positive and negative angels with our thoughts, words, and actions. In this month of Aquarius, there are three specific angels we can connect to: Yofiel, Yariel, and Koel. Yofiel means “beauty of God,” and it is through this angel that we can awaken a deeper sense of awe for the beauty of creation and the beauty of our own soul. Yariel helps us understand we are not alone, guiding us to foster greater unity and teamwork. Koel, the ruler of the sign of Aquarius, is the angel that opens up the well of wisdom, or spiritual knowledge and blessings.

The sign of Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer, and the secret behind this imagery is that in order to get the bucket full, meaning receive the wisdom, energy, and blessings available this month, we want to lower the bucket into the well first. We want to lower our ego, our guards, our attachment to the things we think we know are right. It is through this lowering that our spiritual vessel expands, and the Creator can bestow upon us an abundance of light and wisdom.


  • Meditate to connect to the angel Yofiel every time you feel judgmental towards yourself as a parent and or your kids. Yofiel can help you remember that we are all a work in progress and this ongoing process of evolution we go through as parents, as well as the process our kids go through, is simply beautiful. Yofiel can help you reconnect to the bigger picture instead of getting caught up in the drama of the moment or viewing yourself and or your child through the lens of the ego versus the beauty of the soul.
  • Anytime you feel overwhelmed, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders - there is an endless list of tasks to complete, you’re behind schedule, your kids are not helping and or are fighting, your partner is unavailable, etc. - meditate to call upon Yariel. Let him remind you – you are never alone; the Creator is always there with you. In your heart, ask him to help everyone in your family remember the power of unity and teamwork. Ask for help in asking for help if this is something that is difficult for you, and be open to truly receiving the assistance offered.
  • We know every conflict, small or large, is rooted in ego. When the kids aren’t listening, they’re violating boundaries, throwing tantrums, or your partner and you can't seem to get on the same page and level with one another, meditate to connect with Koel, asking for his help to lower all egos involved! When we quiet the ego, the true voice of our soul emerges, and we gain clarity on how to proceed with everyone’s best interest at heart.
  • Teach your children about the three angels of the month and how they can assist them. Let your children know, all they need to do to connect to an angel is to think about the angel, calling upon the angel in their mind and or heart, asking for assistance. Nothing extraordinary is required! Here are some examples:
    • Angel Yofiel. You can ask your child – where do you recognize beauty? Then direct them to other family members – where do you see beauty with your parents, siblings, relatives? Then direct them within – what is beautiful about you? Remind them, every time they are feeling bad about themselves or anyone else, they can ask Yofiel to help them reconnect to the beauty.
    • Angel Yariel. You can ask your kids about something they tried to do that was difficult for them. Ask them how this would have been different if they had incorporated some level of teamwork or partnership. Ask them if they can remember doing something with a team and how that felt? Remind them, every time they feel alone or like they need assistance, they can always ask Yariel for help.
    • Angel Koel. You can tell your kids about the bucket going down to get water from the well. Ask them about a time in which they were fighting with a friend or sibling and how it made them feel. Ask them what it would look like for them to lower the bucket, i.e., lower the ego - apologizing first, making a compromise, taking responsibility, etc. Remind them they can always call upon Koel to help them reconnect to their soul - reconnect with love- when the voice of their ego is trying to take over.
  • Aquarians can sometimes be so busy with the big picture, important projects, saving the world, and making a big impact, they sometimes lack sensitivity for the people closest to them and their immediate needs. This month, shift your focus to the people closest to you - your family. How can you deepen these relationships? What are your kids and spouse going through, and how can you be more sensitive and or helpful?
  • What kids want from you is not the flashiest new toys, best music teachers, high-tech sports gear, or the most updated video game console. They want your undivided attention! Be mindful of giving your child attention in the seemingly small moments available every day. When your child is excited to tell you something that may seem trivial - listen attentively, be curious, ask questions, and validate them. When your child wants to play with you, turn off your phone and be present. Find ways to create a deeper sense of intimacy without doing anything big or grand. You can play board games together, cook together, take a walk together. Whatever you do, be present, attentive, and engaged. The wisdom you have to share with your kids, your life stories, and your funny jokes will become memories they will carry in their hearts forever.


  • This month, focus on the people closest to you. It’s beautiful to have big dreams about changing the world, but the truth is the world changes by loving one person at a time. Practice offering love, kindness, and care to the people closest to you and see what changes take place in your life.
  • Anytime you find yourself in conflict with someone - be it a family member or friend - recognize the lies your Opponent Voice is telling you. “He or she should say sorry first”… “I’m right, they’re wrong”… “They’ll never change!” The Opponent Voice is the source of all conflict. Once you’ve recognized the lie, choose to create unity with you and the other person. Be open to truly listening to the other person’s point of view even if it doesn’t make sense, be open to compromising and or apologizing first if necessary. Work towards creating greater unity even when it’s difficult.
  • Notice when you find yourself becoming stubborn. Practice asking yourself the question, “how can I let go?” Soften your heart and let go of whatever you are holding on to so tightly - your point of view, your belief of what is right, etc. See what magic unfolds when you let go and are open to infinite possibilities.
  • Notice when you find yourself judging yourself or others. What does the Opponent Voice tell you in these moments? Practice not listening to the Opponent Voice and instead choose to focus on the good within yourself and others. When you focus on the good, you will experience more of the good!
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. This month we get the power to dream beyond our wildest imagination. Don’t limit yourself or your mind. Let your imagination flow to new places and allow yourself to be creative. Anything is possible!


  • Pick a challenge or game of some kind and commit to completing this challenge or game with another person or several people! For example, it could be a puzzle, word search, or some kind of game room. Whatever you choose, make sure not to do it alone. The point is to work as part of a team and experience the joy that comes from working with others. When we work together, life is so much more fun!
  • Every human being has unique gifts, talents, strengths, and skills- we all have superpowers that shine in unique ways, unlike anyone else. This month, identify one of your main superpowers and practice sharing it with others. For example, maybe you are a talented artist. This month, create a piece of artwork for your closest friend and one family member, not because it’s anyone’s birthday or a holiday, simply because you love them and want them to feel your love. When we use our unique gifts to make others' lives better, we connect to our soul and become even more powerful.


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