How Do I Stop Worrying About Money? 4 Tips to Control Finance Fears

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How Do I Stop Worrying About Money? 4 Tips to Control Finance Fears

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
February 5, 2024
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Money is a hot-button issue for many people – one that represents success and security but also great stress and fear. It’s common to feel anxious about our financial situation, to feel that finances control our lives, or to have difficulty controlling our money-related worries. Thankfully, the wisdom of Kabbalah offers tools for setting our consciousness so that we can not only manifest more abundance in our lives but also fully enjoy the blessings it brings. 

Here are 4 tips to help control money fears:

1. Understand that money is energy, and you are meant to be in the flow of that abundance.

A common misconception is that a spiritual life is one where we want for nothing, being satisfied with what little we currently have, or seeking to have even less in an attempt to live a humble life. On the contrary, we are meant to build our desires and strive to have more blessings and abundance in our lives. This is true of money as much as any other blessing.

Money is energy. We are meant to be in the flow of that energy of abundance and limitless enjoyment that comes from the Creator. Although it’s easy to equate money to greed, it can also be a tool for great change in the world, both within our own lives and within the lives of others. The key is setting our consciousness so that we can both receive more abundance but also enjoy it to its fullest potential. The first step in this process is understanding that we are meant to have more from life, not less.

2. Remind yourself that your blessings come from the Creator, not from you alone.

Most people wake up in the morning and create a plan for the day. We often think, “What do I need to accomplish to make money or to earn more?” While hard work and smart planning are important parts of earning blessings, it’s equally important to remind ourselves that the blessings are really coming from the Creator, not from us. We are not the ones really making the money. 

A large source of fear many of us have around money is the fear that we may lose what we have. We tend to believe that once we’ve made our money, we now need to protect it. Or we put tremendous pressure on ourselves to create more – when is our next big idea or deal going to come? Understanding that the Creator has a hand in everything we achieve can alleviate the fear and pressure we put on ourselves. To the degree we think we alone are the ones creating the wealth, we limit ourselves both in the literal amount we can receive and the amount we can enjoy that we have. 

The Creator is a source of limitless blessings. When you connect to this, you can manifest limitless blessings in your life. With that consciousness, whatever you do can be abundant and limitless. This is the path to being able to manifest more while removing fears.

3. Invest effort and energy into drawing higher blessings. Hard work opens the gate. 

Although the Creator is the source of all our blessings, there is a direct correlation between the work we input and the blessings we are able to draw into our lives. The effort we invest opens the gate for the Creator to shower us with blessings. The blessings are waiting to come into our lives, but only if we’ve invested a tremendous amount of effort can we find them. 

When you spend time building your desire through effort, time, and energy, you can draw your blessings from a higher place. The higher place your blessings come from, the longer they last, and the more fulfillment they bring you. Strive to manifest your wealth from the highest place possible through consciousness and hard work.

4. Share your money with others to continue the cycle of abundance. 

In our modern world, we tend to overvalue wealth and drastically undervalue human life and kindness. We are praised for having versus doing. It's a backwards way of thinking that hurts us all. The energy behind sharing is circular – we receive more when we give more. If we truly live with the consciousness that everything we have manifested is because we are connected to the Creator, a limitless source of sharing, then we must continue the cycle in order for it to be endless.

When you come across money, you can either let it change you or use it to create change. If you really want to have abundance, share your blessings. The more you share, the more you are able to manifest and enjoy your money as you should. 

Fulfillment in life is not about how much or little wealth we have but how we feel about that money and what we do with it. Remind yourself that the wealth is not coming from you, it’s from the Creator; and that it's not just for you, it's for others as well. Meditate on opening your hands so that the Creator sends sustenance for all that you need. An open hand both receives and shares freely. Start to change your consciousness, and you will be able to manifest the true, endless blessings and abundance you are meant to have. 

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