Immortality and The Messianic Era

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Immortality and The Messianic Era

Rav Berg
May 23, 2017
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Ever since the Revelation on Mount Sinai, much has been written about the Ten Commandments that were received at that time, but very little as to the deeper meaning and the significance of their place in the historical evolvement of human civilization. And with time, the importance and relevance of the Ten Commandments has radically diminished to the point where very little attention is being paid to its doctrine. All religions that trace their origins to Revelation place only minor emphasis, if any, on its connection to the events at Mount Sinai.

The Revelation event is considered a starting point for the three major religions, with a complete set of doctrines emerging from these Ten Commandments to which the faithful adhere, more or less, depending upon their commitment to their faith. Then why haven’t the words of the original scroll of the Ten Commandments become a household matter? The answer lies in the fact that myths and fables surround this all-important moment in time, and they are just that – tales, accounts, chronicles and narration.

Down through the ages, the notion of Revelation has been misconstrued and misinterpreted to mean many things. Some have understood Revelation to mean the establishment of a new religion. Others have come to accept Revelation as a presentation of the Ten Commandments, a moral and ethical code of conduct for humankind. And others simply deny the event of revelation.

Which is it? According to Kabbalah, none of the aforementioned meet the accurate description of Revelation. While an enormous amount of ink has been spent on this historic moment in time, the date of its occurrence has rarely been mentioned, if at all. Herein, I believe lies the underlying reason for Revelation being cast into oblivion. From the kabbalist’s perspective, the time when an important event took place provides an in depth understanding of what the event is all about. The month designated for Revelation’s appearance was the Hebrew month of Sivan, which coincides with the zodiac sign of Gemini. The ruling planet for the month of Gemini is Mercury. And precisely for this reason, for their celestial influence, Revelation and all that it represents made its way into the terrestrial realm of mankind.

Consequently, a good starting point for our investigation into the Revelation phenomenon will begin with a thorough understanding of these two celestial entities of the zodiac, Mercury and Gemini. Gemini, the third sign, and third month of the Kabbalistic calendar, was, according to the 4,000 year old kabbalistic manuscript written by Abraham, the Patriarch, The Book of Formation (Sefer Yetzirah), created by the Hebrew letter Zayin(ז). Mercury, the ruling planet over this third month, was, as indicated in The Book of Formation, created by the Hebrew letter Resh(ר). Together, these two letters create the word Raz or Raza.

While religion in general, has denied any relationship between the celestial bodies and their influences upon the world and its inhabitants, the Zohar clearly indicates that the Bible is incomprehensible without the inclusion of astrological interpretations. No doubt, the fear of the unknown (celestial influences) has prompted mainstream religion to remain steadfast in its position to either ignore the astrological implications upon human behavior and the environment, or to simply reject outright this vast fountain of knowledge on the theory that it is heresy.

To decipher these two contributory factors of the Sivan or Gemini influence on humanity, it is important to understand the Aramaic word Raz or Raza means “secret” and also “Light.” The numerical value of Raz is 207, the same numerical value of Or, the Hebrew word for Light. So what we have here in this two letter word is the secret of the universe, Light or the Lightforce of the Creator.

What all this means is that the Lightforce contains all the secrets of the universe. And what the kabbalist understood concerning the secrets of the universe, is that when one connects with the Lightforce, the Lightforce eliminates all forms of darkness and chaos. This is to be compared to a darkened room in which the darkness disappears when the light is turned on.

Darkness, or its companion chaos, comes in a variety of forms such as death, illness, financial difficulty, or chaotic relationships. Connection with the Lightforce inevitably leads to the elimination of these and any other forms of chaos. The Lightforce contains the essential answers to the problem of how to free ourselves from the bondage of chaos. Once the light is turned on, everything and anything becomes very apparent and there is no uncertainty. The clutches of doubt are torn away to permit certainty and well being to again become apparent and manifest.

In addition, states the Zohar, the month of Gemini is the third month of the first quarterly lunar influence. The twelve signs of the zodiac came about as a direct result of the action of the Tetragrammaton (Four Letter Name of God) with its letters consisting of a complete energy system of Right, Left and Central consciousness of sharing, receiving and restriction. Sivan or Gemini is the highest and the most formidable of Central Column energies. The reason is that when Abraham the Patriarch designated Gemini in its particular position, namely as an air sign or Central Column energy influence, Gemini became one of the three air signs which include Libra and Aquarius.

For the reader unfamiliar with celestial influences, the four letters of the Tetragrammaton portray the four basic elements of water, fire, air and earth. Each one of these contains the Three Column System of Right, Left and Central. Libra is the water or Right Column of the air signs, whereas Aquarius is the fire or Left Column.

What is so special about Sivan or Gemini portraying the peculiar energy influence of an air sign? Just what did the Zohar mean when it made a point of stressing Sivan’s significance as the “third month?”

Herein lies the amazing revelation of immortality. The concept of immortality is a notion that will leave most of us stunned. To take this idea of immortality to its extreme and lock it into Gemini is totally mind-boggling.

However, within this incredible Zohar information lies the greatest revealment since the time of the Revelation. And what makes the Zohar the authoritative and only redeeming work that will free man from a continuous and never-ending state of chaos, is for one, the declaration made by Moses himself that “only by virtue of our book (Zohar), Rav Shimon will the world have an opportunity to connect to the Tree of Life,” the realm where death, uncertainty and chaos simply do not exist.

Secondly, and of equal importance, in this Age of Aquarius and the quantum reality of the twentieth century, is the simplicity of its revolutionary ideas. Incredible as the concepts of the Zohar may ring, profound and abstruse as many perceive its contents, nevertheless, in this day and age, science is rapidly concurring with the truths of Kabbalah. Foremost among its many radical predictions is the one concerning immortality.

It was only a matter of weeks after the phenomenon of immortality and the methodology by which to bring immortality to fruition emerged within our Centre, that scientific breakthroughs on the subject appeared. And this new concept, although facing great difficulties with mass acceptance of its reality, is what Sivan or Gemini is all about.

There are only a handful of individuals that are aware that the existence of immortality, although short lived, occurred at the time of Revelation. In fact this is precisely the thousand year-old concealed message of the Zohar! One day the people will again become aware of what Revelation was and its intended purpose. It most certainly was not to establish religion. On the contrary, at that moment in time, as a direct result of the Exodus, the Israelites became aware of dominating the material and the chaos of the physical world.

The Ten Utterances were the DNA structure by which to eliminate chaos once and for all. Its letters, word and verses were precisely formed to channel the Lightforce of Sivan and Gemini. In other words, Revelation and the Ten Utterances permitted the manifestation of the Lightforce, which is available in its totality, only during this period. The Lightforce does not make itself accessible during any other month of the year as it does during the month of Sivan.

What emerges from the foregoing is that the significance of Sivan is not what the world understands with regard to what realty took place on Mount Sinai. The important and primary significance of what took place on Mount Sinai was the elimination of death and chaos. This prominent event could have been achieved only during Sivan, for Sivan is distinguished by the code word of Raz, which tells the entire story. The Light in its entirety becomes available for use by mankind during Sivan. The inclusion of the Scroll and its presentation on Mount Sinai was a secondary factor. To make the Lightforce prevail to the extent of eliminating death and chaos required a channel and vessel.

Consequently, the more significant aspect of Revelation was the revealing of the heretofore concealed and hidden Lightforce. However, achieving the Revelation required revealing the Scroll to achieve this momentous occasion, which had eluded mankind since before the Sin of Adam. The Scroll, the celestial software, would now permit mankind to access into the superhighway of the Tree of Life Reality.

Therefore, Shavuot, the holiday which commemorates the giving of the Scroll on Mount Sinai is more than what it has been designated, as another one of those commemorative and traditional holidays. Revelation of the Scroll on Mount Sinai was a universal event. The scroll was presented to all the 70 Nations in 70 languages. However, the Israelites received the most powerful instrument for revealing the Lightforce in its entirety, the Scroll in the Hebrew language.

In this Age of Aquarius, however, things are changing. An awareness as to the feasibility and probability of bringing chaos to an end has never been so ripe and moving fast forward. After two thousand years of disregard, the people and not their leaders are in the forefront of the struggle to raise human consciousness and spiritual awareness. The prophecy of Rav Shimon has come home. Mankind is indeed in the throes of an intellectual revolution. People want to know and they refuse to accept half-hearted explanations as to the purpose of our existence and the presence of pain and suffering.

Before concluding this important Sivan message to the entire world, I would consider myself negligent and remiss were I not to address the close relationship between Revelation and Gemini. While the space allotted for this message does not permit a very broad interpretation, nevertheless, I feel duty bound to create an opening by which the layman may have a glimpse into the future removal of chaos from our lives.

What is the consciousness behind the energy intelligence of the air sign? Why was the air sign of Gemini inextricably bound up with and linked to immortality? In kabbalistic teachings “air” signifies the restrictive consciousness of our universe. As the filament of a bulb, with its paradoxical nature of refusing the inflow of electrical current, nevertheless brings about the phenomenon of the light bulb being lit, so too with the human being, by exercising restriction towards self-fulfillment, the Lightforce will enter, illuminate and the darkness in our lives will disappear, as well as mortality. Fulfillment is the natural consequence of restriction.

The month of Sivan is abounding with restrictive consciousness and energy. By accessing into Sivan’s awesome energy, we will in turn accelerate the shut-down of the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone which is the mainstay of Satan consciousness and mortality. The shutting-down of the Satan system reveals the Light, which eliminates darkness.

The awareness that immortality is a very real reality makes the dream of eliminating chaos and mortality a distinct possibility. The secret behind Revelation lies in shutting down the Left Column or “Desire to Receive” consciousness. The matter is that simple.

The response to our negative desires no longer has to remain an insurmountable problem. Observation of human behavior makes clear that the problem arises from the failure of mankind to achieve a balanced or Central Column restrictive energy. Why are the prospects for the removal of chaos in our lives a distinct reality?

The answer lies in the words of the Master Kabbalist Rav Shimon that in the Age of Aquarius, the information for reaching our destination, the realization of immortality, will make its appearance.

We are on the threshold of making history. Finally, humankind will become the participators and determiners for their own destiny. There has never been a more appropriate time in history for immortality to become a virtual reality. Let us make it happen.

This article originally appears in Kabbalah Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 3, May 1996

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