Igniting the Spark of the Creator Within

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Igniting the Spark of the Creator Within

Karen Berg
March 17, 2024
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This article was originally published in 2018.

This week, our power to be creators in our lives and make our dreams come true is activated, perhaps moreso than ever before.

When a child is born in this world, the first part to leave the womb is the head. It is the head that sees first light. The head represents the “self” of the child. It is this energy of “me” that takes the first breath. It is said the child’s hands are clenched at birth, also indicating our Desire to Receive. From the moment we are born, so much of our energy is about receiving. This is the beautiful design of the Creator. For we were made to be receivers in order to acquire all the love and beneficence the Creator wishes to impart upon us. 

“We face the beginning of a brand new year.”

As we grow, physically and spiritually, we learn that the Desire to Receive cannot be the only quality we maintain in life. As we mature, we learn that we cannot continue to behave like children forever. Even though adulthood requires of us to change, we relish in this profound opportunity to mature. When we are finally adults, we can create for ourselves incredible and fulfilling lives. We can become inventors, artisans, scholars, entrepreneurs – the masters of our own destinies. Eventually, many of us even become parents ourselves, creating new life to take its first breath in the big wide world.

This is the process of life. We find that the Desire to Receive can only take us so far. It is the Desire to Share and give that paradoxically give us the fulfillment we truly seek, and the life that we wish to live. It is when we are thinking of others and wanting to give to the world that are we able to become the greatest leaders, businesspeople, parents – the best versions of ourselves, that our hearts authentically dream.  

It is no coincidence that our portion this week is Vayikra. When children come to learn the Torah, Vayikra is the first portion we teach them. This portion’s simple yet profound lessons, we hope, stay with children throughout their entire lives. Vayikra is also the first chapter in our new book of the Torah, known as Leviticus. Here we learn of the sacrifices the Israelites offer at the Tabernacle in order to purify themselves. Sacrifices that remove selfishness and ultimately allow them to become closer to the Creator. With the presence of God now dwelling with them in the Tabernacle, the Israelites now make their journey to join the Creator. The sacrifices and offerings of the Israelites, remove ego and the Desire to Receive, transforming the Israelites into sharing beings. When the Israelites developed and matured in this way, they were able to unify more with the Creator’s sharing energy. This week, we too are given this assistance to sacrifice our ego and selfish behavior, giving way to the lives we in our hearts long to live.

“Revisit your inner child.”

With the beginning of the new year this week, we are able to take a fresh breath and become energized in all that is possible in the astrological year ahead. All of our dreams and desires begin to blossom and the flowering of our lives take effect. We only need to be open to knowing that a life that we truly long for is not a life where we are living as children, but as powerful adults who sustain others. Providing, caring, and giving to others is what we will find brings us the most joy and authentic fulfillment. All that we need to do to enter this new door is to be willing to let go of our “small self” that is involved only with our own needs. For within us lies a sleeping giant that is the spark of the Creator. This spark of the Creator holds our deepest wish to become beings who give, provide, create, and conquer in this world; not beings who take for themselves and think only of their own well being. It is this journey into adulthood and maturity that we were destined to take. It provides for us the answers in how to make our dreams come true.

This week in your meditations, go back in time to when you were a child. Revisit your inner child. It could be painful to travel there, but be open to going back one final time to that time in your life. Feel what it was like to be you then. Remember the dreams you once had and how fragile your heart was. Bless that child. Tell him or her to not worry. Reassure him that all will be fine. Visualize your adult self hugging that child and sending him or her your love. Now, say goodbye. Whisper in his or her ear that there is a beautiful life waiting ahead. That the road that lies ahead of them may at times be challenging, but at the end of the path there lies great happiness and joy. Take another deep breath. Ask the Universe this week to support you in making the changes you need in order to grow and reach your next level. Ask the Light to open your heart. Ask the Light to help you share more, give more, and take those steps to becoming the leader and sustainer your souls dreams. 

Ask the Light to turn on the Creator within.

This week, we ignite the Creator within to manifest the lives we were destined to live. We are reborn. Even though we are no longer children, each year at this time we are given the profound power and gift to renew our lives. If we wish, we can recommit to the path of spirituality and forge forward to awaken God within our hearts. For it is when this divine spark shines freely that we truly begin to live.

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