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Loving Beyond Illusions

Karen Berg
March 8, 2024
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This article was previously published in 2019.

Welcome to the new moon of Pisces II. This particular year is known as a “leap year” and we are blessed with two months of Pisces — two months of joy. It is said that when the month of Pisces enters, we increase in joy, and this second month of Pisces offers us the opportunity to connect to an additional 30-day window of this powerful energy. Pisces is also the last sign in the astrological calendar. Like a happy ending to a story, the end of the zodiac offers us a taste of the finality and completion of our soul’s process, and all the joy that comes with it. Pisces offers us a glimpse of what it feels like to reach the finish line. It is said that when this world is complete, all that we will experience is complete joy and happiness, for all illusions of pain and sadness will have come to an end. 

“This second month of Pisces is known as the pregnant month.”

This second month of Pisces is known as the pregnant month. This year, we are bestowed with double the positivity and warmth the sign of Pisces brings. To balance the difference in length of the lunar and solar year, an extra month of Pisces is added approximately every two to three years. During these leap years, we receive a double infusion of Piscean energy that assists us in removing even more negativity and negative consciousness from our lives. It is a true gift from the Creator whenever these years occur. During years where there are two months of Pisces, it is in the second month that the holidays of Moses’ death anniversary and Purim are celebrated. This should serve as an indication to us that it is in this second month that the energy of Pisces is truly at its peak.

From where we stand now, at this final month of our astrological year, the thirteenth month, we are able to take a glimpse at our truest reality and potential. The Piscean is said to be the most spiritual of all the zodiac signs. People born during this time come to this world with spiritual maturity and wisdom, and an open, compassionate heart. Pisceans are able to feel the needs of others and experience their joy and pain as if it were their own. For they know underneath the illusions of this world, we are actually all one. In fact, we know that the numerical values of the Hebrew words love and one are both 13. We are more able in this particular year to experience the joy that comes from love and unity that the month Pisces brings to us. This joy of love and unity with our fellow humankind manifests in the holiday of Purim, occurring near the full moon. Purim is considered to be the highest holiday of the entire year. So much so, that when the world as a whole completes its journey, all that we will experience will be the holiday of Purim and all of its joy. Every day will be Purim. 

“We are actually all one.”

Purim is the one day in the year when we have the most optimal ability to peek behind the illusions of life. Spirituality tells us that there is no end and no separation. It tells us that all is unified, and nothing stands on its own. We are blinded and fooled by the illusion of death. We are often afraid to give, because we feel we may lack ourselves. We often hesitate to love, for we may be abandoned. But, the spiritual path teaches that these are all illusions. We can envision the true reality more this month than at any other time of the year. The truth is that we never really say goodbye to our loved ones. Our loved ones are always with us. Even though they may not be visible to our limited eyes, it doesn’t mean they have left us. The truth is that when we give, we receive even more. The truth is that when we love another, without agenda, that love will always come back to us. Falsehoods drift away from our consciousness during Pisces and especially during the holiday of Purim. We are able to perceive there is no death and there is no separation between you and me. We are all one. We are free to experience the great love for one another and the great love of the Creator. This is true joy. The joy of knowing we are never alone and never will be. Our loved ones are with us, our friends are with us, and the Creator has been always by our sides. The month of Pisces reveals to us at last the truth of love and unity that has always been behind the clouds and illusions of this world.

Another illusion can be dispelled in the second month of Pisces: The kabbalists teach that Moses never died. Moses’ death anniversary occurs during this month to help us rise above the illusions of this world. The real world that exists right behind ours is rich with truth, life, love, and unification. The reality when all pain finally ends is the reality of the month of Pisces and the holiday of Purim. We can taste this new world and, most importantly, act from this truth. The energy offered this month allows us to remove the doubts and confusion that create our illusions. Pisces elevates us to a higher level of consciousness where we no longer live with fears and doubts. We are fearless in whom we share with and whom we love. We are fearless in following our hearts. We are fearless in how much we share and give, for we know that when we give to another, we are really just giving to ourselves.

I wish for you all the joy this month can bring you.

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