How Can I Find Support from the Universe? 4 Ways to Attract Positive Influence

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How Can I Find Support from the Universe? 4 Ways to Attract Positive Influence

Adapted from Monica and Michael Berg’s Spiritually Hungry podcast. Listen and subscribe here.
October 3, 2022
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We all have moments when we feel alone, isolated, or unsupported. We may feel disconnected from other people or like we have to do everything on our own. In truth, we can tap into powerful energies to support us on our path.

If any of us needed to accomplish our life’s work on our own, it would simply be impossible. Even on the most basic physical level, we need assistance. Think about how it takes a village to raise a child. They need guardians, teachers, doctors, friends – all of whom support their growth and development. Even as adults, we rely on many people throughout our day, even if we don’t always recognize it.

The same is true on a spiritual level. In order to reach our potential and accomplish our purpose in life, there is a whole support system that exists for us, but we need to know how to access it.

Here are 4 ways to attract positive support and influence:

1. Trust that there are forces that exist to support you. Knowing this invites them to help you.

When you are aware and have certainty that there is a system of support around you physically and spiritually, it opens you up to receiving that support. Our consciousness is everything. Having awareness of the support that is available affects whether it helps us or not. If you do not believe it is there, it won’t be able to support you.

Begin with the understanding that you are not alone. There is a universal force that is invested in giving you support. We are not thrown into this world to fend for ourselves. There is more support with us than against us. When you are doing something important, there will be opposition, but there is always more energy and support for those trying to do the right thing. Knowing that makes it manifest.

2. Dedicate your day to sharing and growing to gain the support of positive energy.

The more that we dedicate ourselves to sharing and growing, the more easily we can access the universe’s support system. That protection and support only comes in the fullest extent to the individual that is truly working on themselves. Unless we are growing spiritually, we aren’t able to fully access that assistance.

Focus on developing yourself spiritually through actions of sharing and kindness. Push yourself to grow, learn, and transform. The more dedicated you are to this path, the more spiritual support you will invite into your life.

3. Be open to receiving messages from all kinds of people.

Often, we assume that only certain people can give us messages or support. We might turn to a spiritual leader, a successful person, or even a psychic for advice. In fact, messages come from all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. Anybody and everybody can be a messenger.

Everybody who comes into your life can help you grow in some way. Even people that we think are doing us harm can provide us with important messages and opportunities for growth. They may challenge you and push you in ways that are uncomfortable but necessary for your development.

Think about somebody that is really challenging you and picture them as an angel there to help you. This doesn’t mean you like them or allow them to treat you badly, but you can start to understand their spiritual purpose. Why could this person be in your life? What are you meant to learn from it? The more you are able to view the challenging people in your life that way, the greater the indication of how much you have grown and are growing.

4. Utilize positive thoughts, words, and actions to create powerful energy that stays with you.

Everything we do counts. Every thought, word, and action creates energy that stays with us – positive or negative. So we are never really alone. We are always walking around with the energies that we have created. If you want to have support, joy, and inspiration tomorrow, start creating the energy today through positive thoughts, words, and actions.

This is inspiring but also creates responsibility for us to take charge of our own lives and happiness. We are the cause of either creating our support system for tomorrow or not. Our thoughts, words, and actions create whether we feel alone or supported.

We are not alone in our life’s journey. Not only are there positive energies that exist to support us if we believe in them and open ourselves up to their messages, but we can also create more positive support for ourselves through sharing, kindness, and positive actions. There are messages, guidance, and help all around us, just waiting to come into our lives.

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