How Can I Get What My Soul Wants? 4 Tips to Direct Your Desires

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How Can I Get What My Soul Wants? 4 Tips to Direct Your Desires

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
May 6, 2024
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Desire is something we tend to take for granted. The things we want are so innate that we don’t often consider the power of our desire. Our desires are our greatest gifts. Nothing will ever be achieved without first having the desire. It is also closely linked with joy. The more alive and thriving our desire is, the more happiness and fulfillment we experience.

It’s important that we take the time to understand our desires and to direct them on the path that will bring us the most fulfillment. Here are 4 tips to direct your desires and get what your soul really wants:

1. Consider whether your desires are coming from your soul or your ego.

People who have been successful in life, especially early on, tend to adopt the mentality that they should be able to achieve or acquire anything they want. But often, there is a big disconnect between what we want to attract and what will ultimately bring us joy, happiness, and long-lasting fulfillment. Not everything we desire is for our ultimate benefit. Even winning the lottery can cause hardship and unhappiness!

We don’t always pause and consider whether the things we want are the best for us. Often, we think we will finally be happy once we have that one thing we desire because, on the outside, it looks amazing. We want a high-profile job but don’t consider the weight of responsibility or loss of freedom that can come with it. We want a big house without thinking of the cost of upkeep or increased stress it can bring.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that when we have a true desire that comes from our soul, it will manifest when we pray for it. If something doesn’t manifest, it’s an indication that the desire wasn’t as deep and true as we thought it was. Stop and think about where your desires are coming from. Are they things that are feeding your ego, or will they bring you closer to the Creator?

2. Strive to be more giving and sharing.

If you could hear what your soul really wants, the answer isn’t more money, a car, or a fancy meal. All those things are great and meant to be enjoyed, but they are not our core desire. Our soul knows that true fulfillment comes when we act as similar as possible to the force that permeates everything, the endless Light of the Creator. This force wants just one thing: to share.

When we are in tune with that force, we are at our happiest. This means becoming more sharing and giving in our daily lives. Start by sharing the things you desire for yourself with other people. If you want a steak dinner, buy a steak for someone else. Ask yourself, “How am I manifesting my desire in a way that benefits others today? How can I help spread more compassion and love?”

3. Consider the needs of the collective.

If you were to ask most people what their purpose in this world is, they might have answers like, “To leave my mark on the world,” “To achieve a goal,” or “To be the best at something.” The truth is, we find the most joy and fulfillment when we direct our efforts towards bringing goodness to more and more people.

Next time you pursue something, instead of thinking of yourself first, try thinking about the collective. This can be any group you are part of. Your city, family, country, or community. To be part of that collective means knowing your purpose is to provide support and be part of that group.

4. Understand that desire wanes over time unless you grow it through sharing.

Desire is a finite force that can diminish as we get older. Children have great desire – they want to play with everything, touch everything, and eat way too many cookies! At some point, our desire begins to wane. When our desires are purely self-serving, we attach them to things that are limited, and limited things end. Desire dies in a place that is completely selfish. As we lose our desire, we also lose our motivation and joy. By manifesting desire in purely selfish ways, we cut ourselves off from experiencing joy to the point that we can no longer enjoy the things we once did.

Conversely, if we direct our desire towards sharing with others, then our desire doesn’t wane. In fact, it grows because it is manifested in eternal things. It creates more and more desire, like a circuitry that doesn’t end. This is what keeps our joy of life alive.

Think about your life and where you are directing your energy. Is a majority of your desire manifesting in eternal things that are not done for yourself? If so, you will see that your desire, joy, and fulfillment only grow with time.

We each have the potential to live with growing desire in every area of our lives and to experience the joy and fulfillment it brings. Refocus and treat your desire with the preciousness that it deserves. Consider what part of yourself you are feeding through the things you want – is it your ego or your soul? Find ways to share with others and to connect to things that are selfless and eternal. It’s not just about doing it because you are a good person but because it’s the path to receiving more Light and blessings in your life and for the betterment of your soul.