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Hold My Hand

Rachel Santo
January 28, 2014
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In our life, we face negativity and chaos on a daily basis. Kabbalah teaches us that the negativity comes from within. It’s true that there are a lot of evil people, wars and natural disasters around us, but that chaos is allowed to manifest itself in the world because there is negativity within us. Our work in this world is to overcome that negativity.

The Zohar offers us some support with our work. When the Israelites were in the desert, they established the Tabernacle. The Creator gave a message to the Israelites: build me a tabernacle and I will dwell within you. This is referring to the Tabernacle within – a pure heart. The meaning of this is a constant connection to the Light of the Creator, which can lead us to blessings such as being in the right place at the right time, knowing what to say in an important moment, choosing the right business partner, choosing the right husband or wife, seeing success and blessings in everything that we do, and so on. How can we create a place for the Light to dwell within us at all times?

One of the first tools the Zohar offers us is to know that when things come to us in an easy way, they contain negativity. Taking a short cut might work in the short term, but in the long term it will bring us chaos. The Zohar is says that if you want something to be real in your life – to last forever in your life – you need to pay the full price for it. An example: think of two people who want to ascend to the highest mountain peak. One climbs it for weeks, sweating and freezing along the way, his feet filled with blisters. The other hires a chopper and flies up there. Which of the two will have a long lasting, life-transforming experience?

The effort you are making on your spiritual path is probably not the climbing of a mountain in the freezing cold – but overcoming your natural Desire to Receive for the Self Alone (which can be just as hard!)

Another important point begs the question: What kind of people are we surrounding ourselves with? Rav Ashlag teaches that even a righteous person will regress spiritually if that person is surrounded by negative people. In the Zohar it says, look for a person who is running after the Light all the time. A person who is always looking to transform his negativity, to elevate, to share, to go against their nature.

Connect to that person, make him your friend and learn from him. In other words, surround yourself with people who are in a spiritual path like yourself, who can push you to do more. Because being a spiritual person hanging around negative people is comfortable – you can be easy on yourself, because you know you are doing more than them anyways. But being around hard-working, spiritual people will show you that you always need to do more…

The last tool – and maybe the most powerful one – is simple: helping others restrict their ego and negativity. When you hold the hand of a person who is filled with negativity and help that person transform and get closer to the Light – not only will you change their life, you will also get endless blessings and support from the Light. By helping others transform their negative qualities, you are reducing the total sum of negativity and increasing the Light in the world. You are making the world a better place.

Think about your family, friends and co-workers. How can you help them get closer to the Light?

There is negativity within us, but using these tools can remove it. And helping others get closer to the Light can actually remove all of the chaos in the world.

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