How Can I Keep Learning and Growing? 4 Tips for Becoming a Student of the World

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How Can I Keep Learning and Growing? 4 Tips for Becoming a Student of the World

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
January 9, 2023
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As children, we understand that school is a time for learning and studying. But once we grow up and head out into the “real world,” we often forget that our education doesn’t need to end there. A key component of our spiritual work is to constantly grow and develop by consistently learning about ourselves and the world around us. Not only is this the pathway to gaining valuable wisdom and revealing our unique Light in the world, it’s also vital to our long-term happiness and fulfillment.

Here are 4 tips to keep learning and growing:

1. Try to learn something from everyone you meet.

When we come upon one of our rare great teachers in life, we are never the same again. Learning from them is like seeing in color for the first time or having our first taste of sweetness. These are the teachers who help us discover ourselves in ways we never knew possible. Their influence upon us is deep and lasting, and they are among the greatest gifts of our lives.

Sometimes we think we must search far and wide to find these teachers when often they are right in front of us. Our teachers come to us in many disguises throughout our lives. They arrive as strangers, friends, lovers, family members, tutors, or even as a taxi driver whose story touches us somehow in a matter of minutes. Every person you encounter crosses your path for a reason.

Life is set up for learning. There is a system in place that is perfectly designed for your education and growth. Our relationships with others are meant to teach us great wisdom in this lifetime. We don’t just learn from the people we look up to or admire but from all people. Look for lessons that you can gain from every person you meet, from those closest to you to those you barely know.

2. Be open to hearing difficult feedback.

When you envision a good teacher, you likely think of someone who makes you feel safe and lovingly supported. But great teachers also see our potential and know when we are falling short of what we can achieve. They often give us feedback that can be hard to hear but is necessary for our growth.

If we understand that our purpose in life is to change and grow and also that we are often blind to the parts of us that need to change the most, then we should be both open to hearing difficult feedback and also actively seeking it out. One of the clearest indicators that you are fulfilling your life’s mission as a student is if you are willing, desiring, and able to hear the tough messages from the universe.

Don’t shrink away from hearing feedback that makes you uncomfortable. Be open to it as a tool for growth rather than as a criticism that makes you feel bad about yourself. The more open you are, the more you can transform criticism into useful feedback.

3. Study some form of wisdom every single day.

Every single one of us has a tremendous amount of Light we are meant to reveal in this world, but we desperately need new wisdom to inspire us. Wisdom can change your mood, your perspective, and your outlook on everything. It pulls us out of the physicality of the world. We often don’t even realize its impact until we develop a practice of daily study.

Find wisdom that you can use and can study every day. Without consistent gaining of wisdom, none of us can achieve the full potential of our day in regard to happiness, certainty, and clarity. Whether it is studying from a teacher or from books written by ancient teachers, find your daily inspiration.

4. Understand that you are also a teacher, whether you realize it or not. Consider what you are teaching others.

As essential as it is to be a student, it’s also important to know that we are all teachers to those around us, even if we don’t mean to be. Just like we can learn from our friends, parents, siblings, and strangers, they too can learn from us.

Think about what messages you are sending to others through the way you act and speak. Be aware of the wisdom (or lack thereof) that you are putting out into the world. To be a great teacher, you also need to be a student. The more that you focus on learning and growing, the more you can impart that to those around you.

Becoming a constant student of the world is not just a luxury for people who have the time or means to be spiritual – it is a necessity for anyone who wants to live a joyful, fulfilling life. Wisdom can come from many different sources as long as we are on the lookout for it. A student who desires to learn will have a much better experience than one who resists it or thinks they know everything. Be open to the beautiful lessons all around you.

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