How Do I Feed My Soul? 4 Tips to Nurture Spiritual Growth

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How Do I Feed My Soul? 4 Tips to Nurture Spiritual Growth

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
February 27, 2023
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“Feeding the body is how we survive, but feeding our soul allows us to thrive.” -Karen Berg

Just like the body, the soul needs to be cared for. If a body is not nurtured, given food, water, and exercise, it will stop functioning. The less it is given, the less it can give back. The soul, too, needs to be nurtured in order to provide us with wisdom, inspiration, and happiness.

When our souls are deprived of what they need, they hold on to trauma and sadness. If you are experiencing any type of lack, unease, or unhappiness in your life, it may be time to feed your soul.

Here are 4 tips to nurture your soul:

1. Study spirituality.

Even when people think spirituality is important, it’s usually not at the top of the list of priorities. We tend to think we need to first be successful, have a career, a relationship, a family, a home – all the things society tells us we should pursue – and then we can focus on spirituality. The truth is that you cannot grow unless you are investing in your study and spiritual work every day.

Our minds operate on a different wavelength than our souls. Studying wisdom is not just about opening our minds and learning the concepts; it actually nourishes our souls.

2. Be aware of your consciousness.

So often, we fall into a spiritual routine. We might dedicate a specific day to prayer or study, and we may know the rituals and words to say, but we become robotic in our spiritual work. Simply doing the actions we’ve been taught to do is not enough to feed the soul. We must have consciousness behind them. This means having intention with our words and actions and striving to understand the spiritual purpose for what we are doing.

Whether you are studying, praying, or attending a spiritual function, check in with yourself. Remind yourself why you are there and what you hope to achieve.

3. Consistently push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Too often, our spiritual study is in the confines of comfort. We want to understand more, but we want to do it in a way that doesn’t really challenge us. The problem with this is that it limits our growth potential. There is so much more we are capable of when we push ourselves beyond what is comfortable.

Sadness, anxiety, or depression pop up in life because our souls are telling us to wake up and that we need some kind of change. Doing things the way we’ve always done them feels safe, but it doesn’t propel us towards growth. When we make the body uncomfortable and push ourselves, that allows the soul to expand.

Ask yourself, “Am I consistently making myself uncomfortable for my soul’s growth? How am I allowing my soul to grow in ways that make me uncomfortable?”

4. Understand your obligation to reveal your soul’s Light in the world.

It’s easy to think of our souls as something that belongs to us that we can do with as we please. When you own a car, you can choose not to fill it with gas or not take it for maintenance, letting it get rundown. But our souls are actually precious gifts given to us from the Creator. They do not really belong to us. Our job is to protect and nurture our souls because they have great potential and Light to reveal in the world.

We are part of a greater reality, and the souls we are given are for a specific purpose. We are entrusted with our souls to allow them to develop, grow, and reveal their essence in order to change the world. We aren’t meant to be perfect, but having this perspective helps remind us of the importance of our spiritual work and the need to constantly nourish our souls. There is so much more that we are meant to achieve and so much more Light we are meant to reveal in the world.

We spend so much time focusing on our physical health that it often distracts us from thinking about our spiritual health. We cannot grow and thrive without nurturing our souls. It needs to become a top priority for all of us.

Feed your soul by studying wisdom, setting your consciousness, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and striving to reveal your soul’s unique Light in the world.

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